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  1. You're shouting into the void. Literally. Wasting your time. I know the forum is here to make you *feel* like you've got something off your chest, but that's literally the only purpose of it. To give people a place to placate themselves. It's utter wasted effort here.
  2. Right. Guess you didn't see a contradiction in what was said. It's right there.
  3. So skill can beat numbers, but cannot beat numbers where time is involved... is what you're saying?!
  4. Are you assuming this wasn't an intended state of the game? I mean... the changes have been coming, telegraphed, incremental for years now. It's not like a sudden "Oh NO?!!!! WHAT DID WE DO????!!!"
  5. It may well do. How about the arming time. Do you *need* the arbitrary arming time?
  6. The dev/"balance" team The dev/"balance" team The dev/"balance" team The dev/"balance" team The test team. All the complaints about what's wrong... it's been repeated, stated, ad nauseum -- frequently before patches/releases etc. This indicates a root issue. Testers just mentioned for courtesy of some silly simple bugs that appear to creep in without being caught prior. Must be a mythical team.
  7. A team in charge that is vaguely competent? I agree 😄 As it is, get used to it. It's a case of "make do and drink". Or play other games.
  8. It's called "Arenanet Balance Team". Okay, maybe "team" should have been the only word in quotes....
  9. Just grab your ankles, and your wallet, then open that black lion trading menu item - pay for some lovely skins and... "stuff", and then grimace while playing. On a more serious note, the balance is absolutely all over the place. Everyone knows that, so if you're facing outnumbered fights you're going to lose unless you're seriously coordinated role driven boon balling. Get used to it. They've changed WvW from "everyone has a role" to "blob-play-for-the-win-only" You can, of course, still get something out of it if you switch maps, times, and so on. But overall... ? Play if you enjoy it, log off if you're not. It's the only way.
  10. Wait, which "weapon" is going to shake up the boon meta? Seriously?
  11. New dev / balance team. Actual decent quality testing (far too many pathetically obvious bugs creep in). Better management. Say it how you see it - bad management.
  12. Yeah, you're right. I think you finally got through to me. It's my fault. I'm the one to blame here. I can change it all if I just report things again; 10 years of reporting just not pressing the button hard enough. Thank you.
  13. Have to wait and see... but past evidence gives zero confidence. It is what it is.
  14. The only reason I ever post exploits public is the vain hope that maybe, just maybe, Anet will be publicly humbled/humiliated into doing something as others join in, contribute, raise the profile, make it into *something* they can't ignore. Instead, literally the majority of the time, you find yourself under criticism by other posters. If I seem defensive, it's because this entire circumstance of being criticised is insane. It is *insane* we're defending ourselves for showing an issue. Anet - FIX. THE. DAMNED. EXPLOITS. @ anyone criticising people for posting or highlighting or anything - take a look in the damned mirror. Who's at fault. Tired of it.
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