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  1. Truly an arbitrary "clean-up". I sure hope this is just a joke, because if it isn't, then the people complaining about it here have nothing on the editing teams nutjobs.
  2. You do know that having to think how changes in one game mode affect another would require a lot of time and effort, right? If they were separate, they could change things without worrying about that. But ignoring it all is the lazy and easy way. Why should others game modes be balanced after raids? Why would it, and why should it gain precedence? PvE should not be balanced around raids. How can you say they'd be separate while at the same time say "No, they should not be balanced separately for many reasons."? Simple: It wouldn't be any more confusi
  3. You know why it's less complex now? Simply because anet doesn't care if it's bad for other game modes. They ignore it and leave it there for years. It would be much easier if they balanced game modes separately, and the why of it should be obvious. Balancing raids without caring about screwing up the rest of PvE is just lazy and dumb. Especially when the balancing can be summed up as such: "Oh, someone found a combination of skills/classes that trivialize this boss? Well, time to remove that synergy." If that were true, everyone would be playing only a sing
  4. Since anet doesn't do jack, it would be a little too obvious if there was a notification about it.
  5. No, they do not. People will tell you to report them, but i have reported them and nothing has been done. If you also want to waste your time, go ahead, but don't expect results.
  6. Wait, Braham was a dragon minion? Sheesh, it's pretty sad that the only way for anyone to achieve anything is if they are a dragons slave.
  7. I'll just quote this again: "If the writing relies on the fanbase to fill numerous holes in the writing to provide reason to everything established in the story, it's bad writing." I couldn't care less about the story if anet allowed me to simply skip it, but since they think i NEED to see it for some reason, i'll just continue to say that aurene is the bane of GW2s story. I'm pretty sure i'll just ignore the next expansion regardless.
  8. If anet makes turrets better, prepare to see more places filled with engineer bots/AFKers. Would be easy to avoid that by removing the bots/AFKers, but it is what it is.
  9. Usually when someone new gets a hold of a previously established franchise, the don't just lack respect, they go out of their way to make it different just for the sake of it.
  10. Simple: There is no balance until all game modes are completely separate. In short, yes. Then there's the problem. Is anet willing to put in the effort to balance anything?
  11. This seems to be similiar to what warframe forums use, except they've gotten rid of all the extra "reactions" to post. In fact, "thanks" here is the same as "like" on warframe forums.
  12. The skyscales aren't elder dragons that are a danger to Tyria. If they or any other one of them can become an elder dragon, then yes, hopefully it's extinction for dragons.
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