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  1. I run a strange Fire+Water, condition remove on regeneration build in wvw on my weaver, i like it the most, it does pretty good.
  2. Naaaah i think they will nerf core and give New elem e spec tons of boons then. So Elementalists buy eod. Then a few months after, they will nerf it again. So basically yes, the other 1% are the months after eod Release, the 99% is the time after the first nerfs.
  3. You need the Map completions in hot and pof for Ascended elite spec weapons. And shared map completion would also make low levels able to go to lvl 80 maps right? Filling maps with low levels because there you get more xp is no good thing...makes Metas harder. Example: auric basin meta gives 3-4 levels if u r low. So low levels could be like: nice, free xp. In short: i dont want low levels Filling up the map. Thats ofc able to fix by sth like revealing maps when u reach xx level or sth. But the first thing i said with ascended elite spec weap
  4. Dont do this. Please. There are chances that it will be rifle or sth. Dont make people buy sth for 100-600 Gold thats maybe useless after official news. Just Imagine people buy shortbow precursor and its not shortbow after. I am a big friend of theory crafting but theories are theories and not official. Dont make people lose Gold because of your personal theories. I wont hate u if its not shortbow because i will not buy anything before sth official comes out. But people that buy sth bc of u, will ofc hate u. Obv I could be wrong but
  5. I actually agree but somehow not. Because it only solves this Problem if everyone would run around with the same colors or sth. But no, not everyone runs the same shiny rainbow skins. So i dont really get why this would solve the problem? Dying the legendaries or giving all of them exactly the same colors that r not able to get changed is sth different imho. Still get what u mean tho.
  6. Imo its...i wouldn't say lazy but...I dont like that the legendaries all have the same ultra shiny look...i would like to have another Set. I mean the same but lets say in a "dark mode". I dont like these super shiny weapon skins because a) this doesn't fit to my characters since most of them are dark or sth between dark and shiny and b) it doesn't fit to my personality. I mean this: look i am so shiny, i am such a hero. Nah ty. Well all that trash talking i did for saying: it wouldve been nice to get also a dark Theme of legendaries. Not everyone likes this supe
  7. Rifle ele seems nice to me. Always wanted some kind like pistol on mesmer that shoots magic. And since i got predatoooor...yey. would be fine for me and definitely sth different.
  8. We are ele, so we ll get melee longbow 😄
  9. I like it so far. Everything seems pretty fine. The mesmer elite spec seems cool to me. I like almost Everything except 2 things. There are 2 things i dont like: 1. I was so hyped to see my Elementalist elite spec, now we got 2 and no ele. Wouldve been cool to also reveal a preview of the 3rd light armor class. I am a bit disappointed that we know 2 light classes now basically and not the 3rd. Thats also a bit Personal because weaver is my fav class. 2. The legendary weapons seem boring to me...looks like a Black lion collection...ofc cooler but...still. i am a dark
  10. Weaver can easily get over 7k barrier yes. But only once every 50 seconds. So you swap out a dps utility for sustain and then lose even more dps because your swiftness gets removed? You cant use 2 skills for the 7k barrier if its all in 1 skill. And scrapper when doing a burst, thats exactly the moment when you need the swiftness for dmg increase. And is it nice to give scrapper a trait that grants increased damage when having superspeed and swiftness but then remove it again by another trait? Hell no. Tbh. I Really like the idea behind all this b
  11. I think you should nerf barrier on specific classes and not like that. Scrapper and power weaver both have traits that increase strike damage while having swiftness or superspeed. My weaver already has to swap out 1 damage utility skill for stone Resonance, removing a damage related boon when using it would be too much. As scrapper it is extremely easy to reach max. Barrier when doing a burst. And if marauder ele uses stone Resonance you ll also lose it. Not to mention some classes will get advantages due to being not even able to get 7k barrier. Because they
  12. Yea, i agree. Weaver is my fav class because...i play mainly solo open world and yes, weaver is not the best class for it. But it doesn't feel nice to me if i kill a hard boss with my herald (Renegade 10x better but i prefer herald and its still op). I mean the good feeling is just not there. For most bosses i dont even need my heal skills because the passive heal from battle scars and tormenting rune is so ******* high. The feeling of doing well is not there. Weaver gives me a good feeling. I mean its "hard" compared to most other classes but its still doi
  13. I d say druid has Lower dps but better sustain which is also more constant. The boon Generation is also better and the Pet also brings a lot advantages. If you are downed the Pet can rev u.
  14. Well I agree basically, I think I just wrote wrong, I was talking about Weaver with this 2 halfbaked boons, because weaver reaches 10-20 stacks of might and no other boon except maybe protection if you swap out serrated stones. Or fury if you play power but thats a pretty bad idea in solo anyway as weaver. The thing with arcane is that you will lose over 200 condi dmg if you wear trailblazers. You will also lose passive effects of signets or a lot condi remove (depending what you chose) and you ll get 10% more damage and 7% if you were on earth attunement...for having more boons..o
  15. Obviously...i mean you dont wanna run vipers in solo gameplay against champions...maybe as scourge or guardian but ofc not as ele. Its not hard to make a solo build at all and made mine also myself and it works veeeery good...for being ele i mean. Pretty sure ele has no basic boon access in solo. Or yes it has...to maybe 2 boons that are halfbaked. Stun breaks are also pretty rare with ele. Or do you want to swap out your best utility dps skills for 1 little stunbreak that you wont need for most bosses? In PvE enemies hit slow so you often get out of stun without stunbr
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