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  1. The melee one would be Bomb kit, wouldn't it? But for Toolkit, there are easy things to do to make it a bit more ranged for power. Make the AA flip to a "Throw Wrench" attack when at range. Make Box of Nails groundtargeted at least at medium range. It would need a new Toolbelt skill that way. But especially when the Toolbelt still catered Static Discharge, it should do quite well at range. Yeah, just adding weapons becomes problematic for Engineer. For Warrior as well, by the way. Not too many options to pick and niches to fill. I'm hoping for new Utility groups after Janthir, maybe accomanied with filling gaps in existing utility groups. Revenant is a bit tricky for that scenario, though.
  2. I was more talking about skills and traits of those specific eSpecs and not Golem benchmarks. Fair point regardless. I never played GW1. And while I can understand the nostalgia, classes in GW2 are just different. Same applies to Mesmer. My point remains that Necromancer has an overall good access to diverse conditions.
  3. To be fair, Torment just happens to have become one of the Necromancers major conditions. I'd also argue that Scourge is just as much - if not more - Burning and Habringer Poison respectively. In the end, Necromancers only lack access to Confusion I don't think that's an issue. However, the most recent choice with more Chill and Lifesteal on Spear after Swords, I do not understand.
  4. Not that hot, at least to me. I agree especially when it comes to explosive traits. The AA certainly only should be one. I'd be open for more than one on selected skills (e.g. the one throwing in a fan). But skills that blind or daze really don't need to be more than one. You're right about ranged power. Although I'd argue that Grenade kit as it is right now doesn't do a good at power anyway. Toolbelt aside, of course. Toolkit could work as multi-range kit if it would receive a ranged AA as they did with some Spears. It already kind of is mixed range. Might have to look into Prybar then, though.
  5. Bomb-, Grenade and Mortar-Kit have bothered me since ages. I heavily agree that they should be reworked into something more versatile like Elixir Gun. While I like many ideas, I'd prefer Bomb kit being pure power and focus on hard CC and boon removal, while Grenade was pure condi with soft CC and debuffs. There is no need for all kits being hybrid because at this point Engineer has way more weapon options to complement a specific playstyle than at launch. I do like your ideas for turrets. But it completely removes a playstyle and also overlaps with Gadgets way too much.
  6. I tested all Spears in a rather casual PvE setting. So this is more of a first impression than a thorough assessment. The skills are fine and the visuals are alright as well. I first was very interested in the teleport and the boon hate - which of course is more PvP focussed. But at least in PvP, it at best felt like a hybrid of GS and Swords. I'm not sure if I had preferred it being condi. But yet another power weapon isn't too exciting either. I didn't feel the LF drain too much but my build brought enough. So maybe that's why I didn't mind. Not at total miss but at least for PvE nothing new. What I definitely dislike: Yet another stacking unique boon. Death Magic Harbingers look ridiculous. It also seemed to fall off quite quickly.
  7. I tested all Spears in a rather casual PvE setting. So this is more of a first impression than a thorough assessment. While the skills look great and where interesting in isolation, Revenant Spear was probably my least favorite with Necromancer. Yes, it is slow. I don't mind it as much because I prefer differences between weapons. But with this one I'm just not sure if I'd replace Mace/X (or god forbit Shortbow) with it aside from tagging mobs. It also lacks cover condition which probably makes it very unappealing for PvP unless numbers are cranked up. Not sure what the vision was here.
  8. I tested all Spears in a rather casual PvE setting. So this is more of a first impression than a thorough assessment. While it was advertised for power Berserker, I found Spear to be way more interesting for a interrupt/CC Spellbreaker build to compliment Hammer, Mace or Dagger. Yes, the skills aren't too flashy but they felt responsive and efficient enough. One thing I really disliked especially for Warrior: ANet clarifying that Landspear won't benefit from Underwater Spear traits. I would have loved to gain the bonus from Forceful Greatswords. But Maybe ANet didn't want Spear to outshine GS in that department.
  9. I tested all Spears in a rather casual PvE setting. So this is more of a first impression than a thorough assessment. Overall, I enjoyed the weapon. The effects are quite nice and the weapon feels versatile enough for low or no kit builds. Two thoughts: Additional baseline Bleeding, e.g. on #4, would be great to have an easier time to benefit from Fireams (without Shrapnel via Explosions). The indicator which target is focussed just isn't working for me. It is way too hard to track in larger fights. It might recharge fast enough but I'd also like to know where it is.
