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  1. Can the new Gourd back item have a very small water splash, spill or leak effect at the top? Its burst wildly when its used for a glider but a hint of it being a water carrying gourd. would be neat!
  2. https://imgur.com/a/0MK1bw4 Like Carrie Fisher said "Take your broken heart, make it into art." During a recent depressed episode, I decided to create this mini art project from some random materials from an art shop. I'm barely an amateur artist but it can be very therapeutic for me. It might look a little derpy but it was made with a lot of love. I'd like to send this to ArenaNet so they could include it as a prize maybe for the next Extra Life fundraiser. @Rubi Bayer.8493 If this is possible please let me know! May a little light be reflected into your life during dark times, Cham
  3. So if an echo affects the real world, in real time, similar when Snaff and Eir came back for a moment does that affect them? Increase their "power?" Also when Tyrians die, where does their soul go?
  4. Being a fan of the game does not a game dev make. What I have learned from being a gamer for decades is that we are not privvy to the behind the scenes stipulations concerning all aspects of a game. Whether something is objectively a good idea, it still has many checks it has to pass as well as a high number of factors that can influence it such as priorities, resource allocations, dev time, managerial influences, current infrastructure etc. I don't doubt his suggestions are agreed upon generally by many people (maybe even some devs) but to not consider what I brought up before is to be a bit
  5. As a non-binary person myself having that option was EVERYTHING to me. Some people will never understand that and that's their journey. "If not us, who? And if not now, when?"
  6. There we go. I was waiting for the buzzword "woke" to come up. Many know what type of person uses that buzzword but let me give you the dirty little secret- the bias that we talk about is so ingrained in those types of people that its never the right time for this particular story. Its always too much in your face, too political... too "woke." Bias can be incredibly insidious but the question you really should be asking is what do the actual in real life LGBT+ people think about their story arc and this visibility.
  7. THANK YOU. Exactly! What some people don't get is that because LGBT+ people are so rare that introducing ourselves and who we are whether ambiguous or not is sometimes our self-defense getting into gear to humanize ourselves with others so that they don't harass or kill us. It's only "in your face" quite literally because it's never been in your face before. BAM. In addendum, Kaz and Jory have supported us and been through terrible things that they deserve, at the minimum, this happy story completion arc. Here's hoping the commander will get a few romance options in the future also
  8. Unless you are speaking from experience, as an LGBT person, sometimes we do include our orientation in introductions or while sharing stuff about ourselves with new people. If you want to critique that I guess that's fine but it certainly won't get us to change that way we orient ourselves with others.
  9. The GAME should be the one to group people and detect that you have minimum equipment to be successful. Geez, even other games let you summon AI's to help you finish. It's the players putting super high requirements and honestly limitations on the community: i.e. no breathing room only top tier DPS when in reality there is more wiggle room but if many groups have that requirement there isn't much we can do besides trying to get into the training groups and relying on guild kindness.
  10. The irony of getting what you want also can be solved with LFG is not lost on me lol
  11. Each trait line seems to have a theme like 1-aegis and blocks, 2- strike damage, 3-bleeding condi. I think if you are to change infinite forge maybe add a passive bonus per currently held blade or some effect to psychic skills.
  12. I just want them to finish it and then ill actually play it. I'm completely turned off by unfinished modes.
  13. I think every expansion besides features, has a different aim. It doesn't mean the expansion in generally horrible it just means for you it didn't cross enough satisfying boxes for now. They are still optimizing the maps and we have a balance patch coming this summer. I do agree that elite specs can make or break motivation because people want to play something different since we only get around 10 new skills in total to last us for years per spec. Many of us never played season 1 so Mai and aetherblade involvement is less impactful but they will be rectifying that with the new rerelease.
  14. .I think an interesting update to the elite and trait system is to give us full control over the amount of trait lines selectable. As in you can be hardcore specialized in just one trait meaning you have all three traits of each line but of course you have no other traitline OR you can have 2 trait lines. They would have to balance it further but I am always miffed at how sometimes I have to have traits that do nothing for my build or wishing I could have 2 traits within the same column.
  15. What's the point of its underwater capabilities if no events are underwater? Maybe for the future?
  16. There are many ways to optimize this Empowerment trait for many different play styles. The last trait line could be changed to just doubling the effects of your stacks so that its worthwhile no matter what build you have. In order to get to the max stats I have to change my entire playstyle to maximize gaining 10 stacks. No catalyst utility skills disable or immobilize and only 3 of 20 hammer skills contribute. Dodging is also unreliable because attack windows and distances are incredibly hard to perceive. Gaining an aura from hammer skills is unreliable as well as the cooldown for the jade or
  17. The PVP changes recently added actually seem like great changes that should be implemented in PVE....weird. We still NEED more CC hammer skills.
  18. Just like how Scrapper has their little gyro we should have a jade sphere over our shoulder! The NPC Catalyst has one.
  19. -Its 2022 and we still have no internal option to turn off the damage numbers so you can barely see combat anyways. I use arcdps to solve that. -Also, the red channel line is still bugged (from thin to super wide) after all these years. -Ending the personal story with the group fight for Zhaitan in all its lackluster will leave a sour taste in new players' mouths. I'm not saying changing everything about it...let's just optimize what we can.
  20. I've worked in the military and for a resort with lots of group building and PR classess so when they say "I'm proud of my team and all our hard work" ok, yeah I would hope so but were you successful? Were all very proud of the effort we do in any profession we're in.... I saw a dev leaving Anet and say they loved learning and being a lead and their team is in good hands....ok, but was EOD successful?
  21. With the way Lost Ark dropped on steam we will do worse if we don't streamline features and education. The game is still fun but its getting a bit dated with its animations and features. Its 2022 and pressing F to interact but we don't even animate to touch the real object logically where a button is or petting animals just has us generically kneel down and not actually make any contact. With respect, if Guild Wars 2 was released today on steam it would be vaporized with negative reviews.
  22. Elemental Empowerment trait needs a disable or immobilize and no augments do that and only 2 air hammer skills and 1 earth hammer weapon skills does so they need to give one to water and fire at least.
  23. Yes, reveal them during combat and out of combat diminish them or something. We don't need our mindblades gutting the community while buying things or role playin.
  24. I believe they said damage drastically reduced not removed. Since they will last 15 seconds maybe it equals the same.
  25. You are headed in the right direction but putting resources into this hammer skill 3 gimmick is really unfortunate. You did that to the weaver elite and you see how inefficient that can be. Many ele mains I've talked to just don't like it. I hope the upcoming notes well-round out this spec but if each hammer attunement doesn't have a disable, we don't generate energy while the field is up, we stop the focus on auras, we have more consistent ways to get elemental empowerment and the elite skill is optimized (for gods sake the harbinger elite gives ALL boons) then the changes are irrelevant. I'
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