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  1. No, boons are not automatically granted to anyone in the squad. Sometimes it is about the proximity sometimes it is about specific skills like for example mesmer wells when you gotta be inside the well to get the boon it offers when it expires, etc... Also most of the boons are for 5 people and some are for 10. However having said that the boons are prioritized on subgroups then the squads. For example a chrnomancer casted an alacrity well for 5 people but there are 50 people standing in it. Only people in chrono's subgroup will get the alacrity provided they are inside the well with other 45
  2. First of all I would like to advise you against metabattle as that site is always outdated and has nothing to do with the META for high end pve content. If you are looking for serious raid builds look in snowcrows or even better look into luckynoobs website for fractals look for discretize.eu . I honestly wouldn't play shortbow condi ranger on Deimos even on Ranged Cheese strat, go at least for the power one. Melee vs Randed. I am not going to mention other arguments that are obvious and have been noted in this post like boons etc... Let's talk about the mechanics. Here is the thing we do
  3. I completely agree with this statement
  4. You wrote your question under the answer. Short answer is: PUGS. Long aswer: You can tank as a qfb too (which will do more damage but worse pulls. You want at least 1 firebrand even if playing with solo heal because of Stand Your Ground. If you are playing solo heal, then yes 1 of the quick players should go tank, and chrono should be safer and domi/duel chrono is even better. However in PUGs with low kp, solo druid is too dangerous, so whatever it is you will have 1 HFB there who can tank instead of chrono. Second thing is the quickness uptime. Gorse is too big and dps players should enter Go
  5. You definitely gain much damage yes. On gorse especially you won't lose boons, it is literally an immobile boss, and a big one btw. What will happen in pugs, they will stand behind the boss instead of being inside the hitbox and never get the STM from chrono because they are too away. On worst case scenario the chrono can still go inspi and share boons without tanking, but I am quite sure it will end up with less dps. I would personally go stm with dueling+domi, but yeah it is ofc a personal choice. Anyway without toughness, you gain more stats anyway, and you are closer to teammates to share
  6. I completely agree with you, it is definitely better to run 1 healer comp especially on gorse. But in pugs I wouldn't dare to do that if I don't know the druid personally.
  7. Ok let me try for the last time. Imagine you (with your inspi chrono tank) and your friend Jeff (a hfb) joined a pug group that wants to kill Gorseval. You did well, however the squad wasn't able to kill gorse in time and you wiped at 3%. Then your friend Jeff tells you "Hey Aizza, let me tank this boss, you can go dps". You agree, you stay on your chrono, you swap out the 150 toughness you put because of soulbeasts, adjust the build to dueling+domi and try again. You easily kill the boss this time as you have more dps to cover that last 3% thus carry the group. Was this example clear en
  8. As I have mentioned in my post all dps supports were counted as dps. Though indeed I could make an exception there as a quick will lower the dps a bit, but still end up higher overall dps than g1. But just to compare on golem qfb does 31k, inspi chrono 19:K (if there is slow) in real fights the gap will be higher as tanking can mess up the rotas a bit.
  9. For SH and Largos there is a very good chrono build (that works only on those 2 bosses), I recommend using this build if playing chrono there with full Trailblazer's stats to begin with https://lucky-noobs.com/builds/condition-support-chronomancer. Ofc you can play hfb tank too on both of those, but you don't wanna have 2 hfb tanks in squad, so one of the tanks should go something else: either the chrono build I mentioned here or some quickness engie or smth. On largos you can just go 1 chronotank with portal and let your druid tank while you are placing ports. On other w5 there are many diffe
  10. Laughable you say ? Coordination ? Well take this, signet of inspi should be used on exact times when boons apply, while with moa you got a huge window and the boon application is quite strong. SIgnet is more difficult to use as you need to time it plus as you said you need it for blocks apparently (and you said that you gotta spam fb heal for quickness lel). Moa would be meta if it were 10 person. Never had issues with mantras after the removal of charging times. It works fine for me every single time. Check your ping or smth. It is not an argument anyway, look how many bugs ch
  11. If you have outdpsed DPS players with quick chrono, it is problematic.Conclusion: Your dps players were bad. You can't outdps any average dps class with a support chrono especially with inspi, I highly doubt that (reference golem benchmarks). You can outdps a qfb though on certain bosses where power is performing better, but those are some specific cases and is viable only with solodruid comps.However it is not actually the issue. Assuming you were playing in low KP range (because apparently your dps players were bad) you were certainly playing with 2 healers, am I right ? Imagine how much mor
  12. I see what you mean... That happens too. What I typically do I just ask HFB to swap out to DPS or play tank himself. If they don't do I will just quit for good. But it is just my way of doing it, I like smooth runs even when pugging.
  13. I think you didn't get it. I am not proposing to play with a druid+ hfb+ minstrel hfb it is a waste. I propose playing a tank hfb + druid or if experienced tank druid and 2 qfbs (only 1 heal that also tanks yes). KC is a good example for playing solo healer that tanks. You just get 1 druid that tanks and also heals the group. What I am saying is that having a HFB in the group that is not tanking is a waste. HFB doesn't lose anything if he tanks. That is the whole point. Other than that you certainly don't need 3 healers... However if I see a HFB + TANK HFB + DRUID and HFB + TANK
  14. MInstrel HFB is not a waste. You actually heal better with Minstrel HFB compared to Harrier due to higher healing stats. You get enough concentration for boons, toughness and vitality are for tanking. You only lose a lil power. But again playing a hfb tank is much less damage loss than playing chrono quick with tanking due to rotations. Nobody says you should run 3 healers, I totally agree.. The whole point of that is to replace the tank with a dps. Pugs that ask for chronotanks will most likely accept a heal tank instead (with the exception of escort lel). Just enter the pug and say that
  15. Actually running 2 semi can work quite fine in Sunqua Peak. Both take only mantras for quickness and Renewed Focus. Idea is your group dps doesn't suffer (if not the opposite) and you get some more might if the rev hasn't found the magic of f2 yet 😁
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