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  1. This is my preliminary feedback on the August Beta. For this beta, my main account is on the Genth's Door Team with Desolation Community [DC] and my alt account is a guildless random assigned to Moogooloo. Your team-building algorithm doesn't look to be so good this time. In the EU Moogooloo - Grenth's Door - Fortune's Vale matchup, Grenth's Door seems to have a lot more people than Moogooloo. In fact Moogooloo seems to be horribly outnumbered during Saturday afternoon (a very popular EU WvW time slot). Guild missions seem to be oddly affected by the coding. I ran my weekly Rank mi
  2. I have an update for Fire Elemental: The scaling at low population is horrible and the fight is impossible when there are only 10 people. This happened in prime time EU Wednesday. I counted. We had exactly 10 people. Why so few in prime time? Maybe nobody likes the fight anymore. The point is, the timer ran out and the fight failed. 10 random pugs on the map cannot kill it. Please adjust your scaling functionality at the low end, because either the fight should not spawn for 10 people, or 10 random nobodies on the map should be able to kill it.
  3. My alt account (the one on which I noticed the change) is more than 3.5 years old. I have not yet checked my main (7 years old) account.
  4. My only guess: intended for new accounts only, bugged to affect all.
  5. You need to swap the following pairs ... Q + E -> A + D and vice versa. And note that your SAC (Special Action Key) may have also changed. Quick way to make the player base grumpy, IMHO.
  6. Existing characters on existing accounts, not the "default options for new accounts". This is very uncool.
  7. I finally had a chance to try the 4 updated, low-level World Boss fights today and thought I should give my feedback, since I have seen no threads on this topic. Great Jungle Worm I rather liked this one. It felt like the difficulty scaled rather well, and it was not too long a fight, even in an under-filled map. Call this a successful update. Probably my favourite of the 4. Svanir Shaman Chief This fight seemed to scale rather poorly at low population. On my map it took almost the full alloted time (1 minute left, maybe?) to get a kill and lots of (seemingly) newer players
  8. No credit for the not-dying achievement. No way to fight Scarlet cuz the doors closed too quickly. Had to leave instance and rejoin. Scarlet CC bar is absurd. Four massive CC skills, in sequence (Aftershock + Flash Freeze + warhorn 4 in both air and water) does almost nothing to the CC bar.
  9. You can deactivate it, and it still gives you a stack. It is individual and not group-wide. (not a bug ...) It is meme-tacular for speedy kills, but you have to /gg a lot, which is slow. For example, I had 37k health as HFB tank and was doing 8k burn ticks with tome 1 rotation in mixed minstrel + harrier gear).
  10. 800 gems (260ish gold at the time I write this) is an absolutely ludicrous price for this. Shame on you Arenanet for this! It should be 50-100 gems maximum AND it should be an unlock for the entire account (like legendary items in the Legendary Armoury). Who in the world needs anything close (in orders of magnitude) to 100 thousand fishing lures (see Reddit for the math).
  11. As best as I can determine, the last Restructuring beta event (and WvW double XP) was Jan 14-21 (Beta 3). This is now 4 months in the past. I can understand that the EoD launch would get in the way of another event, but 4 months to me feels too long. I also can understand that that queue bug is a huge problem. I have *hated* falling victim to it, and agree that it should be a high priority to fix it, but surely this should not get in the way of another Beta event. Surely your investigation into the problem would benefit by having a beta event with the "new" data logging you mentioned in t
  12. Only the instance opener gets credit for a successful kill. It's the same old bug we have had off-and-on for new instance content for the past several years.
  13. Try to fish with circa 500 fishing power. Some of you might need to lower your fishing power to get there, instead of buffing it to 800+. Maybe I am just mega lucky, but I caught 2 exotic fish I need for collections (Unicornfish and Sturgeon) on my third casts with 510 fishing power. Earlier I was fishing with 210 and struggling to catch anything other than "blues" and "greens" (with a very few "yellows") in the mix. My theory is there are optimal fishing power values for each of the rarities, and that it is possible to have "too much" fishing power in some cases. Just a th
  14. Nice job on the communication. Really well done and well-timed IMHO. I don't necessarily agree with the specifics, but there are lots of missing details and it is probably too early to judge. Nicely done with the roadmap and thank you for confirming the long term plans for the game. Two thumbs up!
  15. So what about the stat-select exotic gear from WvW and PvP (Warlord's Armor Box)? This was added to the game to give people access to stat-select armour as a reward for time invested in competitive game play. Surely these stats should be added to these boxes.
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