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  1. Just from what I know but it may not be all accurate (taken as an average of all game modes) S: Guardian Necromancer A: Ranger Engineer Revenant B: Thief Elementalist Mesmer C : Warrior
  2. It is a nice vision you have , I just noted I hope the worst scenario does not happen. And if other broken builds happened then this might as well in worst case
  3. I like the spec concept and I’m most excited for it out all specs released so far. I just hope this does not happen in PvP: D/P Specter granting itself permanent stealth and bleeding opponents whilst maintaining full health due to perma barrier 😆
  4. I think this problem is a direct consequence of the game over investing in gemstore and underinvesting in the endgame. casual players are being taught that focusing on shinies and doing kind of nothing is the goal of the game. Of course they will defend virtuoso in such context because yes - it is pretty and shinny there is no denying that. They will never find it is basically a downstate spec because they just don’t play the content. Meanwhile it is close to impossible to find a casual training raid group without a guild. So you either do high tier endgame content requir
  5. There’s also 1 button to another health bar in necro for instance
  6. This is just a skin it is completely irrelevant. This game faces much more pressing issues like enhancing the endgame.
  7. Of course pets are OP but they are here to stay. In ideal world I would prefer them to go into downstate along with ranger. Having them attack and chase you after you win a duel and potentially killing you at the end is broken. Especially because when they down you, you are basically defenceless - they turbo Rez the ranger and you’re gone. it is very unfair and very unfun in my opinion. Yes the pet AI is bad but the above functionality is just too strong
  8. My gosh indeed stealth reaper would be a beast. Even steath berserker would be strong - decapitate from stealth would hurt
  9. I still do not really see a similrity, because as you shown many of these illusion skills in GW1 had punish mechanic, virtuoso has none. I do agree some GW2-only players might overvalue clones, but with the current state of virtuoso they are strictly superior in any regard possible. I do wish they made a solid clone less spec all about control and not so much about dps but well, I guess they don’t really know the lore f their own game given the new Anet team works on it
  10. Thats sort of the point of elite specs? Seeing how catalyst turned out I think it would be cute to limit attunements to 2 and make the jade sphere grant additional 5 skill for each of the two chosen elements. That would be unique and it would bring GW1 Ele back just a bit.
  11. I generally like to play against power builds because they require a bit of skill to pull of . The only exception would be core ranger or any ranger in general - I think their pet saving the day or chasing you once you kill them is just so annoying. Regarding condi specs - kind of hate playing against them all. Not because of condi cleanse management, more because of how tanky these builds tend to be. You are here doing rotations and actively playing the game whilst your opponent is just face rolling and sipping tea.
  12. Of course and as I implied there’s nothing wrong about it, it is just going to be very frustrating to play it most likely. The contempt could be interesting given the class will be more fleshed out, let’s see what they come up with, but without fundamental rework it will be hard for it to compete. And with fundamental rework it won’t be what it is anymore.
  13. ok then you like a spec which is useless so far and that’s fine. If they add 0s shatter cast times for it maybe it would have some use but does anyone believe they would do it? Nope. I guess what I’m. Trying to say is that playing it will be extremely frustrating in long run. Unless you just want to do fashion and have blades as a nice part of the look
  14. But.. it has little to do with burst because you will have hard time landing your shatters. It is cool you like the visuals of course, but you will not be able to do any endgame with it. Unless you like farming metas exlusively. There also you will underperform in comparison to other Mesmer specs tho as you’ll get less kills. I can already picture threads like ‘how to kill quick on my virtuoso?’
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