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  1. gutting out whole bunch of gameplay from alts, allow skipping all the game just to certain point in the end, and making all alts essentially new game+ by default is not exactly what i would call alt friendliness, or consider something that would improve story experience on alts.
  2. is this like... cosmetic, or do you want them to have premium currency feature that allows light and medium armor classes having a whole lot more armor points than non paying players can have?
  3. as someone who has spare cash only occasionally, subscription is something that just boots me and my money out of the game entirely. i cannot afford to up keep the subscription, just buying subscription every few months is less than ideal, and putting my money into something i cannot be certain that i will be able to "consume" to full extend is a terrible idea, because playing every day the subscription is active is just gonna burn me out.
  4. *sees generic design appear in more than one piece of media* is this plagiarism!?!? THIEVES!??!?!?
  5. tbh i much prefer them to take a breather and just polishing and re-releasing old stuff over rushing to pump out new content. focusing on "less demanding" content that is mostly just fixing up already existing content allows them to meanwhile actually work on the new content at their own pace without the pressure of having to get it out as soon as possible, and still keeping up the steady flow of updates.
  6. listen. i am autistic, and obsessed with dinosaurs. nothing is more infuriating to me than raptors with broken wrists (palms pointing downwards instead of palms facing each other). gw2 does this with every raptor, and it absolutely drives me nuts. but i do understand that gw2 is not realistic dinosaur simulator. expecting the designers and animators to be reading through dinosaur anatomy research papers to deliver only anatomically correct dinosaurs for game that is not focused on dinosaurs or realism is not reasonable. i fully understand that this is not a game that i should be judging based
  7. ...why magic laser gun in semi toony video game should sound like an intimidating & realistic gun? and why someone is judging worth of entire game based on sounds of one (1) weapon?
  8. obviously if you cannot see minimum 10 players at any given moment, it means that the mmo is dead. because as we all know, a mmo can be only insanely popular or dead, and if its not the former, its dead. middle ground doesnt exist.
  9. while i doubt this would ever become a thing, i really would want it. while picking the profession for my first character, i really had no idea what i was doing, and i ended up with a profession i absolutely hate even with all the elite specs available as an option (like.. hes an elementalist. i picked it ONLY because i thought that it was funny that a plant dude is using fire magic. like thats the level of "i have no idea what i am doing" i was on) i have had him for over 7 years now, so at this point just deleting him and remaking him as profession i actually like is no longer really an
  10. i really would like to have a toggle for it. i cant see whats the point of tacking something completely irrelevant to my gameplay on my view like that.
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