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  1. It probably will but they havn't stated that anywhere and they really should. I wouldn't have started earning it if I knew it was going to a part of all that ball bubble blob visual underdeveloped diarrhea thing.
  2. I'll be annoyed if this legendary doesn't have it own effect but is the one that completes the visual affect for the blobby mess.....so now ALL the rest of us will have floating balls -_-
  3. We do need that big holo to be different Elder Dragons we have defeated. Its not all about KRALK.
  4. Its mind boggling this many years into the game and we STILL only have one special action button for everything. They stack on eachother and you can only get rid of them if you use them or the criteria goes away. We need 2 or 3.
  5. Let's address the curve from very new player to very experienced player. I do believe there is a correlation from effective feedback to experienced player. Now we could argue the criteria but I think at the bare minimum they should have at least one level 80 character and completed the personal story.
  6. That's why getting all bent out of shape is a little silly. WHO is to say my way or your way is the best? So many factors and variables. We all have our opinions and ANET did what it did and it is what it is. Acceptance is a beautiful thing. Next controversy! xD
  7. The point this person was trying to make despite the grammatical issues was that on some level its best to survey the most experienced players because they have done/seen/played the most so their opinions might be a bit more thorough and accurate. What constitutes an experienced player could certainly be another post and debate. I never received a survey but I think it would have been useful if one was sent out to every single player in the entire game or a link to vote on things was. Regardless of the logistics, 40,000 opinions falls in comparison to 800,000.
  8. THIS. We need like 3 special action keys because the last special action item/buff covers up the last one t its used!
  9. It's kind of out there but having a dev player....either be a member of Dragon's Watch (or any NPC relevant to the map/fight) and have them lead us or fight with us LIVE and maybe be in character and chat with us too.
  10. We should have the option to play with our skyscale....like during the missions to earn it ^_^
  11. To me it's beyond silly that people asking for certain builds in certain content like strikes....like as long as everyone has at least exotic gear and a decent build your RAID rotation group is only going to finish several seconds earlier....and if not you miss out on a chest that gives you a few extra silver? Can't relate.
  12. -I want more production value from content releases. As we've seen in season 2 of LW they had mouth/facial animations, tons of cutscenes, longer instances, more ambient and branch dialogue....just more. -Like fractals I want storymode, normal and challenge mode for raids that way the entire community can at least run through the content. Strikes themselves will never be a ramp to raids. -More side-stories, or short stories or community contests, player voting in some content, maybe even get a Game Director for Guild Wars 2 soon.....
  13. Its a possible nerf. Let's be a bit more accurate when describing things. More time does equal more time for it to be cleansed but it also means a condi build does way more damage due to the tics. If you meant more of a possible nerf in wvw/pvp that is fair but its not much of one in PVE.
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