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  1. Can ANY of the warrior skills throw and be as impact like when we throw the dragon branded weapon in dragonfall. I want to feel the impact. I want a fun amount of javelins flying and hitting and this kinda feels like I'm throwing broken sticks.
  2. I'm fighting constantly with the timer for skill 5 to try and get max stacks that I don't even have enough time for professional skills or utilities. Also, collectively the visuals are nice but they are just SO saturated with red that this looks less like "the mists" and more like channeling blood magic and haemomancy.
  3. This is more QOL but can you guys give a 2-3 window of hovering over a skill in combat before the descrption pops up? I'm a clicker and click most of my skills and I visually fight against the skill pop up, especially with thief.
  4. Skill 2 is visually unremarkable. You guys might need to buff sword vs spear because why would I try to take a weapon that costs health is the ending skill isn't amazing vs spear sapping it all for me?
  5. Can skill 2 include a ground aoe indicator because I'm just guessing the whole time. The petal effect is a little janky. Love skill 5.
  6. That auto attack animation is SO wierd looking when you move cause it looks like it triggers from a point in space when the auto is commenced and not when it lands making that cone happen behind or to the side of you when moving. Optimize that? Like other MMO's they have their damage aoe be similar to the effect so instead of having generic yellow aoes why not make them thematic as well? I think you did this with specter previously?
  7. I love the concept of skill 1 to 4. The etching of skill 5 needs to be a bit longer for the upgraded attack OR the window for using the attack following after the requirement is made. Trying to do ALL within a 5 second window is rough and I'm speeding through it and not exactly enjoying the flow. The etching might need to be less intense since the visual covers everything ground related especially from bosses I think. I think for fire and earth not letting the auto trigger the enhanced effect would be best since the majority of the time it will. Having the earth, wind and water do similar rushing attack isn't super great but the haboob and wind especially look unremarkable. I think all 3 skills should be as wide as the etching.
  8. Short and sweet- -Can skill 1 projectile be an actual bee, can the ambush also be ranged and a bunch of bees :3 -Can skill 5 include a green spider animation somewhere -Make owl animation a little bit bigger it looks almost like the auto attk. -Great mechanic of stealth+new attacks.
  9. You will still have a "game button" budget to consider. You COULD have skill 2-5 do very powerful things but to balance they would probably have longer cooldowns and you'll be spamming auto the majority of the time. You gotta pick your poison.
  10. It was always my wish that in some way they would have weapons or mechanics that can be great in one attunement alone and you wouldn't have to attunement swap continuously. Sometimes we just wanna be a fire wizard and that's it!
  11. It's like horizontal game theory. If they make you HAVE to do a certain key amount then the effect will be worth it more than the base effect. They have to work with the game engine that they got. What do you expect them to do with the current interface? You got 5 weapon slots and it seems like they cannot program any additional updates to it which is really sad so they have to work with what they got. They have a certain "game budget" for a 5 button weapon mechanism system and this is them maximizing on it.
  12. I loathe shortbow engi.... long ranged weapon thats best use in melee or you don't get ANY of the effects and since all are different cooldowns its hard to wait for 2 skills to be off cooldown so you CAN chain. It might be more efficient to wait till everything is off cooldown. It's horribly inefficient which is ironic for an engineer.
  13. I was going to make the leggy armor from SOTO but the skins are so bland and not my aesthetic that I decided against it. Utility is one thing but I also expect this armor to be LEGENDARY just like the very interesting and cool raid leggy armor but glowing runes aren't enough to keep me motivated. They look like gemstore outfits.
  14. Bobby, respectfully....are you guys going to keep Isgarren's arms folded forever with him stabbing himself in the shoulder with his staff? lol it's really distracting and odd.
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