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  1. Personally, I don’t view this as a negative development, to be fair. It’s not a big deal to engage with others, share knowledge, and foster connections—these are fundamental aspects that contribute to the appeal of mmos, not selling raids. If this change encourages individuals who are hesitant to share their API keys and biometrics with their raid leaders to participate more actively in the content they’ve paid for, then I’m fully on board. However, I understand your perspective. Perhaps you believe that people should form guilds to maintain social connections, and a matchmaking system could potentially diminish the social aspect. Personally, my experiences with guilds since the game’s release haven’t been entirely positive. Maybe except us servers.
  2. it's not your problem to solve how this could be done. if majority of the customers demand it, your opinion about the absolute correct way to build raiding groups don't matter.
  3. Raiding in gw2 is like real estate agencies in the UK. It's all unnecessary paperwork. I support the idea.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if they give warrs autoattack throw staff like rev hammer 1. with next exp. that'd look hilarious 😄
  5. Personally, I don't remember a single scenario I got kicked out of any end game pve stuff just because I was a warrior, however I kept my builds meta and didn't go experimental with that. Unless you got a solid group of friends, yeah you can heal-boon raids if you like. But I don't believe that'll ever happen in public groups.
  6. I was ready to write a spellbreaker rework here, but I agree with what Grand Marshal.4098 said. They'll just tweak some numbers and call it a day. As much I hate how zenimax online monetizes their game but at least they are not too shy or lazy to do drastic changes to their combat from numbers to animations and functions. They only changed their dragonknight's pull 4 times in 5 years. added functions like "failed to pull, then pulls yourself to the target" kind of things. While this old topic is around since 2012 and nothing happened. I'll give them some credit.
  7. So whoever beats guitar hero can also beat oddworld. Yeah right.
  8. Visuals, versatility, builds with different difficulty to play, truly non generic skills... Go with Rev. Say goodbye to your racial skills and that ghost wolf though 😄 I know you don't care about the fun factor, there are some Warrior moments I'd like to mention anyway: That moment when... You see your fellow ow people struggle with 20 mobs jumped on them, you hit your dragon trigger and BFG9000 everything on your path. You jump into an ongoing fractal fight, party members just went downed state, and you place your battle standard, and boom instantly boys go back on their feet, you quietly say "you scrubs", and you spam shouting skills like a drill commander, for heals. You one shot CC bar with your harpoon gun 5. mace f1 and 5. You encounter a cocky guy who can't shut up about how bad warrior is and you beat him silly in a dps race, right before linking your exotic gear.
  9. I love underwater content, but an expansion fully based on it, I'm not sure about that. I think it'd be cool to utilize over the water first. How about naval battles pvp or pve? Maybe cross map meta events requires you and your group to physically take a trip with a massive ship between two maps, I see myself enjoying it. I was sold to the pirate theme gw2 had when it was first launched, wouldn't mind going back to it. Please don't tell me to play that broken game Archeage, I can't be asked.
  10. No way you can avoid it if you're bad like me at JPs. Bell choir is more or less the same annoyance as jp but you only need to nail it once. So yeah, working on every day to make a perfect once. Same time wasting thing. However there's no mechanic I can blame for the bell choir event, it's just rock band like classical game thing. This one's on me.
  11. I can't complete Wintersday traditions achievement because of that. Gotta do the jumping puzzle 5 times. It was fun for the first time. But I can't really spend that much time to finish it because I'm not very good jumper, always found gw2's physics wonky. Making the entire achievement and the whole festival pointless for me. Anet you know it's a money sink, you know it's a grind, and you know the core idea of GW2 was respecting the player's time, I feel like you're trying to rob my time at this point.
  12. Versatility, Lore, Cool factor. (And to me condi herald in pvp is secretly one of the weirdest experience ever and I have a leggy gs, looks and plays fantastic on Vindicator)
  13. Still an atrocious idea. That banner (hopefully) will never be carried on your back.
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