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  1. I came back towards the end of Living Season 4 after not playing for a few years and ran into similar problem. What I did was pick the class I seemed most interested in and looked at meta battle for a build to start with. Then I just hopped in and started playing the new story. While playing I would wiki items I had in my bank or items I got and didn't understand what they were. I also searched up some daily stuff to do to make gold in between (mostly youtube videos.) There really is so much to do in this game, especially if not playing for years. I would recomm
  2. If prot holo gets nerfed it will likely be weaver who takes over the side noding (they are already 2nd best.) A good weaver is extremely hard to kill and does good damage, though there isn't as many good weavers as holos.
  3. All classes can be good and do all open world content with the available solo builds (like on metabattle.) Just pick what you like and play it, its open world, not raids for kitten sake. (Had to praise the kittens! :D)
  4. One could argue that waiting months for your ascended trinkets is going out of the way also.
  5. People need to have some patience, developers prioritize things and this would likely be pretty minor. UI only that really doesn't affect gameplay (I used scourge frequently in raids / open world and have no problem maintaining shades or dps.) Have some patience, I guarantee they know about it and will fix it when they can. Raging doesn't help anyone.
  6. If you want to get an ascended trinket then how is it going out of your way to get them with living world materials? You are doing something to meet a goal, that doesn't fall into the category of out of the way. You would get the trinket much faster using living world materials, else you could choose the slow route from daily login rewards but then you have to accept the fact that it will be slow.
  7. Yea, get the fastest gathering tools available (fastest animations) that were mentioned above (unbound and consoritorium) Something people forget is you can transmute your tools in the wardrobe so any infinite tool you acquire will have the fastest animation of the tool you previously unlocked. I probably have 4-5 different types but they are all transmuted to the speed tools. The rest is just getting a glyph that makes most gold per strike. Typically volatile magic or watchwork glyphs.
  8. Only one day of the month (assuming you log in every day of the month) gives 1 laurel, the others are more, sometimes much more. Laurels aren't even really needed for anything outside of grabbing some crafting recipes. Stat selectable ascended trinkets you get from living season mats way easier. Most people who have been playing for more than a few months will start having extra and just throwing them at whatever is currently the most profitable (like heavy or medium crafting bags.)
  9. Not alot of classes that are viable in raids and fractals that don't really swap (atleast in some instances) Warrior (banners) only really swaps for CC, mostly dps rotation is around using a skill or two and then pressing F1, repeat. Though its kind of high on actions per minute. Reaper is pretty simple and low action per minute and you can maintain ~20k dps in raids with low effort. It doesn't really bring anything to the group so its not always wanted though. If your looking to chill and not care about dps go alacrenade. Most groups aren't going to care if you a
  10. There is always the guys like felix in every game. They know the dev focus is on expansion so ANet is giving us small things to do that take little dev work, but thats not good enough for them. Then he says there is no reward.. but then talks about the legendary.. like back and forth much? Its not really giving out a legendary either, we don't know what all we are going to have to do or spend gold on yet.
  11. The DPS isn't the problem, a good reaper can do ok DPS. The issue is it brings nothing to the group like aegis, spirits, buffs, etc. People don't take reaper because of the DPS issue, they don't take reaper because the group gets more out of taking a different class.
  12. People generally hate on reapers for the effectiveness in pvp, but the difficulty here would be buffing it to where its a class that is desirable in pve (not selfish dps like it is now) and not making it completely broken in pvp modes. I personally haven't had an issue playing reaper (or scourge) in fractals, cms, or raids but I don't pug. Many pugs in most games tend to be meta or get out. Unfortunately its not meta in pve so you will run into those, don't take it personally other classes have gotten it as well depending on the current meta.
  13. This is literally every MMO though. There is so much to do in most games, even non-mmos that you will go to the various resources to see how to do something quicker. I don't see how this can be a complaint, its literally every game. Edit: To be clear I only use the wiki in this game for achievements sometimes to make it easier. I go to other sites for builds also. But this is something in every game, RPGs what build? go to a web site to be optimized or you end up playing a slower build. Starcraft type game? go to a web site and look up strategies else not be as good
  14. Crafting you can do without the wiki, it will just take longer. Achievements you can also do without the wiki (all those achievements were figured out and added to the wiki later) Not sure what you mean by mission trophies. Point is everything is added to the wiki after other players discover it naturally. It seems you are complaining more about time investment than needing a wiki? The game doesn't need to hold a players hand. Many players never look at the wiki and stroll right through the game.
  15. Maul does plenty of damage in pvp. Its not meant to be the single hardest hitting ability as it gives a damage buff to the next ability used after it. This is often combo'd with soul beast merge to get a big hit with Worldly Impact. Pretty common to see something like sic'em, (quickness of some sort,) rapid fire, weapon swap, maul, worldly impact. Sometimes they throw a cc in there to set it up nicely.
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