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  1. I think this is actually a nice idea to have some timer there. The rotation is already hard as it is so having bit more info on how much time you have left would be welcome in busy encounters Also - continuum split is like the only unique profession skill in chrono so it would give it some more flavour (I know other shatters are altered a bit as well but they kind of mirror their core counterparts).
  2. I don’t really agree - it seems like GW2 is conforming with the current trends in the market. During GW1 times they struck a perfect balance between typical fantasy and some modern bits. Here we have an overload of bizarre skins because they learned the more the better. And I think it is present in most of the modern games. In the past we used to have Tolkien-esque games with wonderful stories and lore and nowadays, well we have crazy skins and characters behaving like they are taken fresh from the 21st century.
  3. I think there is nothing wrong with holiday fashion. For strange mounts and other examples I agree. The thing is, it is far too late to complain about it all. People seem to like it and buy such skins on gemstore very often. And as long as they buy, Anet is happy.
  4. This huge ocean between Elona and Cantha makes me think it would be cool if there were 100% underwater map areas in there. They would be kind of a pathway to cantha. The expansion logo suggests it is very water-oriented - maybe the sea journey to cantha will be a major part of the introduction to the story?
  5. That’s pretty disappointing to see thief being so locked in few options only. But I guess I’ll need to run the meta ehh. Thanks for response
  6. Thank you for the list of priorities it is useful to pay attention to. I have recorded some of my matches and indeed some of the above points sometimes are not being considered in the match. It’s like spatial awareness is really something that takes a muscle, but I think it will be fun to push it.
  7. Core support guardian is just about support and there is no problem with that. Of course it’s healing abilities are better than scourge but barrier is so op I think that they are not that far apart
  8. Sword is my favourite weapon on thief I just like the way it feels on the class. I have decided to give some love to my alt thief and learn the current gameplay for the class (I haven’t touched it since like 2013). I can see there are no meta builds with swords, only one build for WvW floating around somewhere maybe. Is the weapon useless at the moment? Is it that staff just replaced it? Does anybody know any fun build which uses sword and is viable? Thanks a lot!
  9. I think making Eles more tanky would kill the purpose of the class gameplay. They have twice as many weapon skills available for a reason, plus unlike Mesmer Ele has access to some barrier and water/earth skills serving some additional sustain. Not sure what could be buffed, maybe staff/scepter to make ranged dps as effective as melee?
  10. I think creating Asura just to see the weapon is a poor choice. Their gear is so small it is barely noticeable even if it is legendary imho. I mean yes you can see it if you look specifically at the character, but in comparison to other races it is just minimal I think warrior is not in a good place now in pvp. Only spell breaker is being used kind of as a due list, but as mentioned above many classes, as Condi Mesmer can outplay them with ease
  11. I think Joko has some dimensions to him unlike Aurene which is as bland and generic as practically possible. I think the whole Aurene story line is a nod towards a more family-friendly part of the audience. It may appear good for business, but at the end it is just cheesy and I think it backfires, as this kind of players are most of the time only casual and leave the game once they are bored unlike the endgame community
  12. I’m kind of worried how the EoD will be able to face the huge mmo releases later this year, but we can only hope they will do their best.
  13. I’m not here for the clones really. I’d prefer the focus to be to make elementalist more diverse in its own field. I think adding sword for ele was already heavily inspired by Mesmer
  14. I think it would completely remove what’s left of the class identities out there. Every light armor has Mesmer mask, you can put heavy armor skins on any profession etc etc. why destroy the world immersive potential even more? Does for instance pink necro spells really make sense or fire-red water skill by ele?
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