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  1. The thing is that people can like/dislike whatever they want and its really not a problem. If you suggest something, you should always look what problems it could cause. For example your post here: I dont even wanna be Unfriendly... but I mean imo its obvious that this shouldn't be ingame but it seems that you just not have thought about any problems that could appear. I also get negative replies often. Its not that they r unfriendly, its just that they sometimes dont like your suggestion or what you said. Its more like "first think - then speak". I mean l
  2. Yea they even buffed the active effect on it (supercond. Signet). So they want us to use the active effect, but if we do, we lose the 10% condi dmg. With signet trait we can use it whenever we want and we keep the condi dmg increase. Plus with the trait its 12% instead of 10%. If they want us to actually give us a useful signet on condi build, they have to swap the mech abilities or trait passives. Power also needs them less as u already said. This is actually sad now but every utility skill is bad on power without the toolbelt so you would use 10% strike dmg signet always any
  3. I made a post a few days ago with a maybe possible solution but it went under in the 1k posts, time to bump it xD Feel free to reply, needs a bump anyway maybe, bc overclock signet is in a weird Spot atm.
  4. Yea i know but...they couldve made it different to not kill so many trait options imo. I mean they killed a lot of trait synergies for Jade Dynamo by doing this. I dont know how to fix this atm, but they should. Tho Jade dynamo is no condi trait anyway atm. Imo they could simply make a new effect instead of the 33% chance to do an explosion....i mean we have 1 condi trait working with it - Shrapnel. And Making an actual condi trait out of it. Maybe i should change the Title to Jade dynamo since the whole post is basically only about it. Edit: also changed most of the
  5. The trait Jade_Dynamo says that "Your mech inherits on-hit bonuses from the Explosions specialization traitline." Jade dynamo is on the condi traitline. So lets take a look to the explosives specialization. The basic condi engineer build uses Explosive_Temper. Now this trait says, that your explosions gain 20 ferocity. I cant see this being useful with 5% crit chance on mech. If you cant use this, the next option would maybe be Aim-Assisted_Rocket. Well this also only triggers on crits so with 5% crit chance its a bit meh. The 3rd trait you could choose would be something without
  6. Tbh I dont have a that big problem with confusion. I actually like it, while in PvE its not that useful, its very good in PvP/WvW. However also in PvE like 10% of my dmg was confusion on the heropoint under tarir in auric basin. I think the biggest problem is that we, as you said already, have no traits to improve confusion somehow. I actually wouldve liked to see a 33% confusion duration increase to match the bleeding and burning of firearms. Well if you play mace/pistol and flamethrower, bomb kit, superconducting signet + overclock signet the only condis you deal are confusion, bleedi
  7. Update: Now i also noticed that the skill that replaces crash down when under water, is also inflicting only vulnerability, thats so sad. RIP to all condi engis whenever you go under water. Tho as mechanist also power builds r trashed underwater, but with power u can at least still go for holo or scrapper.
  8. Yes but holo is still a power e spec, just that this power e spec has lots of burning. I mean which of the traits in holo supports condi? 1 trait out of 11-12. Also sword, the e spec weapon of holo, is completely unplayable on condi. My point is that it has a condi build but its a power e spec. Condi mechanist Was not planned to be 4 kits. Thats also why they buffed the condi signet. Imo condi mechanist is different from holo or core, its just that in every condi build on engi will always be kits bc they r the best option for condi. Yea me too, if they give it a
  9. If traited for it, which is a dps loss AND only if u hit 5 enemies. In most game modes you wont hit 5 enemies at once. (PvP, WvW, Strikes, Fractals...) If you hit just 1 enemy its just 1k barrier which is still very good, but as i said already a lot of times, i am not using this trait bc i play condi holo and this would be a dps loss that would be noticed.
  10. Hey, I would like to write some ideas of me down here that maybe could fix some issues. First I want to say that I am only talking about Crash Down and Overclock Signet here. Second thing I want to say is, that I am going from the changes that we got a preview from a few days ago. This is the Engineer/Mechanist part: Well I ll just start. The problem I have is, that Overclock Signet has a too high cooldown. The thing is that it cant be just reduced because it summons the mech. The problem with Crash Down is that it gives nothing for a condi build, so it cant be effective
  11. Well yes, but asuras also already have golems as summons. I know it wont happen anyway that we would get a suit or something like that on mechanist but let them dream xD Not? Should there be something like useless traits? I dont think so. Imagine the "Mech has chance to do explosion with 33% on any hit" trait in the condi line wouldnt match with the only condi core trait that supports this: Shrapnel Then we have a useless power trait in the condi traitline. However having a 33% chance of explosion and this explosion has a 33% chance to do bleeding is trash anyway. But if it
  12. 11k low, 15k mid, 18k high. Engi is mid hp pool. heat therapy is nice, but its mostly only on 5 stacks which is 300 hp each sec which is still nice but its also not perma + it wont heal you really when u get a big hit bc u would have to wait some seconds before it actually starts to trigger. If u r low heat u even have to wait until the heat is up to then let is fall to then trigger heat therapy after some seconds of waiting. Eles signet that gives around 200 hp per skill cast is the better option. Big boomer is a power build only thing, i play condi. Same with crystal config.
  13. I want to add my point to it. Condi Engi is currently unusable underwater. We already lose flamethrower, the strongest condi kit (i think) when underwater. Then as condi holo you are using laser beam on elite skill, which we cant use underwater. The next choice would be mortar kit, which is also unsable underwater. So we only have the trash of supply crate. Then the only underwater weapon we have is harpoon gun, which has very low conditions and is basically a pure power weapon. I thought of mechanist that would save this. But no, its also unusable underwater. i just dont wanna
  14. Well....they are trying to make mechanist fitting in all 3 roles. Support, power and condi. Atm its mostly condi and support tho. Imo its bad that they try mechanist to fit in all 3 roles since we already got 2 power specs and 0 condi specs. So why they had to make mechanist also power to have 3 power specs? It would even cause far more variety in the 2 roles (support, condi) if the power traitline would not exist. Maybe i ll get some hate for it from people wanting power mechanist but thats my opinion.
  15. Holo? Insane amount of sustain and survivabiility while running full zerker set up? Sorry but no. Not even close to insane. Not a single damage reduction in the whole build. I personally run vipers holo. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PekAoqlFw6YaMOGKOWL5vTA-zRRYfBhaGNcXlRHFQIJgmXkgYD8A-e This is my condi holo build. Can u tell me where the insane amount of survivability is hidden in this build? Because somehow i couldnt find it in the years that i played it. I even chose to not use Photonic_Blasting_Module to not get forced to overheat and losing a good amount of my health. I am n
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