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  1. It's not just the forums that are depressing, it is the state of online multiplayer gaming. Online gaming is basically a hamster wheel of exploitation. Matchmaking algorithms designed to keep you playing there (I'm looking at you, ELO...) along with micro-transactions as the carrot. Dare I say, the online gaming bubble entirely propped up by venture capital is finally starting to burst. This is really another reason why I don't even waste my breath on Reddit, the forums or Steam forums, for that matter. It really is just copium. I can see it CLEARLY. Honestly, the age of 'live services' is pretty much over. WoW, LoL, Fortnite, Starcraft, doesn't even matter. If those flagship games are struggling, imagine gw2. I rest my case. When you got so-called "top" players trying to promote the game by farming views like they're farming wins, guess what: the writing is on the wall.
  2. 4 losses in a row and more or less normal (not to invalidate your frustration) but the difference in pip gains vs losses? THAT is the real injustice here. There ain't no mathy voodoo to justify that.
  3. It's...not going to skyrocket. mmos are all but niche. Baldur's Gate 3? Now, THAT is skyrocketing.
  4. Not my problem. Let 'em wait. gw2 spvp was NEVER ready for prime-time. The merging of queues back in 2014 or 2015 was the beginning of the end. Instead of supporting the majority of pvp players who play solo queue, gw2 decides to go all in on the minority who play 5v5 and promote "e-spurtz". BIG MISTAKE. Nope. "E-spurtz" and the merging of solo and team queues were the biggest mistakes this game has made. It should NOT have sacrificed its majority player base (solo queuers) in favor of the trickle of 5v5 teams who could barely field a freakin' tournament just for a desperate chance to kiss the ESL's feet...
  5. "SJW" is just what right-wingers say to make themselves feel better when they don't have a girlfriend. It's a code word for 'Some lefty asked her out and took her for a spin before I had the chance!" . You're overthinking this. Duo queue is an exploit. It enables players to cheat the system. It is unjust. It has no place in multiplayer. "Playing with friends" and "coordinating" are just excuses.
  6. When people say 'the matchmaker works', ask them if they're on the leaderboard... something...something...conflict of interests...
  7. Aaah... Gotta love this era of people flocking to e-celebs like a bunch of sheep...
  8. ???? No...this is literally how this game works... Are you all not entertained?! lmao
  9. I'm not. Never was. WAY too many people in society are conditioned with accepting less than they should, while that 'less' keeps becoming more and more less overtime. In terms of the game industry, corporations just keep pushing the boundaries slowly to see what they can get away with. Battle passes, dlc, micro-transactions, cosmetics, (hurl) nfts. SOtO's skimping of content and obvious time-gating is just another example. One of the gw series' greatest mysteries: the wizard's tower has, after all these years, finally revealed itself. In such a monumental and important reveal, we find that the wizard's tower is - - - Nothing more than a wizard's shop full of knick-knacks... (the wizard's vault) It's something completely unsurprising to me, considering the dominance of corporate entities. A shrine to unfettered capitalism. 'Look at all the shiny things you can buy! Ya just gotta work(grind needlessly) REAL hard to get them!!' Edit: And would you LOOK at the confused emojis at my statement lmao! YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT.
  10. Yup. Exactly. And I continuously counter-crap on that sentiment EVERY chance I get. Heavy armor shouldn't "run so fast" and yet leathers and clothies can carry a heavy hammer or broadsword and move like Muhammad Ali? GTFO. That crowd just needs to fess up. They don't want warriors to whoop their behinds and show 'em up. That's all it is.
  11. Cairn? OP, you DO realize that's still a stationary target right? It's basically another golem. You basically reaffirmed the opposite argument. So yes. Not broken. Try this on a MOVING target. I g-u-a-r-a-n-t-e-e you will exit berzerk mode at some point. Again, why is that? Because warrior has to stick to melee range.
  12. Well..(blinks)...that's interesting... After 11 freakin' years, warrior finally gets a bonafide support build to play. However... here is the canary in the coal mine. If the weapon skills are a dud, it's dead on arrival. Matters not who says otherwise. If the design doesn't compete with the likes of guardian, rangers or elementalists the staff is crippled before it leaves the cradle. It will just be another offhand sword, rifle or gunsaber And let me ask folks, does Anet currently have a good track record when it comes to weapons?...
  13. Going to go with Riba here. It's NOT because of "sKiLL!1!", it's because open treachery and throwing has been normalized in spvp. Online multiplayer is simply not done in good faith. Period. The responses here amuse me. It's merely just "git gud" under a new umbrella.
  14. ???? So...warrior doing damage: bad? (shakes head)...see this is my problem with numbers and benchmarks, they don't tell the whole story. OP, I don't dispute the math. I will dispute the basic premise. WHY is this a problem?...In relation to other classes, this is consistent and in line with the rest of the game. Even if you hypothetically had the perfect or most broken traits, they would still be countered by warrior's limitations. Even with this change to maintaining berzerk mode, warrior still has to stick to melee range to even have a chance to sniff these numbers. Try this with a real encounter and see how far you get. The primary problem with warrior is in its profession mechanics and weapon skills. Not so much traits. I've seen years and years worth of traits scrapped, tweaked, buffed, neutered, experimented, juiced, overtuned, overcooked, fried, deep-fried, grilled, sauted to ensure that They. Did. Not. Amount. To. A. Hill. Of. Beans.
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