  10. I tested all Spears in a rather casual PvE setting. So this is more of a first impression than a thorough assessment. The whole etching overlapping mechanic issue aside: I enjoyed the weapon, mostly on Weaver. I loved the interaction with #3. Spear has some cool skills and the Etching mechanic is probably more in line with how I wished Tempest (or Catalyst) would have been. Charging up spells a bit like Warrior Adrenaline and then unleashing powerful effects. My main critique is: #5 durations are too short. Yes, it is possible to charge them when you stick to a rotation (or sacrifice utilities). But there is close to no possibility for responsive gameplay. As soon as you press #5, you need to hit the 3 casts as fast as you can. It feels way too limiting. Also, Persisting Flames didn't appear to work for Volcano. Pitty. In general, I wished there was an additional visual indicator when 3 charges are reached. Maybe Mantra-esque ontop of the player. For Tempest, I wished finishing an Overload counted as 3 casts to instantly ready the etching.
  11. I tested all Spears in a rather casual PvE setting. So this is more of a first impression than a thorough assessment. I enjoyed the Spear on Ranger and I think the mechanic is simple enough to not distract from the niche the weapon can fill for Ranger (stealth). I probably would have preferred it leaning a bit more into the hybrid territory. One particular thing I didn't like: Cost of Opportunity for Spiders Web. Ranger has rather limited options to gain stealth. Spiders Web might be quite powerful in certain situation but I caught myself saving up the stealth instead. I'd love to see stealth added on maybe an underused core utility (or more than one e-spec utilities) to make this playstyle more flexible. Also.. why isn't there a stealth attack for the AA? 🤔
  12. I tested all Spears in a rather casual PvE setting. So this is more of a first impression than a thorough assessment. I did enjoy the weapon overall. I think it has the potential to be a good pick in certain scenarios for power or power-support hybrid builds. However, while the skills felt good, this was probably the weapon where I felt forced to weapon swap the most compared to all other classes. That's just not a great feeling for a weapon that is supposed to bounce of its skills and doesn't carry over too much when swapping out of it. The CDs aren't even to high when compared to other weapons. But being stuck in a non-chain AA is dissatisfying. It might be beneficial to have some form of CD reduction on the AA at least for specific skills when hitting an enemy or healing allies.
  13. I tested all Spears in a rather casual PvE setting. So this is more of a first impression than a thorough assessment. I probably enjoyed Thief and Mesmer Spear most. I never played GW1 but it feels so great to be incentivized for actually mixing skills rather than dumping all Initiative into one skill. No real complains on Deadeye and Daredevil. For Specter it felt a bit Initiative heavy when not chaining into Ashen Assault.
  14. I tested all Spears in a rather casual PvE setting. So this is more of a first impression than a thorough assessment. Overall, I probably enjoyed Thief and Mesmer the most. Mesmer Spear has maybe the prettiest new effects without being too overbearing as, for example, the etchings on Elementalist. I also think that the Spear is quite interesting for most power builds, leaving aside the constant disappointment of the half-baked Blade-affix for Virtuosos. The weapon felt great and has a good mixture of tools. Still, there is room for improvement. Some things, that I thought of: Add Weakness on additional skill aside from AA, maybe base #5 Consider having a ranged AA switch over for Mesmer as well, at least for 600. This would be very helpful in 1 vs. 1 scenarios where you'd like to keep you opponent at range until you land #2. An alternative could be a more conal AA for Spear. If there is no range compontent added to the AA, some sort of partial #2 reset (e.g. -1s CD) or even Clarity at the end of the Chain could make the weapon less shoe-horned when facing few enemies at a time. Not directly related to Spear, but... at this point MH Sword feels so dead. I wouldn't know if I picked it unless I desperately needed a specific OH weapon in a power build and there it might still be Dagger despite it being a damage stick. It feels that this becomes even worse for power Mirage. I appretiate the unique damage modifier, but I'm not sure it is a good idea to attach it to Spear. Attaching Alacrity to Staff should have been lesson enough.
