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  1. I've seen this (and personally) reported a number of times on this forum since EoD released. Don't think it's on ArenaNet's radar at all.
  2. Can probably be merged with EU Storms of Winter meta bugged since EoD release Can probably be merged with Storm Meta Bug I don't think anyone is aware of this, as it's been 2 weeks now and it's not on the Known Issues list.
  3. Can probably merge with EU Storms of Winter meta bugged since EoD release
  4. I have not seen this mentioned yet, but it seems that the EU Bjora Marches meta Storms of Winter is bugged since the EoD release. The meta completes with "clear skies" even before the Legendary Icebrood Construct is destroyed meaning it does not properly progress achievements like Whisper in the Dark: Raven's Favor or Return to Whisper in the Dark: Revenge of the Icebrood Construct .
  5. Anecdotal evidence only for reference: my support ticket took 14 days from getting the automated response to an actual 1st response (and resolution). Happy with the outcome, but not the long wait, but since it was non-essential it doesn't bother me too much.
  6. I submitted a ticket on Monday (or thought I did) yet can't see it in the tracker. So I submitted it again today and still can't see anything in the tracker. Is this normal, and have I just delayed support for my issue by submitting a ticket for the same issue again?
  7. Yeah sorry, it's been a while (4 years I think) since I was last active. I forgot what the official term was for that program ANet rolled out back then, but you and a few others were community (social) server leaders of sorts. I remember a big pink Norn (wanna say something-something-hobo-something) and you specifically.
  8. You still a server leader for Aurora Glade MQM? Still organising parties in LA?
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