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  1. I don't agree with your thesis that the infusion will increase in price. Ectos: This is basically the main basic material of the game, widely used everywhere. Unlikely a rare infusion can move this market outside pent up demand for eager/rich players.Reagent: Static costs.Lodestone materials: Insignificant, barely 100g.Sand: This is trash, it was 2 coppers before the infusion, when pent up demand wane, it will be back to a few coppers. So we are left with the shards, this is what will move the cost of the infusion up or down. There is little to do with those shards outside the infusion. Drizz
  2. It's trivial, some silvers difference between buying or crafting. I wonder why, given that one of the components it's a time gated material.
  3. I think as well that was a travesty and more of a consequence of the state of the company more than a well thought and clear roadmap. . They needed something out, fast. Companies don't plan in terms of mere quarters, at least not with big projects like MMO games, i can assure you Anet have a roadmap for at least the next year (albeit they will never share it ofc). Honestly, high end content by definition is not for the masses. You have to agree that an average Joe on gw2 is far away from clearing raids. And yes, every game needs that high end content, that's fact, for those that actually mad
  4. Of course that's because the rest of the game is played by everyone and is one complete package and not split in many different types of content. Only Raids cater to a small percentage and nothing else. /s Start defining "rest of the game", because raids are clearly small part of the whole game, instanced and basically not related with anything else. What other part of the game is getting updated? WoW, PvP, Dungeons? Stop being sarcastic and write something constructive. The new expansion is where they plan to make their money, period. Open world, stories, metas, even masteries are way more c
  5. I work on the software development industry. While i have absolutely no clue what's going on with Anet specifically, i have seen this kind of behaviour from the inside multiple times. Software is a very mobile industry, in the sense that talent moves around a lot. Building expertise, especially in something specific like gaming development it's not easy nor fast. It's a very top heavy industry, where it's said (and somewhat proven) the top 10% produce 90% of the work. When you lose one of those top talent, it's really hard to replace and can set you back weeks/months. Anet is competing with
  6. Specifically when the glyph you want shows up in the current Black Lion Chest loot table. Although you could just set a buy order for what you think is a good price if you don't mind tying up a chunk of gold for a while. the glyphs are not always available on the TP?
  7. Thanks, they actually heavily discount normal unbreakable tools compared with the rest. Seems the way to go. August-September, let's see what's in offer.
  8. Thanks, indeed separate it's more expensive. It seems a normal "glyphed" ones will be.
  9. I'm done with normal gathering tools, tired of carrying around multiple sets and sometimes running out of tools. Normally i search in forums, Reddit, YT and the answer is there, but gathering tools have changed a lot over time, so answers vary a lot. I'm going to buy infinite tools. I don't care about "flashy".I'm not going to spend ungodly hours farming, i just farm when i have to go somewhere for something else. (metas, world bosses, etc). Or dailies. Farm speed is not decisive, since i won't have 10 tons farming winterberries. I'll be buying gems, my playing time is somewhat scarce.I don'
  10. Despite your dreams of farming unsuspected PvE players, it won't ever work. If it's an instance, you won't get any easy PvE players at all, who would go there to be slaughtered? Everybody will know the wolves are waiting to eat you alive. All you would get it's some heavy WvW guilds ready to ambush non prepared solo WvW players wanting easy free kills. So it's basically WvW on a PvE map. If it's non instanced, PvE players simply won't go into those maps or simply won't log in that day if it's worldwide. And PvErs would quit the game in droves. Most players don't want to suffer the stress of
  11. Completely unrelated to OP, but nothing like those players knocking back holograms :D on stampedes. Those die easy, no need to chase for half a map when players keep using knock back skills.
  12. There is a lot in the line for the next expansion. The game needs to modernise and attract new players while keeping the current player base (as a whole). The older the game, the harder it gets to do that. The gap between new players and veterans is immense, due to how much time has passed since release. I know, i'm a new player and my guildies are mostly very experienced players, when they do t1 fractals or walk in some farm train/missions it's because of new players. It's unfathomably hard to balance as many professions/traits/skills as we have in gw2. Even the best of the best, Blizzard, ge
  13. Still new to the game, nothing like trying to finish the achievements on a full Teq map. Jumping the waves it's like a mini-game for me, i have to guess when the wave will come, may be anywhere between 1s-5s or most likely, i never see it coming, it just hit me. I must look like a retarded for other players, jumping completely out of sync.
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