  15. I finished the story earlier this week and want to summarize my feedback on SotO now that the first mini-expansion cycle has finished. My view is from a casual perspective. Short version: On one hand, I think that SotO was worth the money for what it is. Especially on the feature side it delivered. Both, the story on the maps on the other hand, started strong and disappointed me in the end. Many things give the impression that the scope of the expansion was too big for ANet to be able to deliver on their vision in the given time frame. Being it the bad story pacing with the updates, the frustrating staggered roll-out of Nayos, the obvious cop out of turning armor sets with clear weight classes into accessible for everyone with the third one being a Peitha meat suit, or the lack of character development. In the end, I wished that the SotO focussed on the Astral Ward, their main members and the ethical strategy of fractals and protecting Tyria. The Kryptis could have been involved in later chapters, but Nayos most certainly would have benefitted from being a stand-alone expansion (e.g. “The Midnight King”). Longer version Characters, the story pacing and themes. The ideas of the Astral Ward and the Kryptis are interesting in general. I like the main companion cast of the Astral Ward. It helps that they are anchored in existing lore because in the end, they didn’t get much real character development during the expansion. The Kryptis, Peitha, Ramses and Co. are a much harder sell. Naturally. But ANet really did them dirty. We learn so little about their motiviation and the information we get, is usually told, not exerpienced by ourselves. This also led me to sympathize with Isgarren in the final chapter. Why should I care for the Kryptis? For example, the death of Irja supposedly was horrible but I felt no connection. I, as a Tyrian, would have been fine with Eparch and everyone else die. Peitha included. We do get some glimpses of the relatable sites of Kryptis during the credit segment and achievements added with last patch. But while playing the story or the maps, I didn’t really have that. In the end, even the Astral Ward cast is weirdly expandable and interchangeable. It didn’t really matter who helped me at what point since they didn’t have real game in the story to begin with. I was especially let down how short and unimpressive the final act was, even more so when compared to the final meta. We already lost all urgency of what was going on due to the staggered roll out of Nayos, to then go out on this weird dethroning and the exposition dump in the Wizards Tower. A theme that I wished played out way more, was the Kryptis possession and the role emotions play for them. The possession already had context in lore and during the expansion we keep getting told how bad it is. In the end, it is mostly inconsequential. When it comes to the emotions, those could have helped us seeing something relatable in Kryptis. This was something for Peitha to prove and show quite early in Nayos to get us onto her side. Showing some painting Kryptis during the credit scene is not enough. ANet failed her on that one. Again, Kryptis are a hard sell. They are supposed to be otherwordly. But ANet did a better job of introducing and making a foreign society relatable in the past during PoF. We have people living with the undead, doing horrible things to other humans and their own kin. But we got time to get to know and understand them. And empathize with them by seeing them suffer under Balthazar, Kralkatorrik and their own king. Features As I said, I think that the features in general are solid. There are enough and diverse items and skins to earn. The Wizards Vault is a great revamp of the Daily System and addition to the game. The Masteries that aren’t just fillers (e.g. Fireballs, flying on leylines and updrafts with mounts) are good. I’d like more like that, e.g. Skimmers learning how to use whirls like Jakals when having an expansion in an area with water. For example... in a river or bog delta :wink. Weaponmaster training and new weapons are great as substitute for elite specs for the smaller scale this expansion was. However, I wished that they were added with launch and had a proper implementation and lore integration. There are so low hanging fruits, e.g. linking Ranger Mace to the Bastian of the Natural. I don’t understand, why it wasn’t done. Relics are a smart decision from a balancing perspective although it does heavily devalue Runes. I wouldn’t go as far as accepting them as full-fledged new feature. Ultimately, they are just level 6 rune bonusses. What really disappointed me was the Fractal. Re-using assets is all nice and good. But Lonely Tower doesn’t add anything to the game aside from occupying a slot in the Fractal rotation. To me, personally, Fractals always told at least a short new story – or showed a new perspective of an already told story. This one is a re-used a map we have been to several times. It re-used bosses. We didn’t learn anything new about any party, being it Astral Ward or Eparch and entourage. It also isn’t particularly fun to play. It is bad and might as well just have been a two-stage Strike Mission on a platform. The Fractal could have been used to explore the backstory of someone in the Astral Ward. How Dagda joined. Of the founding of the Astral Ward. A story from the perspective of a Kryptis (think Charr Fractal). Of Eparch meeting Mordremoth (or at least Mordrem). Of the moment that led to Peitha turning against Eparch. Of Kryptis society before Eparch involving how it looked (more colors?) or how art and emotions were cultivated back then. Silent Surf wasn’t too exciting story wise either. But this one is worse. Kryptis I know, we are on a budget here. But re-using models to such an extent