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  1. are you sure that isn't from something else like an item booster? just went through at least 100 nodes with 0 procs it actually didn't work for me today either but i had no different buffs on me when i posted. that said i currently have a streak of very lucky ore/wood harvests once getting 6 logs from 1 tree and mostly 4. it might've been coincidence ...
  2. i have the glyph of the scavenger on all three tools.it works perfectly fine on the pickaxe.it works perfectly fine on the logging axe.on the sickle however, instead of having a 33% chance of getting fine materials it instead has a 33% chance of giving an additional loot of that plant. i don't mind that behaviour, mostly the plants i bother to harvest give me more than the fine materials so it is a net gain but if that change is intentional the description should be adjusted and if it is bug i hope it is not considered bugusing to harvest nodes with the glyph ...
  3. vitality is nothing more than an offset to your death. unless you manage to disengage, get reinforcements (including heals) or kill your opponent during that offset vitality is entirely useless. that means that in any possible scenario there is a vitality usefulness cap - in pve that cap is mostly at 0 because you don't need offsets (high damage bosses excluded obv). in wvw the cap will be higher but you won't ever know it just by numbers, only experience can tell you where the vitality cap is. in big group fights there will be lots of cleansing going on and you can rotate to the back and out
  4. since wvw has these kinds of perks for higher levels (bonus damage against guards etc) i don't see any reason why masteries in pve shouldn't be allowed to do the same. as long as it is just a small number. also HoT kind of has it already with resistence to chaks or poison which effectively give you more durability in fights. IBS essences are another example. in a way that makes sense there could be masteries tied to story progress, e.g. after defeating zhaitan you unlock a mastery that gives bonus damage against risen enemies. could be rather expensive, maybe 9 points like the later HoT master
  5. those are entirely different things which happen in entirely different parts of the game and do entirely different things. the melee assist is client code that overrides inputs in specific scenarios.collision detection is server code that synchronizes your movement with that of other players. collision detection with projectiles is a collision between a static object and a dynamic object. that can be done entirely in client code with guaranteed correctness.collision detection with a wall is also client code and exactly the same as projectiles. collision detection with other players however is
  6. This is a typical "I don't even understand the mechanics of my class, but want buffs." thread. nope it isn't. i didn't ask for a buff or a nerf specifically, i want to have to make the decision between might (facet of strength) and fury (facet of darkness) in my energy management even if i run all alone. also you obviously don't get that other classes are there for sharing might and you obviously didn't read that i explicitly want a special synergy between shared empowerment (which pulses 3 might with facet of darkness for 10 people by the way, rendering your whole input senseless) and facet o
  7. lvl 80 boosts contain full exotic gear, no need for better stuff. @vegetta.5162 for a start with you lvl 80 character, if you don't want to start from scratch, first of all tell your class so we can suggest soem survival traits/weapons and then from that you can start going more aggressive when you got the movement down. this game has very few unaviodable attacks, so the difference between good and bad movement is bigger than the difference between running full naked or full legendary.map difficulty isstarting zones < most of core tyria < orr < maguuma wastes < PoF < HoT some mo
  8. Recently i've experienced more wall glitches than i used to, can anyone confirm they have the same issue? Just a few minutes ago i used unrelenting assault and ended up inside a big tree in tangled depths.Two days ago in our guild mission i wp'ed to talos waypoint in the timberline falls, immediately jumped on my skimmer as it's a swamp there and ended up below the map. this did happen only once accidentally (+ intentionally the famous LS bug that led you to the rooftops of course) in dragon's fall where i ended up in a tree for unknown reasons over the last 3 years.it may just be bad luck but
  9. 4 might with a buildup time of minimum 9 seconds for an overall starting cost of minimum 18 ressource (though it is free if stacked out of combat) for 5-10 peopleto stack 25 might you need 6 heralds permanently pulsing facet of strength for the 4 other guys.without the 10 player trait a full group of heralds pulsing facet of strength will not even reach 25 might. while it might fill minor gaps in might distribution it comes at a pretty high cost for that little use as facet of darkness + facet of chaos already puts the energy negative and they're both superior. a problem imo is that shared emp
  10. do you mean knight's?if so well captain's is slightly more offensive, power as major would be better but that doesn't exist. it sounds like a sound option for a pve solo power build on a high vit class.
  11. rytlock is a warrior, zojja an elementalist, they're both taken in personal story, but significantly less than other classes. a movie class would be a visually mighty one, warrior doesn't fit that role, ele does.ele definitely is the best class a movie commander could take. now ele doesn't pair so well with charr and norn lore-wise. given that zojja is an ele and connected to the asuran commander that works but the magical nature of tyrian humans also fits very well. not so sure about sylvari, imo sylvari lore puts them more into the ranger/guardian roles. for the story human fits best until I
  12. the biggest desert on earth (that is bigger than the next 3 together) is the antarctic.so the typical desert is actually snowy planes and icy mountains, not sand. even for the rest of the 5 biggest deserts sand is rather uncommon, the more common version is rubble/rock. so i do think that elonian maps do represent hot deserts quite well, kourna has a bigger portion of sand dunes, the crystal oasis as well, while other maps feature more rocky parts. icy deserts look a lot like places in the shiverpeaks. the most common desert this game actually lacks is probably salt lakes.
  13. My suggestions: Facet of Strength should either pulse 2 Might (maybe for 3 upkeep?) or get reworked to pulse Retaliation. If not reworked Shared Empowerment should give 1 additional stack of Might for Facet of Strength. After Facet of Strength is made better in any way, Incensed Response should give less Might for Facet of Darkness (3? 2?). But not without the Facet of Strength buff.
  14. we're playing the game in german and there trahearne can't finish half of his sentences because he talks sooooooo slow and is cut off by the timer for hte next sentence, sometimes his speech bubbles are a huge chunk of text that is cut off too early. how am i supposed to like a character that constantly interrupts itself? also the useless part - but trahearne is no fighter, it's a lot more annoying with that "destiny's edge" that supposedly can take on a dragon but dies to a jungle wurm. especially logan was known as "the dead body on the ground" instead of a legendary guardian for us.
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