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  1. Apart from the food utility problem described above by many, there is sometimes a misunderstanding within the groups. Sometimes people think that the given fractal is done so they feel betrayed and skip. Can't blame them because those kinds of things happen sometimes. However if you write in chat if they want to do a given fractal before another one and give the reason everyone will be ok for that. A good example for that: I always like doing Siren's Reef or Deepstone right after Sunqua Peak. This enables playing condi firebrands on those fractals before swapping to power on CM99 or CM98. Same
  2. Thanks for the build, I'll give it a try, haven't seen this one.
  3. I don't think that scourge is an extremely brokenly op class, but I admit it is very frustrating to play against. Happened so many times in ranked: you go mid at start only to find a clown troupe of 2 necros sitting there with their army of stupid minions. Then you see a mesmer coming. Your eyes start to hurt and you abandon mid just to not deal with that cluster hell. Nobody wants to deal with that, it is unfun and chaotic.
  4. Chronophantasma in PVP is trash anyway, especially if you play against real people and not bots. Bunker chrono has died a long time ago and now power chrono pvp builds rely on quick burst damage, thus making STM preferable for quickness.Most phantasms are trash already in PVP, I don't see why it is an issue. I mean I agree that chronophantasma is a bad trait from the design prespective, if we had something else instead of it that increases damage and adds some spice to chrono, yeah why not. In PVP chronophantasma is a big no no for me because there is no real phantasm oriented build for pvp (
  5. Tank mesmer wasn't even strong. No reason to play chrono tank when you have HFB tank or even a Druid tank. Minstrel chrono is underperforming for a long time. With the quick chrono nerf I guess we will see even less play of chrono tanking. RIP chrono I guess. But hey we got an alac mirage now... 😑
  6. I'd say both, and you can play both too anyway, no need to change much in builds, just make sure you got the right traits and skills and just add 26% concentration by using food or something to play quickness fb. If you are asking because you saw different armor and runes on snowcrows or something, just know that it is 1st: outdated, 2nd wasn't much of a deal at the 1st place. Both cqfb and cfb have the same rotation and same gear, only difference is traits and food. If you are struggling just add some more concentration on your trinket slots, keep the armor with runes the same if you don't wa
  7. It depends much on how good the early game goes, but I would say a good option is leaving them both in mid node (if they are in mid) and splitting forces on other nodes thus forcing them or at least one of them to leave mid to join their teammates that are outnumbered leaving that mid node now vulnerable to gank/decap from the other side. Remember you don't necessairly need mid node to win, you need more nods than the enemy and it can be any node.
  8. While Trading Post is going crazy with the waiting of the new legendary armory and legendary weapons, I wonder if there will be any insight from devs on ressources needed to craft those gen 3 leggies. And what are the thoughts of the community there ?
  9. Yes I know, but we still need somebody to tank and support, I was thinking maybe this will at least help players no longer play the lame minstrel and diviner chronos. I mean it is more difficult to tank with revs and mirages. Golem benchmark will be a little higher though after the patch as torment will do more damage while bosses don't move, which can bring tank chrono on some power oriented raid bosses that stand still, but probably tank healers will still be the way to go. Whatever happens anyway we will still be stacking maximum dps with minimal supports and healers. In the end my PC will
  10. With the torment and staff changes maybe we could see some more condi chronos. New type of condi support chronos maybe ?
  11. I pretty much do the same thing. Very good PoV. Just one question: why do you take Virtues 3 2 2. The 1st 3 is a trait called "master of consecration" but apart from places you'd take sanctuary it is not needed, I personally go 2 2 2 on virtues for an extra aegis. Or even 1 2 2 for some damage. It is not that much useful but I feel that "master of consecration" is really a waste of a trait slot.
  12. If you want to get into the endgame PVE content, you shouldn't bother much with the esthetic stuff. Efficiency what matters there and ofc your own ability of playing the class. If we take the example of guardians..You'll see lots of people advocating for guardians because guards have many builds and are quite verstile in all game content. If the esthetic part is bothering you, it is understandable, however I wouldn't put guard in the "holy/paladin" esthetic, unless you dress one like that... But I guess you can make a thief and dress him like a wizard, so I'd say all that is irrelevant. What
  13. ...pretty sure it's not? I have just checked wiki, you are right, my bad. But now when I think about it, there is a reason I haven't noticed it... it is pretty much not worth it to do the PVE achievments for that when there is a much easier option to do it in PVP. Maybe that is the reason.
  14. Why is the /rockout emote exclusive to PVP then ? It emphatises playing different modes.
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