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  1. yea i think most of general section is used by casual and openworld since it's don't have a unique category for that except maybe living world but that mostly used for story then openworld.
  2. catalyst give quickness, wich will make it 10 more asked in lfg than tempest.
  3. What the atunnement mechanics ? Guess they didn't reveal it yet until tomorrow like virtue for willbender
  4. ofc we don't want a backliner only spec for 3 years
  5. revenant hammer is a joke weapon btww, no one use it
  6. except hammer was never been viable in pve and only a niche in pvp... it's not that great for hype
  7. Disappointment So many things can go wrong and it's can make it a usless class and not even viable, hope it's will not be the case but i'm not that hopeful.
  8. go back to the graveyard where you belong, this is not the necro subforum !
  9. Man, imagine not kits but conjure... You are welcome from ele forum.
  10. you believe they have time to rework multiple elite spec if people don't like it ?
  11. ? didn't you read the previous posts, the problem is not that it's give utilities, barrier, alac/quickness or others shits, it's that it's give that while doing the same/more/negligable less amount dmg than others profession that give nothing at the same time, and let's not talk about fb f1 reset which make his dmg even more op in some encounter same for epi, i know that really well, i play all theses class competetivly in multiple gamemode and there is no reason to take other class than scourge/firebrand in a lot of encounter now cause it's not just a problem of (it's just a bit better but it
  12. meh both have the same problem but just don't give the same kind of things. Firebrand do top damage while giving too much utility. Scourge do top damage while having too much sustain, giving this sutain to others and having range weapons.
  13. that why i say either nerf scourge cause he is too powerful compared to other class or up the other class if you think the scourge power is what should be the new standard.
  14. ? you know weaver is at 37k with way way less sustain. Either remove the sustain of scourge and keep the same dps or buff the sustain of weaver and other class at this dps range. And no the 41k benchmark is only on large hitbox that don't exist in real encounter and on dagguer... which work only on 2-4 boss in the whole game. For the condi 39k, that only if your team boon is perfect and you don't get any mechanics, or you do less dmg than a scrapper power. All of that while having a 140+ button rotation which ask for perfect timing and 100 alac/quick uptime specially whe
  15. scourge do as much as weaver while having ten time the sustain but shhh
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