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  1. yes, and only when using portable package wine binaries. :/I also get 0014:err:winediag:xrandr12_init_modes Broken NVIDIA RandR detected, falling back to RandR 1.0. Please consider using the Nouveau driver instead. thanks for your package btw, running gw2 straight via wine without tweaks runs gw2 at 15-25fps with stutters and with your latest package i get 70-200fps without any fuss :D EDIT: I got it to work by installing libnvidia-glvkspirv:i386 :smirk:
  2. Wondering if someone can help me figure this out. I recently got an upgrade \o/ and can now play gw2 properly and use dxvk. I'm trying to run taco using the portable package binaries but get a lib error. info: Game: GW2TacO.exeinfo: DXVK: v1.8-asyncinfo: Built-in extension providers:info: Win32 WSIinfo: OpenVRinfo: OpenXRwarn: OpenVR: Failed to locate moduleinfo: Enabled instance extensions:info: VK_KHR_get_surface_capabilities2info: VK_KHR_surfaceinfo: VK_KHR_win32_surfaceThe NVIDIA driver was unable to open 'libnvidia-glvkspirv.so.460.67'. This library is required at
  3. I was following the previous messages, but tbh, im noob with git xD I still don't get how to properly work with branches, merges and don't even know what rebase is. However, as already mentioned, a good place to start is just create the repo and dump the contents with a README, License etc. The only thing is... if there are binaries/libraries that are not yours, I think you are suppose to link them in a special way like submodules. Not sure what the rules are for having WINE's binaries/third party libs in your repo without a clear statement/link to orginal dev/source?
  4. Thanks! ^^, It was a fun project and just evolved over time... I learnt a lot of cool bash skills lol! If you run into issues please create one on gitlab if you can, that way I can respond faster and keep track of issues, someone else might find it helpful too. Also I don't check the forums often, so I might respond slower than on gitlab. Lutris updateI have added lutris support and released gw2taco_linux_v1.1.0. It should be able to run via any of the wine versions you switch to. Also, if you use autostart=true and use run_taco.sh, it will start GW2 via the lutris runner. I have never used i
  5. Here's the new GW2Taco Linux v1.0.0 video. (I couldn't set a custom thumbnail QQ) To those who can test, please test and report any issues on GitLab. Enjoy
  6. Thanks, was an interesting/fun side-project :) ( I actually haven't really used gw2taco myself yet lol...) Thank you!! I really appreciate it... I am glad there are people that are interested, as most of the time I feel im working on projects that aren't recognized or followed. With that being said, here is the v1.0.0 release and read the README for updates. Lots of changes, probably going to need a lot of bugfixes, but I have tested it on KDE/Cinnamon and it works, however requires a few "Alt-Tabs" to get the windows synchronised. I hope to automate these minor window tweaks in the next rele
  7. Hey guys, Just a bit of an update for those who are interested about the development of gw2taco_linux. We are currently at v0.9 which includes support for Arch/Deb, KDE, GNOME, Cinnamon & Xfce. I have also added the ability to download & manage other tacopacks from within the installer, and switch between them seamlessly. However, the main reason I am making this post is to announce that I have begun work on implementing experimental transparency! Yes, now we no longer will have to depend on the opacity workaround with the diminished visibility, but rather use transparency as it was de
  8. By your logic, I could just buy a $200k PC and be rocking those FPS... I wonder who will be sub-optimal then. Surely you understand, what I meant by saying the game is inherently un-optimal... yes we can use all these tweaks and upgrade our rigs... but to me "optimal" means I don't have to mess around with all this, as the "optimal" part should be in the base code of the game. Everything else... is an "Enhancement" Furthermore, this is not as simple as choosing "this" because "my game runs xfps better", because you are focusing on 1 point "the game" and leaving out everything else that comes w
  9. lol... I'm getting deja vu... this is oddly familiar to p18... And btw... I'm not sure there is such a thing as "experiencing an optimal experience with GW2." It is inherently un-optimal, no matter what system you are on.
  10. Most of the issues i've had with TacO not starting was:1) TacO starts before you are ingame, then it shuts down because it does not find a mumblelink (you have to be in a loaded map, then start TacO)2) When doing manual starts, the wine prefix is incorrect. it cant find its own resources and crashes (check taco logs)3) same as above, but finds it's resources, starts but cant see gw2 (mumblelink)4) because I was doing too many tests, there were some wine instances open (of taco or something else) and had to kill everything before taco would start5) some missing libs I apologise, this taco thing
  11. It is suppose to include some other stuff like your DE etc. Which should explain why it fails to disable cinnamon. This is again probably because the cd command failed during install so it did not export the other settings. run ./install_taco.sh -> reset -> reinstall, but first edit install_taco.sh and change DIR= like you did for ./run_taco.sh (edit: or download v0.3a) Yip, looks like cd was failing because of the unescaped space in your path. I will patch this in the next version. Thanks for testing, let us know if it works after the fixes. :) So after fixing my wine installation and
  12. I remember that "uninformative" error code was actually suppose to be informative because I only put it in one place. It is trying to run part of the script that is specific for the DE that you are using, but cant match the DE variable so throws that error. It throws that error because at line 9 the cd command is failing so all the other vars are failing. The $DIR var is suppose to locate the dir of the taco app folder & not the dir where you are running it from. The function I used worked for me but there might be a better/simpler way. Will check/update. If you want a temporary work aroun
  13. Thanks for link. I had a look and did not find much. In anycase it's probably using the API. Even if I did read the code, there wouldn't be a way I could change/implement it. To be honest, I have been monitoring/found a few threads on reddit asking about running it on linux. However, I don't have a reddit account... might make one soon. I could contact the owner, and he might be willing to add a patch (if he sees the linux adaptation AND its not too much work like adding a line of API code to designate a background color)... but the white background might not work/make it worse... If I sit do
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