was probably a bad idea when introducing a whole new race (and ecosystem). Especially if it is supposed to be so otherworldly and must stand out from other creatures. I don’t mind rigs and models being re-used. But just slapping some eyeballs and weird wobbly textures on didn't work for me. The desaturated colors, horns everywhere and pulsing effect make especially the smaller Kryptis hard to look at. Not because they are scary or unsettling. Because they lack a focal point and distinct body features. It would have been amazing to have “base kryptis” and their features being altered based on different emotions. There is a hint of that with the Glutton one based on the frog model. But doesn’t really translate for others. Also, the disconnect between the humanoid and lower Kryptis is confusing. A positive example of a diverse race that feels connected, are the Chak. The only Kryptis, that I’d considered well designed and implemented, is Nourys. Now that I think about Kryptis and the Chak: The Chak also had very unique and distinct sound design. I don’t remember anything standing out from the Kryptis. Skyward Archipel Despite the heavy re-use of assets, I enjoyed this map the most. The story premise of fractals was very interesting. The selected settings were great (and smart for upsells). I wished the story would have spent more time on the dilemma of Fractals. Alongside this, on the map itself, I would have preferred separate bigger event chains with at least some form of resolution for each main island. While the map meta is alright, forging the key could easily just have been covered within a story instance. This could also have given ANet ways to avoid this weird empty half of the tower in the top corner of the map. Talking about empty space... there is a lot of it. I didn’t line trace the islands, but I’d guess that up to 50% of the map is basicalyl empty. Adding the Observatory to it which basically is only relevant for a short segment of the story, and other smaller areas that aren’t connected to the main Fractals. Having only small explorable and playable areas makes sense for the concept of this map. But considering this, I would have even more so expected more impactful event chains in those areas and not so many stand-alone throwaway events. Amnytas I dislike this map to an extent that I only go there to specifically do the achievements or the meta. The spire is impressive. The meta boss as well, although the phases aren’t all fun. But everything else is soulless. Some of the achievements (e.g. the ones related to unique weapons) slightly redeemed the general idea for me. But rather than running all over the place, I would have preferred earning them within the bastion itself. In general, I think it is a very bad idea to have so many maps in an expansion that require flight as primary form of movement. Before finishing the masteries, navigating Amnytas was especially miserable. Furthermore, always being up in the sky takes away a huge amount of joy of exploration. I felt about this in Kaineng as well, where the city looked gorgeous from above or from a skiff from the kanal, but as soon as you stepped foot on land, it became a nightmare. ANet could have easily played with larger open spaces like in PoF despite the bastions floating on islands. I also wondered why each theme of the bastion and the personal influence of their leaders played such a small influence in how they look. Why don’t we see more things like in their personal quarters within the bastions? Why isn’t the botanical garden the prominent feature of the Bastion of Natural (e.g. Melandrus Reliquary in Sirens Landing)? Why is the library so much less impressive than the one of the Durmand Priory? Why do people in Queensdale feel more motivated in training their weapon skills than anyone in the bastion of strength? You can see the aspiration for the map here and there. But ANet can to so much better. It shows that they lacked time once again. They had the tower assets. They mapped out everything on high level for the meta and story. Buildings blocks where placed and filled with events and the minimum required props for them. In Amnytas, there wasn’t even the additional challenge of having it appear like a buzzling city like in Kaineng. And it still feels inorganic and far removed from being a placed where the Astral Ward lives and works. The bastions have a lore potential that could easily provide content for more than one expansion. And at this point in time, it feels wasted. Nayos I do like the overall aesthetic – both from the desaturated part as well the darker citadel. However, the staggered roll out really harmed this map. It also feels that it must do too much at once. I wished that we started off on a map that focused on getting to know the local flora and fauna like Verdant Brink, with a first interaction with Peitha and friendly Kryptis and then a first Kryptis settlement in the later parts of the map. The whole raid on Eparch needed a separate map. My biggest disappointments on this map: the lack of meaningful locations and Kryptis settlements. Yes, there are buildings and points of interest. But you can’t enter any buildings and experience how they live there. The Kryptis feel like they were just scattered around if an event or achievement required it. Some good old heart quests could have helped a lot. It also would have been easier to let us get behind the lines of the loyalists in disguises like we did with the factions in Echowald Forest. As far as I’m aware, we only have this with one single event for a very limited amount of time. Then again... maybe lower Kryptis don’t use buildings like the royal Kryptis or humans. But how would I know? I’ve never really learned about their life.
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