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  1. You have to kind of assume the fact the only people who might benefit from the armory are already going to have a decent amount of ascended gear crafted. IF the armory was something that came out day 1 you could say the value of them was decent in a very very long run... but it’s pretty anecdotal. It’s definitely nice you can essentially avoid swapping all your crap around if you did so, but I’ve crafted/bought ascended gear for most characters. And it’s not like I can complain because they were worth it for years. Hindsight is always 20/20 but would I have really waited til 2021 t
  2. The info floating around reddit and other such sites is all theories. The screenshots aren’t official Anet screens. They haven’t released any info as far as I’ve seen that talks about the armory in any capacity except for saving on shared inventory slots essentially. I think they were planning on something prior to July in terms of showcasing the armory, but it wasn’t until later. I will say however, if it’s akin to some of the things I’ve seen on reddit it seems entirely convoluted and like a waste of time on Anet’s part. From a coding standpoint it doesn’t make much sense as far
  3. You really don’t know what context is do you? I’ll let you in on a secret. Players go for shiny, much of them, life yourself, somehow see a plethora of intrinsic “value” when looking at the armory. There isn’t any. Not really, none that’s game changing in any sense. For those players that have no leggos it literally does nothing at all, for those that do... they avoid load screens. Its hardly something you can even give Anet a pat on the back for doing. It’s something that should have probably been in the game at launch give their propensity for making sooo much of the game accoun
  4. You’re entire stance literally is load screens bad. Sure. That’s the only “value” the armory adds. It’s nothing exciting enough nor actually has any effect on a huge amount of the player base. It’s not like any “issues” centered around legendary gear change other than not needing to swap them out. The reason anet is so adamant about it being “free” is because they know this doesn’t really change anything. Think about it... if a player has a full set of legendary gear, they’re already moving that gear around. They probably aren’t crafting ascended gear for that armor type. Unless t
  5. How is it that hard to grasp? Crafting armor and weapons gives no more value other than now being able to use them on multiple builds or characters without having to swap either stats or runes. Its THAT simple. Sure you can have multiple sets of them now without needing to craft them to do so, so it takes away from the gimmick of saving runes or sigils since you’ll just make a new template... if anything you might need to buy more runes and sigils for “new” sets. Unless you’ve made legendary ones, which again you could have swapped between characters so again... no more load scree
  6. I think it was more of a spitball... and or factoring in using one’s own mats and the vendor cost of crafting materials for ecto refinement. OR maybe using fractals to buy them? Which is fairly cheap and you’ll make that gold farming t4’s and recs anyway.
  7. Then tell me how it does? Saves you from a few load screens? You’re not factoring in the most blatantly obvious fact that players are only getting “value” of not needing to craft ascended armor for pieces they already have a legendary in. That’s it. If anything the armory takes away from part of the fundamental QoL since you won’t need to worry about runes and sigils nearly as much when swapping to another build or character, you’ll just make a load out. The only thing the armory promises is less load screens. Let’s all cheer for that I guess?
  8. First take anything a dev tells you that does x for a game with a giant grain of salt... of course they’re going to say anything they’re doing is going to have intrinsic value for the player... it’s called marketing. Secondly the only value the armory is bringing, in their own words too, is a player will no longer need to use shared inventory slots or the bank to swap leggos around. I’m assuming that you’ll be able to use the armory to equip two Quips after having only crafted one. Logic dictates that the armory will use your collections in some form and allow you to equip a load
  9. I agree... mostly. I do think this is going to push most players to legendary crafting. Which is fine. I think the more people willing to step foot into raids or wvw in this game is a plus. But it’s entirely OPTIONAL. As you said ascended gear is much more accessible than the legendary alternative, sure it’s not “flashy” but they are virtually the same. I honestly think the armory should have been a thing from the start. I’d agree that the grind to have all light, medium and heavy armor, every weapon, every trinket and runes and sigils is insane and something only a small portion o
  10. How does it increase the value? If anything over time it decreases monetary values. No longer would someone need to craft 2 swords, 2 pistols, 2 axes, 2 daggers... the only “value” being increased is quality of life and less load screens needing to swap leggos around. Unless scarcity of certain items increases, the armory itself adds no quantifiable value to a legendary. Sure, we have seen price gouging increase since the announcement of the armory, but that’s purely due to people who understand basic laws of supply and demand. The demand for coins has gone up for now... but withi
  11. How have leggo weapons been pointless for 9 years? First off aesthetics, they’ve always been long term goals for that alone. Secondly stat swapping, sigil changing, swapping them between characters was easy enough... it’s not like they weren’t useful... it’s just “easier” now. We we still don’t know how the armory is going to work. All we know is it’s “free” and we won’t have to use the bank/shared inventory anymore. If anything... we’re going to use the same leggo less now, depending on how the armory will work. Where as before you would have saved 1 leggo across at least 4 diff
  12. Meh, the brandstone isn’t too hard. Do the metas and hearts each day on any 80’s you have. Do the 25nodes per day it’s pretty quick. But yeah bloods are fairly easy to come by or yes purchased on TP. I mostly try to keep mats on hand.
  13. The jewels aren’t too expensive but pretty easy to get if you’re already grinding the brandstone. The metas give a decent amount. If you’re fortunate enough to play with someone else with no need of them that helps too. I had the jewels before all the brandstone I believe. And yeah as as far as the build goes itself there’s very little variance due to the nature of only having 5 skills per legend. The only difference as far as traits goes is when to use Swift Termination over Dance of Death. I have dance of death to be better for raids and higher dmg when some sites a
  14. I mean by that logic snowcrows is mostly info on raids/raid builds. The point being theres a ton of info available
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