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  1. I don't think it was changed for wintersday either because I wanted a trophy from that BLC but they didn't do them last year. I have no idea the logic behind it but here we are.....
  2. I agree, for better or worse it does seem EOD is this compromise between the firings, covid, leadership shake ups, being told to do an expansion thereby dooming IBS, verse current resources and personnel. But even with all those good reason to justiy what is released- the content will get no free pass in harsh critiques regardless. Just hope they weather this jade storm.
  3. I'd say less entitled and more tough love. I think many people criticize because of how much we like this game. We want it to do better and it should be doing better and it kind of isn't and its disappointing so of course we are going to air that out on the forums. You should be even more worried when the forums stop filling up with opinions because that is when players REALLY don't care any more.
  4. Adding things, adding things people want and adding things that are groundbreaking are certainly different things. I do also want to point out the ceiling that exists per game. After gliding and mounts what more beyond that can they create that is within that parameter of possible creation. They are game devs after all not gods.
  5. That and the less than epic ending or Jor and Prim. Fade to white during the pinnacle moment?! NO, WE ALL WANT TO SEE THE ACTUAL MUTUAL DESTRUCTION IN ITS ENTIRETY. The players deserved that at least. If more reveals are coming that's great but I am excited AND worried.
  6. We have player housing....people want "customized" player housing but all this comes from a competent and unified team with a vision of what they can accomplish lead by a strong game director.....so yeah. We just NOW got 2 department heads to try to lead us forward so any benefits from that is probably 6 months to years away. They do need to find that sweet spot of repeatable content and story. ANET allegedly has over 250 employees but it seems like its turning out content on an indy level. I don't get it sometimes.
  7. That's the weakness of this class. No mobility/evasion just glass canon howitzer realness. The aegis this class grants is so short its negligible. Shatter 4 is okay but you need a charge and its a 30 sec cooldown. I kind of saw a Virtuoso as spinning around with a pistol or dagger acrobatically and artistically finessing the opponent (like Mystique in the X-men movies). Maybe if in the future it expounds on its bleeding and blade traits to do even more "interesting" stuff it could have a fighting chance- (super roughly) like a trait that said every XYZ seconds interval how ever many blades yo
  8. Shorter cast time for their shatters since were basically a mesmer howitzer. We have condi builds already for mesmer (covered by staff and mirage) so why do we even need the bleeding traits? I understand thematically it makes sense (blades make people bleed) but I really see it as another opportunity to do something else maybe even adding further salt in the wound with more effects per bleeding, spreading bleeding, gaining health from bleeding, evading when enough stacks for bleeding etc. If were gona have a trait line for bleeding let's really go in and do something innovative. Similar
  9. They really do need to let some of these masteries work in other zones. SO many masteries are limited to 1 or 2 maps when it takes a lot of exp to even get them.
  10. It does beg the question that if the human gods left because of the dragon threat....if we elimnate the dragon threat will they then come back or at least set their gaze closer upon us....
  11. Agree! Lyssa is my fav god so I think when she voted to strip him she gave him the mirror as a token of remembrance/affection etc. It couldn't break him from the chains and I don't think there was an intent to aid him directly but he, the god of fire and war used her token in a destructive way when he got the chance. Even though Rytlock didn't know much about Balth it wouldn't surprise me if he used some of the mirror magic to make his regular appearance just a bit more frail and nonconfrontational. Even egomaniacal rage filled tyrants have moment of lucidity and him not damning Lyssa was one
  12. I suspect dungeons aren't ran so much is because the loot isn't super interesting and the lore in the content is SO dated. Fractals to me were the new dungeons so I have no idea why they wouldn't keep making them...maybe up to number 25?
  13. AND FOR THE LOVE OF WINTERSDAY when he does his blue beam attack...don't circle him far away, you won't be fast enough lol. Unless you are that super unlucky person to be targetted by the beam AND the snowball GL xD Just circle tight around him; you can attack and the beam closes the gap in the direction that is closest to the targeted player so if you are behind him you can make the beam stay in the same area by shimmying more left and then more right.
  14. There is a small dps check in place per the timer. After you drain the minion HP it has a breakbar that must be cc in order to die. The heart does pop out next to him when Freezie's HP is reduced to zero. I've come to expect very low dps from publice instances when I've ran them.
  15. I assume because we are in the human capitol city but yes we should also see orphans from different races.
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