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  1. I see the ones trying to educate me on how revealed and marked works don't play thief in WvW. It's okay, I don't hold it against you to not understand the frustration but just remember this, when thieves are stealth we are not doing damage to you we stealth to prevent you from doing damage to us but with all the button mashing AOE from other classes it's unfair to be reveal also hit us with AOE button mashing while stealth and we have some of the lowest HP. Thanks for your valuable input.
  2. Please look into this and give this some kind of cooldown to the person it's being used on. When revealed give at least 20s in between before you can be revealed again by anyone because as it stands right now in WvW playing Thief you're basically perma revealed the entire time you try to stealth if you are near anyone. All I'm asking is for the team to look in to it and maybe tweak it a bit is all. I'm not asking for it to be removed! Thank you!
  3. Placebo. I'm actually getting a bit worse performance on W11 but I love the new layout and simplicity of it. Oh and if you use intel look for PTT in Bios and enable. 3440x1440p Ultrawide 10700k 6900XT 32GB Ram NVME SSD
  4. This spec will be fine in pve but you know if you stand still too long in WvW you die rather quickly.
  5. They had this in GW1 it was called a Paragon it’s a shame it didn’t roll over here.
  6. When Anet tag in a WvW server they are stacking. We got the noodles kicked out of us on FA cause of Anet tag in Maguuma server during prime.
  7. Can we get Double XP weekends or at least one weekend out of the month, thanks.
  8. Yep you guys are right well it was a fun thought while it lasted lol.
  9. I’m with you on that one. Greatsword and short bow would be an amazing combo for rev if condi spec.
  10. Scourage and Firebrand ruined WvW. It’s just an AOE spam fest now. No thinking involved just button mashing.
  11. If it is greatsword I guess the next question is will it be power or condi focused??
  12. Why wasn’t this ever implemented in GW2? It was such a blast and so much fun to play in GW1. Ranks actually meant something and took real strategy and group effort. It was amazing why Anet why!
  13. Some of you need to realize the only reason this game is still pushing out content is because some of us spend hundreds of dollars a year to help support the game to make it possible for the ones who spend nothing to reap the rewards, so yes I'm pissed about the 9 year present.
  14. Damage needs to be increased and I agree with blade ramp up time needs to be less. Wish F3 or F4 gave a stealth as well. 1200 range is good on dagger so please don't nerf this and where is our 25% or better yet 33% speed buff in the trait line somewhere it's a must please find a spot for it without making us use runes or burn a utility slot. One other thing the directional elite skill has to go make it target focused it misses way to much.
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