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  1. Yeah, last time i played the game some months ago, Iron Marches still had piles of engineer farming ghosts with turrets. The last time before that was a year or two ago and they were there then too, and they were (mostly) the same characters between those two occasions. Now, if some sweet summer child is going to claim that they're not bots and "you can't know if they're AFK", then explain to me this...inhuman dedication to farming garbage that barely has any value. So, it's against the ToS, sure, but since nobody is going to take any action to enforce the ToS, it might
  2. On the other hand, they seem to avoid mentioning the past of Asura characters, since then they'd have to acknowledge that they used to be, and i quote Zojja, "the brightest student in your college", which wouldn't be accurate now that they're just the commander who has zero intellect and ambitions. Can't be smart nor use brains to come up with solutions other than "hit the problem really hard" since that would make Taimi irrelevant.
  3. I might agree on this if not for the fact Destiny's Edge were just standing around looking bored while you did all the work. You fire the cannons and they play a game called "will the commander live through this? place your bets, people!"
  4. Ah, i still remember when i started my first "legendary journey". "I'll pick... The juggernaut. I wonder what you need to do to g- oh, group content. I'm out."
  5. You know why Blish died? Because golem. If Taimi turns into a golem, all her fans will no longer care about her, since she won't be pretty anymore. Which is why anet most likely will cure her with some asspull.
  6. And if you so wish, nothing is stopping you from doing anything and everything in pairs. You don't need extra buffs or rewards for it if you actually want to spend time together. So....yeah.
  7. ...And then enjoy as max level people zoom in and murder everything on their mounts, so you'll be lucky if you get to participate. Then you'll be sad you can't solo all group events. Forget melee, just get a max range ranged weapons your class can have (1200 most likely) and hope your snail crawl walk is fast enough. Also, this hasn't been true in years with the ever more egregious obsession with one upping the latest "difficult" game.
  8. Notice the connection? Asura. I still remember the hilarious part where Trahearne tells you that the pact airships are a combination of Asura, Charr (makes sense so far), and Human technology. Lol, what did the Humans contribute? The air balloons? Amazing...
  9. And you and others have managed to stop ZERO bots and AFKers this way. Trust me, I know that's a fact from extensive personal experience. And I have "years of experience" too. I can't answer the OP's question, but it's pointless to fight back. Learn to live with this garbage or move on, whether you get your money back or not.
  10. I'd say Anet should try and stop people from doing that in everything else in the game rather than irrelevant fishing. Then again, I guess you can't just butt in and sit there while other players do the fishing and then you get the same rewards for their effort.
  11. There isn't an RPG in existence where choices matter. The end goal and conclusion will always be the same regardless of a few faceless NPCs surviving or dying, and it won't matter in the least if you were a saint or a prick(<="evil" in most writing) during your journey.
  12. A warrior with a hammer says "look at me keeping these mooks CC'd and unable to fight back! Oh yeah, you can't do anything! Hahaha!" as they just ran out of CC skills and the enemies are still standing with about 30% health left. A warrior with a greatsword (or any non-CC weapon really) says "yeah, that's awesome" as they've just finished killing like ten groups of enemies and are moving to the next group.
  13. Since the only playable race is human, I'd never go back to that lameness.
  14. But in all games, you are the one invading the creatures territory and their just doing their best to get rid of the invader one way or another. They don't deserve to die just because there are some rewards waiting for you in their home or if some schmuck is paying you for murdering them. Do I care? Not one bit, but let's not pretend like we have any justifiable reason for doing what we do in games.
  15. How about some magical runes(/sigils?) or whatever instead of dumb gauntlets or some kunckleguard? Works for everyone and doesn't get in the way.
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