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  1. As an EU player who remembers (distantly now) the outage, I am thankful for the communication and the content of the post (yes, I read it all). Thank you.
  2. Thank you for answering/addressing concerns. 🙂 Might be cool, if/when there is time, to give us a "Guild Chat" on the development of the Armoury. For example, the Skyscale Guild Chat was rather enjoyable to watch because it answered a lot of cool questions like: When did work start? Can you show us some funny bugs that occurred along the way? Who was the brains behind it/who did the work? etc.
  3. Not going to lie, I have mixed feelings on adding match-up rewards. I invest a lot of time each week to get Diamond 6 on my main account plus Wood 4 on my alt account. The reward-motivated gamer in me is very happy to receive rewards for time invested and for success. I tend to prefer mats used for legendary crafting (mystic clovers, amalgamated gemstones, mystic coins, T6, globs of ectoplasm, charms, symbols, etc) because I never seem to have enough. I suppose there might be a certain appeal in weapon & armour skins, but this, for me, is heavily dependent upon subjective appea
  4. A thought occurred to me after I posted on the previous page ... it is kind of a "first world problem" maybe ... what happens to my account value if I salvage 200-400 ascended items? According to GW2efficiency.com, it looks like an ascended items can be 40-70 gold to make (for the most part). So if I take the decision to salvage all trinkets and armour and most of the weapons (leaving some off-hands, for example) I am looking at gross potential losses of 8k-28k in account value. Some of the salvaged mats might offset this a bit, but I am guessing not much. That's kind of a big ego hit for thos
  5. I calculated that I have over 200 ascended items that I will not need once the Armoury goes live. I want to know if I should be salvaging it because my bank is full (quite literally) of this soon-to-be-no-longer-useful gear. When I add in all the gear on my characters, it approaches 400 ascended items to potentially be salvaged. Or (pure speculation) are we getting companions in EoD that we will be able to gear up? Might this gear find use if this happens? This is going to require a metric tonne of ascended salvage kits, maybe.
  6. I read the blog post. Twice. I also watched a bunch of streamers and Youtube videos to try to understand my situation. I have the following legendaries bound to my account. I also have 1 of each class (9 characters total). I want to understand if I have full legendary armour, weapons and runes for all 9 characters, given what I detail below on my account: Back items: Ad Infinitum, The Ascension, Warbringer Does this make me part of the 0.008% you will be contacting soon? Trinkets: Aurora, Coalescence, Slumbering Conflux, Slumbering Transcendence and Vision Will
  7. A further refinement of my idea from page 1 about WvW currencies ... Give us the ability to purchase maximum 2 Mystic Clovers per day, but let us chose if we do this with either: Fractal Relics, or WvW currencies, or PvP currencies, or Raid currencies Alternately, the 2 through 4 could be different things like Amalgamated Gemstones, Mystic Coins, <something else> but limited to 2 per day maximum. Let's not throw the economy off on a wild tangent, of course, but let's also encourage people to work towards legendary items for their long term goals, a
  8. This is good news. Other MMOs are announcing similar upgrades/updates. SWTOR announced last night. I am sure they are not the only ones. Others will almost certainly follow.
  9. To JT and Colin and Grouch, please consider that if WvW is to be a cornerstone for the game, the rewards might need a bit of an upgrade. Speaking only for myself, I have tonnes of unused badges of honour, wvw skirmish tickets, emblems of the avenger + conqueror, etc. I already have 3 sets of WvW legendary armour, the legendary ring and the legendary back item, so I have nothing to spend these currencies on. It would be nice if this were to change. I am not going to say this is the first priority, but please put this "on the table". For me, making the emblems vendor-able
  10. Some mega news on this in the July update post today. In my opinion, it feels like the right decision to delay the expansion slightly in order to ensure that it is right, and that there is less competition with other games on the release timing. These reasons have been highlighted here by many people. Thank you for contributing to the discussion.
  11. Only answer I can give is between 1600 CET Wednesday and 700 CET Thursday. It is now 1930 CET so it has persisted all day Thursday. That is rather broad, I am afraid. There were claims of login problems, and at the time I noticed the WVW scores (T5 EU) were all zeros. This is a bug that usually clears up quickly, but this time it persisted for 30 minutes or more.
  12. So the community has calculated/estimated the launch of EoD for late November, based upon the cadence of the Living World episode re-releases. I want to highlight the lessons learned from other game companies releasing expansions at this time-of-year, and the pitfalls that impact the game. I can imagine in the pre-launch push to "get it all done" nobody might be thinking about these things. I experienced both SW:TOR and WoW releasing past expansions in November/December, and the major headaches that arose were the first wave of necessary bug fixes that had to be delayed because of
  13. Is this intentional? Should I complete "The Machine" or wait for the next release of new achievements? I have Season 2 fully mastered on my account (from years ago) but am working through it on a character that has not done it yet (Character #9 if I remember correctly). It feels confusing that I got the "meta" reward without finishing the second episode.
  14. You are right of course, but this answer overlooks the changes to the raid population since 2016 and 2018. A lot of new people have arrived in 2020 and 2021 and they do not have the history. And a lot of those people from 2016 and 2018 have left. People CCing instead of greeding is definitely an issue. But also this fight seems to be one of those where people never learn the exact tells for feedback and dodge in particular. This saddens me considering the quality of some of the videos on youtube for the fight.
  15. Matthias is absolutely slaughtering pugs after the balance patch. Has anyone killed this fight comfortably? Maybe a few groups perhaps. Let's talk about compositions and strategies. I suppose there are 2 principle reasons for the problems: Boon thief nerf Resistance change (..?) Do we need further balance changes to re-adjust the difficulty of the fight? Some will surely blame PUG player capability, but I think this is a red herring. One objective of the patch was to make some of these fights more accessible (i.e. easier -- although I do not necessarily agree
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