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  1. DE Meta is fine. I have done DE pretty much daily for almost two months now without a failure. About half those were the DE after reset, but sometimes I run the one before reset and its fine as well. Just be sure you're pulling your own weight and are joining organized squads (squads with quickness and alac roles defined.) The fight is much easier than it used to be, but if your not utilizing boons you will likely fail.
  2. Nerf Guardian - Anet proceeds to nerf thief.
  3. Yea, I've heard of it and did a ranged Deimos once. Most groups never do ranged strat, it needlessly self nerfs the groups dps so its pretty uncommon outside training raids. Even in training raids most commanders don't like doing ranged strat.
  4. IMO melee Deimos is just as easy as range strat and quicker. Its not hard to not stand in a giant orange circle on the ground.
  5. More confused this guy has over 1000 posts on the forums and no skyscale.
  6. Why title it :should X rune exist:.. shouldn't it be "should X rune be re-balanced" or something to that nature.
  7. Sometimes RNG is RNG. I had some fish that were 100+ casts and then some that were in the first few. Just got to pray to rngesus
  8. Agreed. Personally I like that the way they work now.
  9. LOL buying expansion isn't p2w in any scenario. You're buying the game lol
  10. You can submit tickets without being logged in, I've had to do it in the past. I would say their support has always been great, I would get responses the same day typically. Pretty sure signed in accounts have priority on ticket flow, so may take a few days when signed out.
  11. I think Gyros are fine as is
  12. GW2 could improve on their existing one with role selection and choice of auto find vs manual find groups. For fractals as an example, most people go to the chill t4 groups that could easily be auto find group with role selection. Raids get more complicated when you have things like hand kite, dhuum greens, Q1/Q2 kites, and such that few players know how to do.
  13. Every class will be able to provide Alac or Quickness (druid and warrior after June patch) so I don't think this is really required. Creates alittle skill gap between groups/people as there is some skill to keeping up the boons for most the classes and balancing their dps. Honestly the only real boons that are in-demand and prevalent in end game content are Stability and Aegis.
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