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  1. Would be nice if the editors would care more about their playerbase than their sense of grammar. But checks out with the general neglect for the actual players of the game I guess.
  2. what, that they add a hypen between "Off" and "line" but dont see the neccesity to slaugher "Online" in similar fashion? Please riddle me this.
  3. Weird, when the last fighting guild left gandara you were celebrating, now your whole server is just crying on the forums. Justice: Served. Regards from the toxic elitists
  4. yesyesidk, balancing issue and prone to happenyes, or with golems in campyes
  5. remove t5. garbage ass dead servers at all times but prime
  6. when the servers start to lag it’s no longer a matter of skill who wins the fight. It’s a battle which side gets more skills through, which is more often than not the side with bigger numbers. Lag eliminates any sort of well-timed counterplay and turns the mode into a onepush fiesta
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