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  1. Big ques + DX11 disconnects = pissed! 😡
  2. Glad Im not on ET. The arrogance they will have to deal with. Real generous of Mag people to tell them what map they are allowed to play on. 🙄
  3. Ouch, must have pissed off someone. Relegated to 2 months of childish, BM, toxic hell. Sorry for you ET.
  4. Seems that JQ must have tanked last week when they were in T2. No way that they should be in T3 with the constant huge numbers they have. I never understand tanking. Why servers run from equal fights to drop and run over lesser numbered servers. Weaksauce.
  5. Your server is disliked by the majority of WvW so this does not surprise anyone. 😏
  6. Makes zero sense that 2 of the NA T1 servers who have tons of people on them (also a notoriously packed server that starts with an M) are not considered full. My server is TC and we are still considered full....we DEFINITELY are not. This is purely a money grab move.
  7. I way more prefer roaming on desert map than alpines.You just need to spend time on it to figure out its paths and tricks.I can fully understand why gankers would prefer the alpine maps more. It is much easier to avoid ganking parties on desert.Also I love sneaking up on people and pushing them off cliffs lol.
  8. Kudos on the strategy, you might want to share that with the 4 Ocean of Wimpering that got rolled by Yaks in SEC a short time ago. To be fair the highest rank among them was silver so they probably didn't understand what was going on, and those yaks were like rockets. I could hear the cries of kitten in my thoughts as the guards whittled them down only to have a bullet yak take them out. Lol that does sound like it was funny. Good stuff.
  9. Cool story bruh lol. Not really. Simply agro the yaks out of the circle till it flips. Leave the problem to your own friendly guards.I suppose it still has a certain entertainment value.
  10. As with any game, the class you enjoy playing is the class you will probably play best. What classes have you already played and like?Do you prefer do play support classes (healing, boons, cleansing, etc.)? Or do you like to play DPS classes(melee or ranged, power or condi)?
  11. I assume this is talking about getting "bags". It's a very good question. I can't make sense of why I get or don't get bags most of the time.I can almost do 100% of the damage on an opponent and not get a bag. At times I can tag almost every player in an opposing zerg and maybe get 1 or 2 bags after we wipe them. Other times I barely do anything and get bags.It is super inconsistent.
  12. If you are on TC or DB then you know it is an achievement in itself to get blocked by Monkey.Instant iggy! lol B)
  13. It should just spawn back at the tactivator, otherwise trolls or opposition spies would find an obscure place to drop it so it couldnt be found or used.
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