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  1. Infusions aren't part of the legendary system so if you have one you will need to move it between characters just as you would an ascended weapon. (or just get the infusion on both chars and not have to worry about it ) If you change de-slot a legendary weapon and then add a new one or reslot the weapon it does not remember your stats or equipped sigils/infusions (they go to your inventory if you dont have them in use on another template) You will have to reset it up each time, maybe in the future there will be a system to remember the last used setup of a weapon but not curre
  2. I was a mesmer main, still use it in open world, but in PvP, WvW, Raids, and Fractals it seems like there are just better options (with a few exceptions like bosses where confusion works well) Mesmer takes alot of work to put in the same damage as other classes now and often comes up short with just the way clones work and die to cleave. It is a very fun class but I have found myself on scourge or firebrand lately for anything PvE and scourge for PvP / WvW.
  3. Interesting article! As someone who works QA for a financial instution, writes automation code, and helps manage the test databases it was a super interesting read. Reminds me of incidents we've had that ended up being something silly (like a space in a production password that had always been there but a new vendor driver no longer trimmed it so devices started to "randomly" going offline when they did their checkin.)
  4. I have only done 1 private which succeeded, but it was not hard at all. Most of the people in the squad were guild mates though or friends of them. If you just open a random squad and ask for 50 people you are probably going to get plenty of those people who have no idea what to do that occasionally cause public ones to fail also. Two people per platform is easy, but only if those two people are competent. In public I see 2 people down on a platform and 1 person soloing the champ all the time, private doesn't get that luxury. Have to pick the right people. I do kind of
  5. Yea, not a hard fight at all. I have done 6 public kills now with 1 fail which was on the first day. Just needs the majority of people to understand whats going on. Its no harder than the Drakkar fight.
  6. I've won it 3 times in random public event so didn't seem to bad. (Had 1 loss in public day 1) Won it 1 time so far in a fixed squad that was organized. Marionette really comes down to each individual player having a head on their shoulders. Mechanics: Players have to actually do the mechanic of the fight (hit from behind, mines, etc) DPS: Can't be having the 1k auto attack dps players in the group else RNG hits and a few of those get put on 1 platform. By no means does this take raid dps, it can easily be done with each player doing 5k+ dps but that means they nee
  7. Been a bug forever and has been reported many times. One of the reasons I don't play mesmer in open world is the weird targeting against thing (even the new dragonstorm has this issue where phantasms wont attack the pylons)
  8. I mean PvP has been the same combination of 5-6 classes for quite a while. Every team has a guardian, every team has a necro, every team has a holo, every team has a thief. This is winning teams usually though. Sometimes thief would be replaced by a mesmer or have the 5th slot be one, but I wouldn't say Scourge is the problem. The winning team has 1 scourge while they had 2 holos, so we all cry for holo nerf? (which people have been for a while, Holo is nuts lol)
  9. No - PvE, PvP, and WvW armor are all separate. They have stated in their followup that you can indeed have each unlocked, but only 1 set of each per weight class. "Each type of equipment has its own limit, and the limit is counted separately for every unique legendary item. For example, you can unlock a Perfected Envoy light helm and an Ardent Glorious light helm as well."
  10. I mean open world content with 50 players in any MMO looks like that.
  11. To be fair anyone who is crafting WvW or PvP armor would know that they don't have unique skins. This has been that way before the armory was ever even announced, they knew what they were making. Asking for unique skins for WvW or PvP legendaries is completely different than saying the armory is screwing them over.
  12. OP is not part of the .008% population as they claim. That was in regards to someone having more than allowed for a slot (like 5 bolts where only 4 can be used.) The post by ANet clearly states that its 1 unique legendary so a perfected envoy and ardent helm is two different legendaries so each one will be available. Though since its all characters now it doesn't matter they can all where either or only one of those armor sets. "Each type of equipment has its own limit, and the limit is counted separately for every unique legendary item. For example, you can unlock a Perfecte
  13. Minimum effort? You realize its called Legendary Armory right? everything in your list but the trinket effects and footfalls has nothing to do with legendaries. Footfalls no one cares about, you equip a legendary skin you get footfalls, don't like them? Transmute it for free! Aurora, vision, coalescence effects? Nothing we can do about that yet, I imagine they will fix that in the future but probably harder since they don't have a non-effect skin like the others.
  14. Its likely just the standard trapper rune DH build with a trait tweaked or using a different ammy.
  15. Given that in PvE there are bosses where reflect is required I doubt they ever remove this mechanic. In competitive modes it allows skillful counterplay and on my ranger I never really had a problem with reflect, you just kite for a few seconds. Reflect is also funny to use on lich form necros who are spamming 1 to hard.
  16. People are so impatient. They announce a release date for the legendary armory (which is less than 2 weeks away) and people like "nooooo I want more!!." Have some patience. They already said they will give us more information closer to the release of it.
  17. If you really want them you can buy dragon coffers and gamble for them as a super rare drop. I don't see many people take pride in having sunless skins though so not sure you would want to waste your gold on that.
  18. Oh, also end game is still fashion wars or really whatever you desire it to be since the game is pretty flexible. I personally liked the lily of elon pass as it is a small town hub in the crystal desert by the main city there. All the amenities of a town in a small area for convenience. Also its kind of a free WP for doing the Pinata meta event.
  19. Game is still very active in all content. sPvP probably being the lowest of them and is also where warrior lacks alittle. Warrior is still meta for PvE content (banners as always) In PvP its just ok in average player hands. (A good player can still do great things with a warrior, but again not meta) WvW warrior can be good also, plenty of builds for it there. Just coming back to the game though you will need to get your warclaw from WvW though to move fast (its a mount, but nearby warclaws will speed you up to their speed.)
  20. I never really saw the rose quartz as something that was blocking when making Vision about a year ago. The mystic coins you need is wayyy more gold. If you get the home instance node and farm it daily while working towards visions (which takes most people a few months atleast) you will have quite a bit of the quartz. Its a legendary so its going to be quite expensive, the rose quartz is just a drop in the bucket of the price though.
  21. Hoping we get something atleast towards the end of July when they do more EOD teasing. I would be surprised if it didn't have a visual effect though.
  22. Though it might help those with minimum settings to hide these things people need to realize that playing on minimum computer requirement gives you minimum experience. Upgrade to alittle better to enjoy the game or really most other games also.
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