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  1. this class dont die! please do something! lich is OP, skills is OP
  2. good afternoon! I ran into a problem where I cannot wait for the beginning of the event chain. the beginning of the event vilage of scalecatch waypoint, but when the NPC group reaches sentinel whiptale the event, it stops !! I've been trying to reach the end of this chain of quests for 2 days in order to kill the boss for a quest for 4 tier of legendary weapons! and nothing! do something!
  3. Hello, friends! After several years of absence from guild wars 2, I decided to continue the game and create a legendary backpack, but I had a problem with Tapestry of Sacrifice, Monument of Legends and Hymn of Glory, since these items can be obtained only after completing the achievements of Part II, Part III and Part IV. is there any way to get them now?
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