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  1. I think a system that upscales people to a certain stat amount would work in this case. To be honest the amulet system in pvp is very limiting - I was imagining a full inventory system with swappable runes/amulets, with weapon damage all made consistent if we're talking wishlist. The lowest effort way to make this would be to simply fix weapon damage to lvl 80/ascended no matter what weapon you're wielding, and then fix stats to scale up to as if you're wearing an ascended stat piece in your slot, as long as the slot item is a lvl 80 exotic.
  2. This is just the standard WvW marauder Grenade scrapper build abusing explosive entry amongst other skills you can find on metabattle. It's REALLY effective
  3. I've been trying out the WvW Grenade Scrapper and honestly, it's been overtuned. A great example of what roaming is mostly like on Grenade Scrapper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwqEW8wPkek I can get barriers covering over 40% of my health during my burst, and 3 - 5 stab when I'm spamming grenade kit. My grenade kit is hitting for 11k-13k on full crits with full dps runes but I don't even feel squishy at all. Infact, I've been in situations where against clearly unoptimized toons, I've 1v4 or 1v5 and killed every single opponent with grenade kit spam. When I approach zerg tail
  4. For your steam release PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE have a character slot expansion sale. I'm really miffed that I missed the anniversary sale
  5. Inculpatus is correct. I’m not a GM or connected to ANet in any way other than being a player of this game who decided to start a thread on the gemstore a few years back. I maintain it without any sort of pay from ANet. I get my information the same way any other player does, by reading announcements by ANet, reading data mining posts by other players and logging into the game each day to look at the gemstore. I got that impression because support uses your thread as an FAQ to tell users to go to X for information. Now that I know that's the case this is even more reprehensible. As an ex-GM
  6. They smiter's boon'd (pvp) all the 300 ICD skills - ANET please start fixing/balancing all the 300 ICD skills for pvp... jeebus.
  7. This year there was no main news announcement of the anniversary GEM STORE SALE. We knew there would be one but not exactly when it would start and you guys tacked on the announcement onto a new gem store item (The title was: Spark and Shiver with the Dark Storm Chest). Since when was the start of your anniversary sale less of a headline than new skins? Why is it so opaque? For the week that it started, it was at the end of a post (LINK:https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/458/news-gemstore-items-new-returned-sales/p24) that spanned one and a half pages (Aug 11) and you put the highest-d
  8. Yes absolutely but this was in the middle of the frost citadel meta, it was getting really boring so I decided to explore the other content available on the map. I assumed the adventures worked like PoF but for Wolverine I was soooo wrong
  9. Adventures are accessible at all times - even if you are on a completely fresh map you can reach them and start them. Meta loot chests are accessible only a short period after meta completes successfully. Mind explaining why you chose such particular order: meta - adventure - loot meta chests? The meta wasn't done. I was getting very tired of it so I decided to play an adventure in the middle of meta because it was soooo boring before ice citadel.
  10. Imagine playing the Drizzlewood meta for 1hour 30 minutes. Then imagine - oh yeah, lets try the new adventures, since the map closes in 10 minutes after meta and I want to loot the chests later. Let's do an adventure Imagine choosing Wolverine as the first adventure you try Imagine realising, after you left the Adventure, arriving in a fresh map, out of the squad because you were kicked (not in same zone as squad) Imagine Anet not thinking about WHEN the adventures become accessible and HOW players discover said adventuresWHAT THE HECK
  11. I think a lot of people play condi, and it's easier to play as well, because of high ping. I have never played Guild Wars 2 lower than 220 ping. I still PvP, because the rewards are incredibly attractive. However, if I play a power burst, the build is very ping-dependent as I actually need to land all of my skills to deal damage. However, with condis, I just need to roughly land the field in the right place, it's such a HUGE margin for error. It's so much easier to play on 200-300 plus ping. In GW2, a lot of martial classes have to have their projectiles/strikes "hit", which is why ping matte
  12. Recently, playing in the most hated WvW server in the game (Dragonbrand, thanks Karlkitorrik) I've come across several CREATIVE strategies to keep our tier 3 keep tapped. These include: 1) Throwing up siege up onto abandoned/hard to reach for players sections of the keep wall so NPCs will attack it and keep the keep tapped2) Using a condi mesmer/condi necro build to teleport/invis up and down cliffs (LITERALLY TELEPORTING UP THE CLIFF, NOT SETTING A JUKE POINT THEN PORTING BACK. TELEPORTING STRAIGHT UP THE CLIFF WITH A SKILL). Eventually they'll kill a careless pug or 2 but the important part
  13. I just finished this chapter for the first ever time on my account. The achievement and collection shows that I have obtained the exotic back item, but it never appeared in my inventory. Did I miss a special step or is this a separate reward?
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