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  1. I have 23 Shared Inventory slots and have been considering buying more. The Gemstore UI says "you can buy 6 more at this price". The Wiki page says the maximum is 30 slots. Well ... 23+6=29 < 30. So which is correct? The Wiki or the Gemstore? I plan to wait for sales, but I figure it would be smart to clear up my confusion before buying.
  2. On the posted table for 20-22 CET the war score for the skirmish are 42, 28, 14, but actually in T1 EU they were only 21, 14, 7. This is now the third set of WvWvW bugs from your Tuesday patch. Very disappointed with the quality of the WvWvW portion of the patch and the crazy high number of bugs.
  3. Trying to understand how Blues in Tier 1 can port into T3 SMC while their lord is damaged. Maybe your bug fix from yesterday did not address the problem. No conclusive, undeniable proof presently, but very, strong suspicions. Please thoroughly investigate.
  4. This update is an epic fail! GBL Garrison was able to use their own waypoint over and over, without issues, even though we killed their lord. Bava Nisos vs Palawadan. It simply never contested (for them).
  5. There is a claim in map chat, multiple actually, from people who are reliable (in my opinion) that WvW objective walls can no longer be repaired. Please investigate and fix with urgency.
  6. Populations feel very unbalanced on both servers (main account and alt account). Both seem to be prime time heavy and dead at all other times except perhaps weekend afternoons. It is extra sad to me that there is so little activity on either server before lunch time on weekends. I do not know if this is due to 6 tiers in the EU, but it feels like this is a possibility; that some populations are dilute enough due to the predicted (and unfortunately wrong) number of players. Also, ganker builds in a cloud squad have completely taken over. It is very disturbing.
  7. On Baba Nisos, our queues are invisible. On Domain of Anguish, queues are visible. Not certain of the visibility of queues on other worlds. The 2 above are for my main and alt accounts.
  8. Add my voice to the chorus of disappointment with SotO: too little content, too repetitive when there is content (run around and do events on the map to fill the bar). Not everything was bad, but there was enough "bad" to make me wonder if I got enough value for my money (truly a difficult question to answer).
  9. I would like to see a way to unlock Reknown Hearts with in-game commendations, just like we can unlock Hero Points with WvW currency (the various Testimonies of Heroics). I would suggest the currency should be available from both WvW and PvP, since these game modes seem to need more player population. Optionally, the currency could also be available from other under-populated end-game content like Raids. This would make Map Completion (for Gifts of Exploration) much less tedious, and may potentially even make it fun for a larger population of players. Why do I want this? With the Wizard's Vault Legendary Weapon kit, plus random-and-suitably-rare precursor drops slowly accumulating over time, I have a build-up of goodies to craft & sell, but the tedium of Map Completion is stopping me. I refuse to keep buying more and more character slots only for Map Completion followed by parking the character, never to use it again; I already have one of every class plus full legendary everything-I-need, so that I can build and equip anything. I do not even play every character that I have. And so my play time is decreasing over time, quite rapidly. Reducing the "pain" of map completion would activate so many players like me and would serve to add more high-end gear into the market and the player base without a massive flood that induces a market crash. Please consider what can be done to address the barriers that limit Map Completion without opening the metaphorical flood gates.
  10. Happened to me 3 times yesterday. I posted in the WvW Beta forum about it.
  11. The queue bug, wherein you are requeued after selecting "travel" is back with a vengeance this beta. Happened to me 3 times yesterday morning (EU times). Also, one of those times I did not click on anything and it closed seemingly by itself and then asked me again if I wanted to queue. I know many guildies who have experienced it yesterday also. I had the impression this was fixed previously (or largely reduced). It seems odd that it has returned.
  12. No patch note and confirmed still not working in the live game.
  13. Will the gliding bug be fixed before this beta goes live? What about the chat bug(s)? Theses are crippling for a WvW Beta event.
  14. ... is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. What the heck has happened to the WvW servers??
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