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  1. what are you talking about? having auras like goku is the real deal. I wish we had the ghost infusion full yellow and white so i could be a super saiyan
  2. You know when i was little and enjoying gw1 i always wanted gw to become as great as wow. Then the gw2 news came and eventually the game. Sadly i've always felt like they weren't even trying when i was playing the game. Its like i've always lied to myself to enjoy gw2 probably because i enjoyed gw1 so much that i wanted that ''gw as great as wow'' to become a reality and surpass all other mmos. Sad truth is that they killed everything that was good from gw1, for me especially for the change of skills. The combat in gw2 is just ok, nothing revolutionary like people say. No gvg, no faction pvp and they even started the game with no guild halls. Why GUILD wars 2 then? They also got rid of guild capes. I feel like gw2 has nothing in relation with gw1. And in the other hand they did not add features that make mmos great. Simple things like more emotes, dueling anywhere, trading anywhere, being able to inspect armor, etc... make mmos great. Also more races, open world pvp, actual linear quests, and actual tanks and healers. Im still mad that they forgot dungeons. Strikes are dungeons in like, ultra lazy mode? Then they did raids and now they forget them too. And of course the crap loot, there is no place where u can get something that makes you say kitten now that is cool and powerfull. Even getting an ascended is meh. Its all about the skins. This game feels like an sjw fantasy with bad quality lore. The only times i kind of enjoyed the story was when they introduced Joko, maybe the battle with Balthazar and when i saw Kormir again. But hey its not all bad since sometimes they seem to read its players and make us happy. They added guild halls, guild capes and normal capes, mounts, more emotes and im probably missing something. And they are adding fishing which was something i requested long time ago. And yes i also want this game to thrive and i hope that its like people say and that EOD 1st look is really just a 1st look and they still have many things to show us. But we all know its not probably happening right?
  3. wtf that largos website is really well done. Is it fan made or did Anet really try to do it?
  4. i would only like housing if you could make appear some kind of house like bulma from goku does with her capsules. Like if it was a toy like chairs or tonics you know. I think making housing instanced would make players go away from the main city plazas and would make the game feel less alive. For me it would be ok just to make the skiff progressively turn into a ship u could decorate and that kind of stuff but im probably day dreaming xd.
  5. Which is the easiest method to get that emote? Because im trying to get the dragon response missions achievements but its getting tedious since no one does them. Why cant they just put the new emotes as pvp or wvw routes as they did with /rock or /shiver god dam
  6. something thats very cool and games tend not to add are huge sea monsters
  7. i hope shing jea monastery or kaineng agglomerates people like divinity's reach or lion's arch do. They could add lakes so we can fish there too with lots of people.
  8. man, devs know how much we want a new race. Adding a tonic and not the actual race would be so wack. Would be like saying gw2 doesnt have the resources to compete with triple a mmos.
  9. So? its their job to work on those things. All great mmos always introduce new races. Having more races would attract more players and would make the game feel bigger.
  10. i think the main problem with gw2 is that it tries too hard to be different to other mmos. Just adding fishing makes the game 1000 times better. Adding simple things that traditional mmos have such as dueling or trading with anyone anywhere would make the game 1000 times better again.
  11. ill probably buy it but i dont think they deserve a pre order
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