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  1. Yeah PoF maps are near unplayable for me for the past couple weeks, especially Desolation.
  2. It happens everywhere, even in open world pve and story instances, but happens more frequently in player crowded places. Super mega clunky.
  3. Everyone and their mom have copied Blizzard ideas for years, especially from WoW all these dailies/weeklies, soulbound items and lots lots more all started with WoW.
  4. its so mega buggy on my revenant in combat automatically templates get changed and diff legend skills get mixed like half skills are shiro, half are jalis skills while sitting in only jalis legend just completely randomly stuff changes absolutely chaotic. Also my underwater rev changes and skill order etc always resets to some default too, in other words its so buggy i don't even have words for it.
  5. If channels Balthazar then obviously burn hybrid, if some Jora or such norn legends, then power and possibly some support. So it all boils down which legend it will be tied to, ofc anet can just pull some completely new legendary being out of nowhere and do whatever they want and they pretty much will ruin it completely by trying to do something different than normally games do with greatswords/hammers.
  6. Yeah mirage is like better now in many ways. Also chrono wells still don't work underwater lol. Even chaotic interruption is like directly designed for sword ambush mirage.
  7. there have been games already out there, which sell classes via cash shops, for example RIFT. I don't really like it. The entire point i even bought GW2 was cuz of this buy expansion and get content for free till next expansion. Ill quit the moment GW2 goes fully "content via cash shop" way
  8. my reaper rune- shout- chill- bleed- greatsword reaper insta gets max 30 stacks and maintains them at 30 through the entire fight. Using Spite line so the vulnerability stacks when chill quickly builds up stacks. Having perma prot and 300 power+600 tougness is amazing+ condi damage reduction.
  9. The greatsword AA evade was what made my quickness ranger work with the sword trait, but now with it gone, ranger is dead to me literally.
  10. The only VB meta achieve i have left is the double boss one high in the sky and nobody ever does them, even in a meta map with several commanders it gets completely ignored, even if asked in map chat to ask help with it, like tops i ever gotten is like 2 other players who also need that achieve, but we never manage it. Even being part of some big active guilds, they always just fractal/raid or dungeons instead of coming to help meta achieves and such.
  11. just make a new thief go pvp lobby go dual dagger with daredevil acrobatics+random tree and alternate death blossom and lotus training, with a little training of near perfect chaining you basically are immortal, thou even with full condi build you wont deal that much damage, but thats irrelevant for this dicussion.
  12. Why make actual legendary mounts, if you can buy legendary mount skins with gems, thats like killing off one of their main income.
  13. for me it works like 30% of the time overall, in big massive open wields with not even a tiny pebble it works like 80% of the time and this is all after the latest " we fixed this skill" patch, which it actually made even worse than before. Don't know which is worse: Balance team or the coders who code said balance. I think they really just want us to not play non-shroud reaper at all, feel like a reaper elite tradeoff soon will be "Non-shroud weapon skills are disabled"
  14. the damage is too low for something you need 3 seconds to arm, especially in PvE . Again designed for pvp, ignored for PvE.
  15. you loosing your normal dodge is a drawback. If they add even more drawbacks then might aswell rework entire elite spec system from ground up for all classes.
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