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  1. About the bosses being hard.. they're not that hard. You need to switch to a sustain build. Easy, go to your build tab and make a sustain build. That easy. If they're too hard for you, learn the pattern and you'll be fine on the 2nd or 3rd try. I finished the original storyline, then the HOT story and POF. Then I finished caudecus and the crystal dragon from LS3 & 4. I just hate the fact that you need to listen to taimi talk for 50% of the storylines. Seriously, you're trying to have dinner- taimi speaks up on your nextel. You're trying to have a date with your crush, and
  2. This is something that has been in my mind since I started out in guild wars 2. Why does a digital, static shop omit most of its items and "rotate" items after a whole season or sometimes a whole year or 2. I get it. Anet wants the needy approach, but it just shuns the game and puts away the interest of players. I for one, have lost interest in the gem store, because there's plenty of nice looks to make with regular items and these I get right away. So I vouch for "seasonal items" i.e, it's easter- easter themed skins along with new release content. That'd be logical. But keepin
  3. Here is another plead, to nobody. But let me write down my thoughts here anyway, because I know that there are others like me with the same thinking. It is 2022 and we all know that this means nothing to anet when it comes to making a decent change for the gameplay of mesmers. Heck anet has broken a very attractive class. What? No. We all know that this unwise decision of chopping mesmers, also lead to players losing interest in ever playing their characters at all. Unwise for the simple fact that mesmers are useless compared to other classes. They're no useful support. No dps. No sustain
  4. I decided to reply to this post because I see some obnoxious players here with comments such as the one above- that are nothing but slimy statements that translate to: "MeSMer is OP, YOU'RE thE OnE Who doeSN't knOW hoW tO pLAy it. HUrhurHUr." /laugh I love the concept of mesmers, they're truly unique compared to other generic classes that we see in most games out there i.e thief, warrior and archer, making them attractive for new people to try the game out...to be bitterly disappointed in this defenseless class. You'll try to shield mesmers as long as you haven't tried other cla
  5. Hey, Cedo!I use the America server. I didn't think that a VPN could help, but there's a great idea! I'll definitely look into it!Thanks
  6. Hey guys and a good evening to you all!I'm here because my computer got tired of opening up the task manager to deal with Guild Wars 2 and I want to ask the community about these issues. Server Connection -I have been playing the game for over a month now, with expansions and stuff.I do many pvp matches in a day and rely on a good connection to be able to enjoy the matches.My domestic connection is fine, it works fine with every single app, game, browser, you name it, my ping is stable at 40, goes 50 tops, except(only) in guild wars it is always 300+.I don't get it because I play online FPS ga
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