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  1. for dragon jade they said it would be something that changes the way you play the game, and you can take back to older maps. so it seems like something important. Hopefully it's cooler then the waystation stuff for the icebroodsaga.
  2. My biggest hope for the new legendaries is that they have a quest to accompany them, kind of like caladbolg did. If this is a journey you go on with aureen to craft these weapons, kind of like a side quest, they could be very cool and a nice new format for legendaries. But if they're just new legendaries, same way you craft these if how you craft the old ones, then that's kinda lame.
  3. YES! With EOD please make strikes and raids more accessible, that's there biggest problem, I would do them all the time if I could, but you need to be in a guild and have 10 people whose schedules are all free for an hour or two. please update the LFG or give strikes and raids there own menu so players can find each other more easily, you can even make a guild advertising menu so people can find strike and raiding guilds.
  4. It will probably be like how the betas have been in the past, completly in game, no new server. you can just use the elite specs in game for a week
  5. yeah, was very cool, but was more of a second teaser. I'll preorder when we get a gameplay trailer
  6. The big thing is if the skiffs will be used to traverse the maps, if they're just for fishing, and they offer nothing new to travel beyond what the skimmer offered, then they're just kinda boring.
  7. looks promising, my only question is if the fish will have uses, like cooking or selling them for money, or if they'll just be a collect-a-thon.
  8. Looks interesting, but we didn't get enough about it to know if I should spend my money on it and buy the Xpac. Didn't see people using it. Is it important to the maps? or just an extra mount added on? We didn't see anything about the maps, if they'll be big or small, challenging or easy, why should I even use this mount? Will the game give me a reason? based on todays presentation I have no idea.
  9. didnt really show any gameplay. As a player of the game, I don't know if I can trust this Xpac, will it be as boring as the second half of icebrood saga? or will it be more engaging. Will I even be compelled to use the elite specs at all. I have no idea as I didn't see any content, can't preorder yet
  10. I don’t think so. Public perception will eventually die out and the public events will get 0 people, it’s demoralizing to see 0 people playing in an mmo. extending the public to be a few more days would be cool , or keeping it permanent but only once a week, weekly world boss. Could also be cool .
  11. Please do not move it to a raid or nerf it. Most world bosses are too easy. This one has actual challenge and actual gameplay. It’s perfect
  12. Twisted Marionette is super fun. It actually requires you to play the game and not just button mash then get pointless rewards like all the other world bosses do. I feel that as the game went on, from core to HoT to PoF to the icebrood saga it has progressively been getting easier, and much less fun. Bosses and maps no longer serve as gameplay but just backdrops for the story and a way to give players rewards. Just wanted to leave this comment to say how much I liked the event, because while it has cool story and cool rewards, but unlike the other world bosses it has exciting g
  13. The activities in this game are really really fun but no one plays them, maybe making them part of a festival with it's own rewards would help drive player engagement
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