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  1. It was a fine first step for releasing info. The hype I have is for the open Beta's that will be coming up, cause reading about new content is far less engaging to actually playing new content.
  2. One thing I’d like clarity on with the Virtuoso spec is how phantom daggers work when changing targets or your target dies. Currently clones will despawn if the target dies and will shatter on the target they were spawned to. Mirage can move clones to a new target with a skill. will daggers stay with the Mesmer and target whatever the Mesmer is targeting?
  3. Players asked for shatterless and cloneless mesmers. The music theme nonsense doesn't affect gameplay so I personally don't care about it. However, perhaps they should just call the Mesmer class Divas and get it over with.
  4. This is what players asked for, and it looks like garbage. As they said, they are breaking the rules and these elite specs will feel like different or new professions, and this doesn't appear very Mesmer. I will try it out in the beta event in 3 weeks but, I am looking for a new main already for EoD. Pistol Necro maybe......probably not tho...
  5. Really, if you want to farm keys and not do the same level 10 grind then there are several ways to get them by continuing to level the character. Primarily zone completion (30% chance) and several other story steps from Personal or LW. I figure that if you have been running level 10 key runs enough you know the game well enough to power level a character, speed run story and speed clear maps. Yes this yields less keys per time invested but will yield more keys per week, how many more depends on luck and available playtime. I made this switch as the level 10 key grin
  6. I feel some hype, in the way that I will change mains most likely with the expac and seeing 9 new elite specs to choose from. I mean, several of the new elites will offer stuff I am interested in, and I don’t expect it to be Mesmer or Elementalist. Playing the same profs for a few years gets old so yeah, hype to try something new. and, I don’t care that something will be a mess. One prof will be broken OP and another will be broken useless. But most of the new especs will offer viable play from day one. given how far out the launch is now, I could even see another round o
  7. I ran it twice earlier, and agree the 10 players per lane and 2 players per platform is a stretch for the average player. this event feels fully viable with 50 of organized and prepped for assignments. This event is not viable with 50 randoms of varying builds and skill levels. I am interested to see how many successfully completed attempts there are this week and if it was what Anet anticipated from the community.
  8. JP like CoT are in the game to validate Mesmers as a profession. Who cares if the JP is part of multiple achievements, who cares if you use a Mesmer to complete it? i completed CoT at launch with the masses and since then have gone back 3 times using a Mesmer port service each time for whatever task I needed doing. I don’t know if Anet designs content for professions that can portal in mind, but i assume they do. Use the mesmer portal, tip a couple gold, enjoy the next bit of content, save your tears for something that really matters.
  9. FSR may not do much for GW2 as the game is CPU bound not GPU bound. Given the way the DX11 info was presented, that it may not be an FPS boost for all users, makes me think that the game will still be CPU dependent. both FSR and DLSS are fine tech that really only help users pushing 4K monitors in higher quality settings. Since FSR based it’s resolution on the next lower resolution. (If you run 1440p it samples at 1080p) it may not be that strong for a 1080p user being sampled down to 720p. but I want them to try, and FSR is open source, so someone outside of Anet could dev
  10. Most of the other mmo I have played have a sub fee, folded or were pay to win. GW2 may be the cheapest game (not just mmo, but game in general) when you consider the hours of content available. I personally have paid under 100$ to own all the content released for GW2 and buy a few trinkets in the gem shop. EoD will be the first time I purchase anything for this game at full price. Combine the low cost with multiple updates and content releases every year, which many paid games don’t offer, it is super easy to drop in whenever you want, and find something new to do without
  11. I don’t get it. The weekly activities take very little time to complete, what else is involved with making this? Isn’t all that AP and loot worth it alone for doing the weekly content, and the bonus is you get a legendary amulet at the end, seems far to easy to suggest it isn’t worth the effort. but perhaps I am missing something obvious like needing a Gift of Battle or the like?
  12. I returned to the game about a year ago after several years away. I tried jumping right into my old main but, it was a mess. What worked out for me was starting the game at level 1 with a new character and profession and working my way back into the game mechanics, loot and such. After hitting 80 and being mostly acquainted with the game again I then tackled the mess of inventory across my bank and other alts over the course of a weekend. I found this much easier since I was familiar again with a lot of the game.
  13. I tend to think it is that expensive to ensure only players who want to lead groups have access to it. My experience with leading squads as the Comm has been very good. Whenever I have want to do a meta, bounty, train whatever, I can start the group, and people will show up to do it via LFG. All the Comm really is doing is providing a beacon for other players to gather around. It has been very rare that I have wanted/needed to complete an event, and not had enough people join. That is the power of the Comm tag and why it is a worthy investment in my mind.
  14. Pretty disappointed to see this is a bug or poorly implemented design. I am 2/10 after 8 runs. I have hit the crystal 5 or 6 times from those 8 runs. I will try camping the crystal but, man, what utter garbage. 2/10 for you ANET, do better.
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