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  1. I tried sending a message in game to Kyla The Deceiver but it said no person by that name. I am interested in the guild so I sent a email to the name of the person who created this thread.
  2. Hello All I am trying to get some opinions and information on what healing spec to play. I have druid, scourge, tempest and heal scrapper, but I am just not sure what one to play. I am looking for open world, some fractals and some raids, but I am by no means hardcore or looking for meta. I know druid is common and I do not like healbrand. I am looking to have a nice time and have fun but also expand and do a few more things in the game. I want to be able to do some sort of dps, I like heal scrapper but killing on that is rough. Thank you!
  3. What about traits for healing scourge? I imagine in groups you would still wanna take life from death over vampirism presence and transfusion over blood bank?
  4. HelloI am a returning player looking to get back to GW2. I am interested in an active community with voice chat. I am looking for a guild that does fractals, open-world content, and raids as well. The size of the guild is not important but having active players is. Please contact me at Devorstator.8735 in-game or leave a message here, please. I really want to get into Fractals and Raids. Please send some interest. Thank you
  5. I may have joined and left, but I would like to reconsider if you could message meDevorstator.8735
  6. This is a great group of people from leadership to members. They are willing to help guide you and assist you without judgements ( and we all know this game is complicated and can make us feel dumb at times) and are truly happy to do it. Many guilds advertise that participate in various aspects, but in this case they do and with many active members. Casual, Veteran and Serious players all have a home here. I recommend if you want a community and friendly guild without the elitism, consider this to be your home!
  7. I can see human trafficking as well as sexual harassment going on here. Bad news!!!!!!
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