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  1. I've seen tainted bolts pass through most shields in other game modes, so I'm pretty sure they're not projectiles. Regardless, it's something to look at and, based on their design, make them work consistently across all game modes and skills. It's pretty clear that they rushed the new specializations and there are still many bugs and other things to fix.
  2. Intended. They are not projectiles like the Bolts from Mesmer's scepter or orbs from its Staff, guardian scepter orbs, etc. In that case then the bug must be in the Magnetic Aura. Report it in the bug section and in game support option. I have not tested it but i'll do and report it if it's bugged for me. There are a lot of things to fix, i have found several bugs that affect the harbinger and the necromancer, also overlooked grand master traits for the new specialization. I already reported all them. As we have a big balance upcoming, with luck, they'll fix them for the next b
  3. Hello. Yes, another bug. 😞 When i'm in Necromancer's Shroud, core and any other specialization. I can not interact with farm nodes, i can't Mine, Chop and Gather the nodes, saplings, ores, herbs, etc. But the pop-up message is available. Although nothing happens when i try to do it. So clicking in the messsage or using the "F" key or the one you key-binded it doesn't work. So there is a bug, you should be able to do it and interact with the nodes or the message should not appear. But, for example, i can interact while in Shroud with items from events, so i can grab the Kodan's
  4. So instead of sacrificing yourself for the good of the profession and giving his minions an easy snack... you showed him that mesmers can run in god mode like chickenados and leave the combat alive. Well... at least we now have someone to blame if weird nerfs come next week and next month... ☠️ (From the leak with "// Hidden dev notes.") Game Updates Notes preview: In progress... Mesmer: Mass Invisivility: Number of players affected reduced to 5. Duration reduced to 3s Distortion (F4) removed from the game and "Temporal Shield" takes it place. Temp
  5. Mirror Blade used to create the clone upon hitting the target and then bounce on the created clone. With the maximum damage against a single target It enabled you to burst a single target from max distance, a great opener. Now is crap against a single foe if the blade/greatsword can't bounce. It makes no sense that it can burst at range against two foes by bouncing between them, but not against a single one even if it's clone is present. Report it and good luck... If the change was done due to the Virtuoso, you could end with a worse skill than before.
  6. Transfusion trait already has exceptions for other specializations and core to make it valuable as a Grandmaster. For the Harbinger, Transfusion actually does not have enough value to choose it. So apply heal or add other exception to make it valuable is needed. Unholy Sanctuary does not work fine, the trait itself let you get downed in the first tick of blight after enter in your Shroud because it activates your Shroud with 1hp of health so unless you are in a low level map where the 2% healing saves your kitten you are instantly downed in the first tick. In theory the Blight reduce 1.5%
  7. Please update Transfusion Grandmaster trait with an exception that make it valuable for the Harbinger. It's another overlooked Grandmaster trait. Transfusion: (Grandmaster of Blood Magic) https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Transfusion This trait has exceptions for core necromancer and it's specializations to make it valuable for all them... right? Less for the Harbinger, OF COURSE, another overlooked and useless grandmaster for the Harbinger, like Dread and Unholy Sanctuary. As the Harbinger does not have life force as a second health bar, this trait should he
  8. Ok here we go again. I'm adding this one here to make the team notice it. The trait works but it has a lot less value than for the core necromancer and other other specializations. Transfusion: (Grandmaster of Blood Magic) https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Transfusion This trait has exceptions for core necromancer and it's specializations to make it valuable for all them... right? Less for the Harbinger, OF COURSE, another overlooked and useless grandmaster for the Harbinger, like Dread and Unholy Sanctuary. As the Harbinger does not have life force as a seco
  9. I have tested it and is working for me. All them. Anyways it's another overlooked trait and i'm going to report it. Transfusion has exceptions for each specialization of the necromancer and the core itself to make it valuable. For the Scourge, as it does not life force as a health bar, the Tranfusion trait also heals the necromancer/Scource too. And for the Harbinger what? Nothing, they overlooked it completely like they did with the Unholy Sanctuary and Dread grandmaster traits. Or maybe they did not want to do a sh*t with them. 😡 I'm getting worried to watch the amount of grandmaste
  10. By casuality, testing builds i have discovered that Jagged Horrors created by Death Nova grandmaster trait don't trigger gain life force from their deaths. Your other minions do it when they die or when you sacrifice or explode them on purpose. They should contribute to gain life force too. In more or less quantity but they should trigger it. I opened a topic with some bugs here: We'll see if we're lucky and they fix any of them... or not.
  11. Hello again. @Fire Attunement.9835 Another day, another bugs. Well, adding to the above ones: Superior Rune of Sanctuary does not work with Parasitic Contagion trait, the Grandmaster from Curses, at least in PvP, but probably everywhere. Jagged Horrors created by the Grand Master trait Death Nova from Death Magic don't increase your life force whey they die. You should gain life force from nearby deaths, right? Like when you explode or sacrifice your minions and when your other type of minions die. Maybe a lower quantity than others or the same, but they should trigger
  12. I would prefer no new specializations for the current professions. Instead of that, create new weapons for core professions so we have new ones ready for the future. Also add one or two new professions with their own three specializations to mach the current ones. And experiment new design concepts in the new ones. That should be a good claim to attract new players. They have years ahead of them, so time shouldn't be an issue this time.
  13. Implacable Foe ( Harbinger Master, Major): It should apply 3 stacks of stability in PVE. It only apply a single one... like if someone did a copy and paste of the PvP version for the PVE code without update the number of the stacks applied. Unholy Sanctuary (Death Magic, Grandmaster, Major): Useless for the Harbinger. Harbinger Shroud is not a secondary health pool, Harbinger also does not have barriers like the Scourge when you enter in Shroud so when you enter in Harbinger Shroud you only have 1 point of health. lol A single condition applied to you as a test purpos
  14. Hello. @Fire Attunement.9835, @Rubi Bayer.8493 After reading the great news about the future of GW2. In it there is a section dedicated to updating professions and balancing. Explicitly mentioning that: "In addition to the number tweaks that you're used to seeing, the team will be revisiting some underpowered and underused weapon skills, traits, or utilities for each profession in each profession update to help expand your arsenal." Consequently, players have already created topics about what to change or improve... But without any basis other than each player's own desire or id
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