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  1. Sorry but the whole post is not providing the thought behind the changes but more like justifying the changes with a few contradicting statements. For instance: "Salvation is another place we wanted to add more diverse tools for support revenant builds. Alacrity was something that needed to be removed."
  2. I do respect you Josh but this is more like a damage control update rather than the next step. On 28th we had a patch that created a certain atmosphere and on this post, I do appreciate that you share the thoughts of what you were working on the professions, but I also feel that this should have been done before the release. Taking as example soulbeast, you nerfed the elite skill and only on 30th you have compensate with buffing the weapons skills. This is a balancing action and this is something u expect to have been tested to the point that you will implement both balancing
  3. My 2 Cents: I m against threats either to life or someone losing their work. I do respect the response but I would have valued a response from the specific member of staff, which I think everyone would value and appreciate. I also understand that he doesn't have to be expert in every class and every skill for things he has to directly work on and improve but he gives the last "pass" and as that person he will hold most responsibility; If I have a problem with my meal in a restaurant, I would not ask for the cooker to come and speak to me but the chef that gave the pass.
  4. Hi everyone, With the work they did for LS1, I think it's a chance to look on the rest of the historical achievements and a way to balance their points to be available for old and new players. I do see that the return of Living Story 1 was the main reason behind it, but it's fair for people going after achievements to be able to hit the max that the game offers to all players. On top of that, with many achievements linked to gold or/and the gem store, it's a return of investment given that someone knows that he/she starts on an equal base with any other player in t
  5. I spent 3 hours yesterday with my group to get the CM and in every try we didn't get Exposed/Stunned on the first Breakbar.
  6. Tbh, if you re not chasing gold out of this, many ppl got lucky, thus the prices of these weps are so low right now.
  7. too hard for each account. There is a bandage solution but will shorten all collections: if u get duplicates of fishes u caught, u can add them to the collection when u unlock avid 1) Add specific holes in a map or all maps only with saltwater fishes or garbage-no complains for the kessex hill map so why not 2)
  8. I will agree with you. There is also another fact that came to my mind: I m on 13/14 on Saltwater fishes and i ve spend more than 6 hours on that last fish. Now, while chasing that 14th one i ve droped only 9 different other saltwater fishes, meaning the Avid collection will be another nightmare if the diversity is as bad as the drop rate. It's also more punishing for players that have completed the rest collections and chasing only these specific. This grind has killed the fun out of it and i don t think i ll return to finishing after i m done with this last one or at
  9. The description has been updated, mentioning the full tsunamis during the crystal phase and not the ones before the split phase.
  10. I can confirm that. In both phases, took cover both from half and full tsunamis, no update.
  11. I can confirm that. I finished one half an hour ago, i was present in both crystal phases and it didn t update for me as well.
  12. Hi everyone, I just did the DE meta and I was present in both crystal phases. Tho, the achievement didn t update in full tsunamis. Did anyone else had the same issue?
  13. As the title says, can you please add these combos to the selectable Prefixes in armors/weapon/trinkets? It's such a same we need to go through MF with insignias/inscription when we get an item that has selectable prefixes and don't have the new ones, other than legendary items that they ve been added.
  14. I can tell you my experience. I ve completed Temple on my Rev and the collection was unlocked for my guard once i got Purifier. Important note here: it s only visible to the class you speak to Zyzzl on. So if you got purifier and search for it on any other class than guard, it appears locked.
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