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  1. I am having the same problem with this step in the Chuka and Champawat III collection. I've tried coming to the camp right after a patch too. If this is not going to be fixed the content should be disabled so players won't spend time trying to get a bugged achievement.
  2. With the addition of a 3rd expansion its Guild Hall and Alliances there is a serious need to increase the number of Guild membership slots. Five is limited enough now. Once the expansion occurs and Alliances are added it is going to become awful.
  3. Thanks, the character I was on hadn't completed the story.
  4. I recently became aware of a set of achievements requiring interaction with Taimi in the Eye of the North after completion of the Return Bonus events. However I've been unable to locate Taimi and Gorrik there. I've done all the Bous events up through Siren's Landing and have the Fragment of Prismatic Light. Is there something else I need to do? Where is Taimi?
  5. I have an account with 70 level 80 characters so the level 80 boost is equally superfluous. I wish one of the game packages included only new items added in the expansion so I would not end up with things I cannot use.
  6. I would like to purchase this on both my main account and a couple of alt accounts. However the bonus items offered are things I already have at the max level allowed in game. That applies to shared slots, character slots and level 80 characters in various combinations. I would really like to have an option that included only the Canthan items omitting things like inventory slots, level 80 boosts etc.
  7. Mag is going to miss NSPPPT, and NSPPT is going to miss Mag.
  8. The problem is the current windows patch level seems to be missing this registry key so that personalization > colors only gives you the default white. However the addition of the registry key you described fixes it! Thanks alot!
  9. Uh no. There are are plenty of people who have manage to run OLEDs for monitors. Take precautions and you can make it work, and the result is superb image quality.
  10. I use an OLED monitor so I am sensitive to the possibility of burn in. I've been able to use Windows to configure title bar color of all the apps I use except GW2. It stubbornly stays bright white when the application is backgrounded. Is there anything I can use to override this potentially damaging behavior?
  11. I think many people farming these locations are not AFK. They are running multiple instances of GW2, one of which is being played normally and the other(s) are being looked at sporadically.
  12. I did not get a mail after visiting 2 cities. Assume that is not working. However I did get the collection unlocked by visiting the Skimmer Ranch Heart NPC. So now to pull some teeth to do the collection.
  13. I have had a considerable number of slow response and timeouts with the trading post and gem store recently. Last night there were several gem store transactions that timed out. It's a quite worrisome behaviour because this isn't like a particular map that lags. It's the most single important feature of the game to me.
  14. Yes, I have not received any chests as a result of capturing the various objectives in the south half of the Drizzlewood map since the patch.
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