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  1. OK weirder, those boxes now have appeared 4 times in 3 weeks. coincidence? 😁
  2. Funny coincidence... it appeared the day after my last post.... MMhhh interesting ;D I know its random but not seeing it for over 2months seemed very unusual. Bad random sequence I guess. Tks for the answers.
  3. not always (daily) but it shows up 2, 3 weeks but its been over 2months. not normal.
  4. Since about mid February those box have disappeared from the Guild Trader. I remember last time as it was during the Lunar festival and had to choose between the envelops or the Boxes. I check daily for any goodies there and they haven't reappeared. Have they been removed or its a bug?
  5. I got 1 box the other day, me I noticed that since the last festival I have not seen the 3 boxes at the Guild Trader and only once during the festival. I remember since I had to choose between the 3 envelopes or the boxes.
  6. Do we need to kill/do moral breaker 50 times to finish this "No Quarter" Achievement?
  7. I particularly dislike the missions parts. Some of the mobs are crazy powerful mostly when you end up alone in the instance. My main problem though is that its badly done. You get a huge list of Achievements or items to get (like the numbered crystals) and when you try to do/get them you can't cause they are not active and it doesn't say that anywhere. Last chapter it says to do Exalted Missions... there aren't any and NO mention they don't exist (Many friends looked for them too). You didn't even start anything and you get frustrated by how bad it's done. NO info of all the stuff that don'
  8. The one we kill Ryland... oh right.. Dang! Not happened yet... I hope it does. ;)
  9. LFG if bugged again. :( Tried to join a group in Drizzlewood about 40 mins ago and nothing was happening when trying to join.
  10. Thank you Anet for this. No more squishing everything together accidentally. happy dance
  11. Same situation, of all the warband achievements its the last item I need. Yeah a real pain. Barely made it into the cave I was attacked by all sides and cant event kill anything. Gonna have to wait for daily but it comes in so rarely could be months.
  12. MADE IT WEEEE :) Got help from the Support staff, on Saturday night no less. =) Tks to the great Support staff. <3Finally figured out what was wrong, Darkrime is NOT a Mission but part of Living Story. So had to activate the Vision of the Pass Story to get access to Darkrime.TO anyone who can add/modify Wiki Fallen from the Summit page, maybe add a note that to access that AP you have to have the LS active.Tks again to everyone for the help.
  13. Done that Linken. Tried to followed Ryland in and nothing but back to the Pool. Tks Bunji, in America. I just got a return for more info on my ticket from Anet so I will see. Tks all
  14. Well, finally redid Steel Mission again (Tks again Randulf for the proper use of the harpoon :) ) and when I got to the end all I was offered was to return to the pool. cries No entrance to Darkrine anywhere. This is starting to drive me insane. All I wanted was those 3 little missing page to finish Fallen from the Summit achievement. Even submitting a ticket is impossible. Cant log in there and have to do it anonymously. WTH is going on there! I give up.
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