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  1. I do not have any idea how you have drawn this conclusion based upon my posts in this thread.
  2. I'll let Obtena speak for themselves, but it disheartens me to see Meta used with the definition "Most Efficient Tactics Available". If that were the case, as I said in my prior long post, then no matter how much balance is given, there will always only be 3-4 builds that are used. Typically we would look at over-powerful compositions and call them Meta breaking. Think 10 Chrono Raids for a minute. This became Meta-Breaking since it only required one profession and excluded everything else. It was also more capable of completing content than traditional Raid comps. Anet 'fixed' t
  3. Thank you! The Wiki hasn't been updated since this was added to link the skin into this page: Warclaw - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) or this one Gallery of Warclaw skins - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)
  4. I was talking about this last night, as my friend wants the Striped Grimalkin mount for Warclaw, and we were like "It's year of the Tiger tomorrow, like, there has to be a Tiger mount and it has to be a Warclaw skin right?". Edit: I had thought there was a Dog skin for the Warclaw, looking like a Bulldog or something? I looked through the Wiki and cannot find any skin that looks like it though. Makes me wonder what I have seen people riding in WvW, something that looks a lot like the Hound of Balthazar.
  5. What does your signature mean about crushing meta think? And what do you mean by a build being meta is exceptional, not standard?
  6. The new White Tiger weapon skins are amazing. Rarely do I look at a weapon set and see more than 1 or 2 I like. The whole set is really beautifully done, highlighted by the Focus and Staff skins. The White Tiger mount is also very well done, like the weapon skins, super crisp and detailed well. Even the Tiger Hat skin for the achievement is incredibly well crafted. 10/10 to Art and Design team people who oversaw the creation of these. I want them all and that has never happened before with this type of release.
  7. I was really hoping to see it updated, especially after seeing the White Tiger mount, which I would assume would end up in the Chest as other mounts have at release previously.
  8. Having played other games with maintained Meta environments, most specifically Magic: The Gathering, the way the community refers to Meta in GW2 has always seemed reductionist. The Meta for Fractals is any combination of Professions/Builds/Equipment that can successfully complete the content. The Meta is not what players gravitate towards playing (aka the popular picks) Yes, there are a handful of specific builds that are incredibly popular for some good reasons, but they are not The Meta, they are just a part of it. The failing is twofold. The Meta is so complex that
  9. We have had these in recent years; "Rush Weeks" Bonus Events - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) I can't think of a reason why what you are suggesting is better than these Rush Weeks. If you go back in time, to another game (which may soon be far, far away), Daily and Weekly rewards were created and shaped over time as a way to limit player time in game. People felt compelled to keep playing as long as there was a reward given. By giving capped rewards, players could log in, do the thing, and leave knowing they weren't leaving anything on the table. By adding another way to attain
  10. We are talking about EoD and expansions, not LW Series. However, IBS was generally received well until Champions when the company chose to shift focus. Champions was an absolute mess when considering player expectations, because it didn't add new maps and the story was fairly condensed, and the AP and Mastery felt deliberately grindy to keep players there. Even if you don't care to recognize the issues that Anet were having with restructuring their team during 2020/2021 and shifting focus to a new expansion, you can at least recognize that they stayed and tried to put out new conten
  11. Maybe, and I really don't expect to speak for everyone, but maybe people want to play the new content in EoD, the stories, explore the zones, y'know, the actual content. Maybe they want to play it and then judge it. Maybe they are tired of people judging a book by it's cover and making half baked claims that have no merit simply to make a post and get a reaction.
  12. How do you qualify this statement? Is there a place I can see active GW2 players over time in a reliable metric? I do not agree with this statement or how you have come to this conclusion. Level 80 boosters do work for some players, but not all. Suggesting that the players they do work for are 'bad players' is also as silly as suggesting that those who level to 80 naturally are 'good players'. I agree that we do see a number of players boost to 80 and get stuck, confused, frustrated and quit, but you also see that with players who try to level naturally but never get to level 8
  13. The rest of the content……? What?? Just completely writing off the story content, new zones, events/metas, gear/skins, etc. are you just taking for granted the actual core of what an expansion offers? Like, if the expansion was just turtles and fishing, then sure, that might be a hard sell. But it isn’t, that is just part of ‘extras’ that go along with, the actual content.
  14. Engineer will have the more interesting eSpec in EoD with Mechanist over Ranger Untamed. Also Engineer, while fairly quirky, has a broader appeal in different game modes and uses various builds/eSpecs where Ranger is Soulbeast or bust as Druid is mostly raiding focused I believe. If you want straight forward combat mechanics, Ranger may be preferred for you however. Soulbeast is incredibly good in a lot of situations.
  15. Interesting observations. 1 - XP Per level of Mastery in IBS is inline with PoF Mastery, which are far lower than Core or HoT XP requirements. 2 - IBS Mastery has the least excess of Mastery points available when considering the 4 Mastery groups (Core, HoT, PoF, IBS). While IBS requires 63 Mastery, there are only 76 MP available. The next closest is Core with 49 required and 83 available or PoF with 110 required and 130 available. 3 - IBS has several Mastery tied to Strikes, which one could argue, was a deliberate move to try and engage players in going to Strikes. 4 - IB
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