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  1. What's up with that tiny capes on asura? For example, Abyss Stalker Cape looks good and decent on human. On asura you have a tiny piece of cloak which looks like a sock attached to your back. Most of the capes have this issue.
  2. * Guild Bank item search. * Allow us to add items to stacks in guild bank without the need of taking the item to merge stack in your bag and putting it back into guild bank
  3. I'd love to see the following: Ability to hide squad member nameplates. All that nameplates overclutter the screen and discourage joining any squad. Per-character keybinds. I play different professions and they have different rotation flow. I usually follow some semantics when binding keys, like healing skill on Shift+E, offensive skill on Shift-F, defensive skill on Shift-G, etc., and that would make playing them much more enjoyable. For the love of god reduce cooldown time on Rechargable Teleport To Friend. One hour cooldown is too much, but having to stay online all
  4. Try entering any instanced map like home instance. Maybe it will reappear fully functional.
  5. Selecting one of those 3 offere gloves should enable a button.
  6. FFS why such obvious thing is not implemented in half-year long timegated content?
  7. I think it is somethig pretty hard to debug. My volatile sickle works and gives 3+ volatile magics on every harvest. So it's not a chance thing. The magic drop is guaranteed.
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