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  1. Core is desperately in need of buffs to increase the build variety and rework some ancient kits to be less clunky. This is the biggest problem imo. So many of the engi skills are useless and/or clunky. Almost all gadgets are useless, almost all turrets are useless/meme, bomb kit is entirely useless. So you will always end up combining some elixirs with one or two of the remaining viable kits. The build diversity is just kitten. I don't expect core to be meta, but viable would be nice. So far I have found 1 viable playstyle that works for me personally in all pvp modes (2v2, 3v3 and 5v5).
  2. 100% agreed with everything. I am a similar kind of player as OP. I enjoy theorycrafting on engineer and couldn't have been more dissappointes at the mechanist class. Engineer feels so kittening stale, and I'm willing to bet it has the highest amount of useless abilities of all the classes. Only way for me to have fun anymore is my trusty core engineer power build with rifle, toolkit and elixir gun, and turning people into moas. But the list of viable builds on this class shrinks by the day.
  3. This is hilariously false. Scrapper is still one of the best classes for open world solo play, apart from soloing bosses/bounties. The amount of AoE you have, cc, perma quickness and superspeed, 25 might, barrier (yes even after the nerf its still good)... its just so easy. Doesn't change the fact that it is overnerfed in pve, pvp and wvw (dps scrapper pov). In pvp I generally have a lot more succes on my core engi build than I do on scrapper.
  4. Ehhh ranked is random my dude. You don't get to choose.
  5. No it's not. In 5v5 it's usually pretty clear what the current fotm is. This doesn't take any skill, lmao.
  6. AMEN. I'd take tornado over rampage any day of the week. It's just better in the majority of fights, except maybe some 1v1's.
  7. Don't think I've ever seen such a big warrior cope lmao. Just make them die faster so they don't experience cc lock huh? Great logic xd
  8. I am using something similar for my open world content. I'm still doing more than fine with this even after the barrier nerfs: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PeQAIlNwgYNMGWKO8XWtWA-zRRYBRBGOszIMFQgSAVONj4MC-e Rocket turret is a flex spot, you can swap it out for another utility of choice. But imo it's a great choice for open world as the toolbelt rocket absolutely shits on groups of mobs with its huge AoE damage, and the turret itself is nice as another AoE stun + blast finisher if you might need it. Good alternatives that I have used: elixir gun (for the acid bomb cleave dmg +
  9. What irritates me the most is the amount of damage on mindless 1 spam. It's already hella fast and with quickness it's just a machine gun. Why is it always necro that has these kind of braindead playstyles....
  10. Here's an example build. Afaik shadowfall (the streamer) played this, and he's one of the top ranger players in gw2. River drake hits like an actual truck with this build. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?POwAciFlFw8YhMQGKOePpr9S+RaA-zZAPlGFCZKB6VBEwIQDDA
  11. Yes, it's possible with sicem and the 25% dmg proc.
  12. River drake does, with tailswipe crits. Can hit up to 11-12k
  13. Streamer parrot it is. You're literally talking kitten when you can't even show the build. Next.
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