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  1. That seems to be the way anet does it so why stop now?
  2. Ever got hit by condi thief/thieves guild immob and got rekt cause you couldn't dodge the burst? This is just one example of how immob is unfun.
  3. The problem isn't learning how to play against them, it's sometimes there's no way to avoid stupid mechanics that are too strong in situation where you don't have something to escape the stuff that you can see but can't do anything about. If i had 100% of the time i get burning or immob a cleanse ready for that i'd use it everytime i get hit by stacks but the thing is, i don't have that 100% cleanse on every time and when i get hit by a lot of burns or immob at bad timing it's certain death that i just have to watch happening on the screen while not being able to do anything about it. It's lik
  4. Currently yeah, during past nope, in future when xpac releases definitely nope and it will take anet another 3 years to fix it for some reason. Get rid of the possible problems before they get reintroduced.
  5. Every time there's something that works around burning it's broken af and if burning is just removed we'll never have that problem ever again. You have a good point tho, we could also just make necro be unusable in pvp cause it's the most cheesiest thing ever in every game mode of gw2 for some reason.
  6. Think about it. Would it really hurt the game if burning and immob were removed from pvp? It would hurt only basically and pretty much those broken unfun builds.
  7. Immob since core has always been really annoying condition regardless of if there has been a build that spams it
  8. To be honest I don't think Jormag really "fears" anything. I think the "threat on the horizon" could be Primordus, or something else entirely, but I think Jormag will be the one to attract its attention/provoke it. Jormag never corrupts anything without it giving in, but that doesn't mean it doesn't eliminate the other choices and trick its victim into thinking it's being a savior. I think Jormag will be the one to strike the first blow here. And Aurene mentioned that Jormag was moving through Tyria using the mists but didn't seem to understand why. Perhaps it's already provoking Primordus. I
  9. What are you on about? Did you read what i typed?
  10. If I personally pay 2k€ to for someone to nerf stuff will it happen like in 2 weeks or will it take like 6 months? How hard is the work for number shaving? Is 2k€ enough or will it go to something like 50k€ and 6 months?
  11. Kinda obvious plot tbh. I have no idea why the player character isn't even remembering that primordus is the weakness of Jormag.
  12. So where exactly was that absolutely massive tooth of Jormag on the model?
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