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  1. I'll probs try that at some point, currently a bit lazy to learn another class. Still was a good low ladder nuke, but not anymore after this patch. True, I can already see Weaver and maybe FB dominating the map. I'm super surprised to see weaver only getting more buffs to condi, they already are the best duelist imo. Hopefully pvp receives an emergency patch after the update!
  2. It definitely still is, just harder than ever! I played burn DH before it became popular and it used to be my way to deal with bad teammates. Kinda sad to find no replacement build atm. The SoJ nerf as well tbh, its a main damage source and I see no simple replacement after patch.
  3. R.I.P. With that gone low ladder is back to whoever gets better teammates! Also whoever that wants to type "You suck I'm better than you blahblahblah..." can kitten rn instead of making a post. ^Still happy to hear other views, just don't be a dik.
  4. I don't think you can counter scourge in this meta. It's meta for a reason.
  5. It's a proven system implemented in some ways by most dominant competitive video games in order to achieves better balance for the team, not just something random. That's probably gonna be my only explanation text about conspiracy: its not. If such system would exist its only better for everyone, not worse. Having different opinion is your freedom but putting conspiracy theorist as a tag before you actually pay attention to what it's saying is quite arrogant, don't you think? @phokus.8934And last time I repeat myself: This is a system that explains why some people are feeling "unfortunate" wit
  6. Its hard to be that certain if the actual codes for matchmaking isn't revealed
  7. Why am I always getting bad teammates? Why are my opponents strong? Am I really just the unlucky one? For those of you who may or may not have these questions, heres an explanation that may potentially clear your doubt.It is pretty obvious that the matchmaking system makes the teams by trying to balance out the effective rating (aka ladder ranking) points between the two teams. However, as you might have noticed, if the system was only like that, then it will not make very good matchups. Guild Wars 2 has many gamemodes to play in such as Fractals, Open Worlds, WvW and more. People don't play a
  8. wait till you get 500-0'd like i did earlier on
  9. Interesting thought, although I don't think they are gonna change the first two expansions. I like the ideas below tho. Maybe two weapons instead of one for EoD xD they can always give out a completely new storyline that may even travel to another dimension xD
  10. I feel like they definitely have a trend or general style that they wanna keep for each class tho probs not gw2 is a lot to play already xD i have level 80 characters w/ 8% map completion and i probs wana increase that somehow
  11. hammer and rifle from @Aerick Blackmoore.8167 sounds interesting to me tbh, do you have something else in mind? also yeah, dual wield needs more content I might like hammer on Rangers. I dunno if you played GW1, but there was a build (or rather builds) for Rangers that was heavily Pet focused that also used a hammer. It was called the Bunny Thumper. Might be cool to see a successor to this build in GW2.Nah I haven't played GW1 at all. its really interesting tho, im curious as in what connects the hammer with beastmaster, and what sort of skills you think ranger will get if beastmaster
  12. defo want the clones to have hp so they can be hit and die when they take some damage. They already do:https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Illusion Clones are low HP, and phantasms have more but don't look like the Mesmer.You can also target them and kill them, i mean, that's the whole profession mechanic, of course you can kill them.Yeah and what I'm thinking is maybe buffing the clones so they become very hard to kill if played properly, and/or does increased damage, something like that
  13. ahh thats a very interesting mention. how about: whenever you exit stealth, you are revealed for x seconds. when you are revealed, you take 90% less damage.something like this, definitely need balanced numbers instead but the point is there plz not 6th weapon skill its already hard enough to learn all the stuff xD but maybe they will do it for elementalist defo want the clones to have hp so they can be hit and die when they take some damage. hammer and rifle from @Aerick Blackmoore.8167 sounds interesting to me tbh, do you have something else in mind? also yeah, dual wield needs more conten
  14. I dunno how to update the thread so imma put it here:Warrior: Pistol would be a very interesting addition, giving warrior some extra ability to hit from farGuardian: No clueRevenant: Scepter that bursts hardRanger: Focus/Shield to maximize self-defense capability while using other means to interact with petThief: Offhand Sword that can hopefully give some form of blockingEngineer: Torch sounds reasonable to me, tho it might sound weird to others?Mesmer: Warhorn that grants effects to clonesNecromancer: Sword (With ranged spells instead)Elementalist: Some hammer with a mix of heavy close combat
  15. Purely based on what i feel the classes still lack and suits their style, feel free to express ur own thoughts or look down/up on mine:Warrior: Another power oriented elite with considerable duel power, likely gaining bonus from duel.Guardian: I dont have a clue this class can do anything with its current elites alreadyRevenant: A very bursty stanceRanger: Some extra interaction with its pet and potentially making it the main combat power instead of the ranger itselfThief: An elite that focuses on a more sustained style of damageEngineer: An elite that excels in healing and other form of suppo
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