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  1. BTW game still crashes and the refill button in the mystic forge is instant crash It happens mostly for ascended items and ring attuning.
  2. Hope this patch fixes the issues. I miss playing GW2
  3. yup happened to me last night and since then the game crashes randomaly
  4. Just crashed in silverwastes Last night crashed in mistlock Crashed in Wing 5 It all started when I opened my mystic forge conduit and clicked on refill They replied to me to send them log using hijackthis I sent them the log and told them lots of people having the issues after the last patch and to check their forums.
  5. Yeah no worries 🙂 Thanks for mentioning it. Hope Anet sees this.
  6. A lot of people say Malchor's leap is causing crashing and orr maps. I took all my chars out of orr maps.
  7. My PC is similar to yours and I crash. Core i7 amd 2070 super
  8. Anyone else with this issue? Game crashes randomly with the windows to submit the report to anet. I uninstalled the game, deleted the folder in appdata/roaming/guild wars 2, deleted the guild wars 2 folder in my documentsReinsalled fresh and same issue https://imgur.com/4qPEksA
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