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  1. So all this time and work to get this legendary trinket and to literally no surprise... the effect we've earned is just The Bifrost aura... Wow... 10/10 recycling job as usual Anet XD *adds to the extensive list for EoD* Can't wait to see what's recycled next🤣XD hahaha
  2. For combat it's the only consistent mount. For mobility and ANYTHING else it's completely useless. It's a hinder for any other situation. It's as slow as the run speed of your character. It's leap is too low. Mastery won't help that much either. It can't float on water, swim consistently, or move anywhere other than at the bottom of the ocean so now it has to deal with all the environmental obstacles we never had to deal with before, and is clunky and slow as heck to get to the surface. The Dev controlling it nearly had a stroke trying to get it to move anywhere jus
  3. Which New Elite Spec Is Best?
  4. All this time waiting.... All the hype built-up before the reveal... and THIS is all they have to show for it😐 oof... Recycle after recycle Re-skin after re-skin Boring, useless masteries Boring, poorly-designed elite specs Even the Shing Jea map and the Cantha environments that were the main thing left that could have saved this expansion... are already looking dry and empty. They introduce nothing new or creative to the same boring event and task structures as before. Even the monsters are the exact same with just a re-skin lol! Same stock map design you can f
  5. we will now have asian hairstyles asura hair:
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