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  1. You're getting yourself lost with semantics. Core features are selling points. Someone said they were a core part of the game. Which they are by all not. And no, an article hosted on their own website with three shares, marketing were not involved in this, or else they wouldn't have jobs right about now. However a huge Amazon banner with the siege turtle, or this Carl's Jr. merchandise collaboration, are marketing. Which feature what? The Siege turtle. At no point have strike missions been promoted as such, they're not a core feature, and calling them such is disinge
  2. Link me a single Facebook post, Instagram post, or web banner that reference strike missions as a key selling point of the expansion. Please, enlighten me. I'm ready to be wrong here. What's your point? That how the game was advertised and how the advertised content is acquired is entirely dishonest? Because we'd agree in this case..
  3. Siege turtles were used in every piece of marketing. The fact that they made their acquisition not an organic part of the story progression is a crap move and we all know it. Wake up. It's bad business practice, because it erodes trust.
  4. I've reached Dragon's End, and not one single time were strike missions even referred to in the slightest throughout the story, even in the way that they were introduced during the Icebrood Saga (which I quite like, as I happen to like Strike Missions). But don't go telling people they're a core component. Because they really aren't. EDIT: For context, this is like saying that sPvP is a core part of the expansion. There's actually no difference in saying this. Strike Missions should have been introduced organically, but they weren't.
  5. I wonder what would happen if ArenaNet invested in UX Designers? Because I guarantee you that if they did, they wouldn't have this mess of an event make it to release. EDIT: I don't know why you'd be confused at this statement, I can only attribute it to you being literally confused.
  6. How'd you manage to take a charge from the previous room? Isn't there a green-holo-wall stopping the bot from exiting the room you're in? And if you did take one, then you'd get a "the bot is too far away, the energy was refunded" message or something when the door closed from the removing the outer charge, right? It's likely a bug if not. In which case that sucks!
  7. Marjory embraced Reaper pretty well. But even Kasmeer knows better than to waste time on Virt.
  8. I'd be more inclined to find you in-game and make jokes like this now /s I'm being facetious. 🤡
  9. None of this changes the facts. There were no Kurzicks around to build any more. Building one would be the equivalent of vandalising a heritage listed site. You don't see them building an Apple store in the Sistine Chapel (BUT THEY MIGHT, I don't wanna give the any ideas!)
  10. There's an NPC next to this part of the challenge that sells every weapon type for next to nothing specifically for this purpose. Pretty good move by A-net!
  11. Obvuscate has it correct. Kormir wasn't a god at the time that these were constructed. Chronologically, Guild Wars: Factions look place before Guild Wars: Nightfall. And these buildings predate even the events of Guild Wars: Prophecies by potentially hundreds of years. But also long, long after Abaddon was stricken from the annals of history.
  12. Probably the same reason that character skin isn't dimmed properly in shadow - it's just not programmed the ~best~
  13. So you've taken the big background lore arc, involving the fight against Reiko & the Ministry of Purity's attempt to ethnically cleanse all of Cantha. And you've managed to include zero Luxon or Kurzick armor sets or in the game. "Yay, we stopped the Minister of Purity from homogenizing everything! As a result, we have now homogenized everything! 🤡" Yeah this is a fashion post whatever.
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