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  1. Yeah, the alliance guild panel selections were made Monday or Tuesday. Busy week, so really don't remember which one. Hopefully they'll get it all sorted out. The whole reason we do betas anyway.
  2. All 4 accts were both repping the guild AND had selected the guild in the alliance beta panel. All 4 accts are played daily. The first is my alt, and the second is my daughter's acct. I do max tickets on the first and 4th accts every week and usually finish of get close to finishing the 4th acct (I am already full legendary so don't really need the tickets) My daughter plays every day and the wife plays a little each week. Clearly there are still a lot of things to work out with the system. Edit: same thing on the alt acct warrior this morning. Logged into a borderland as re
  3. Small family guild. Chose guild to rep so they would be on the same server. First acct, wasn't assigned, gave a list to choose from. Second acct, wasn't assigned, gave a list to choose from. Third acct, wife got a random server, that wasn't the server the guild was assigned to. Fourth acct, I got yet another random server, that wasn't where our guild was assigned. Fun addition. The first acct is an alt acct I play. The mesmer played a full day as green (Reapers Corridor), where the guild is assigned. Logged in as warrior for a change of pace, it made me red
  4. I wish salvaging wvw ascended trinkets had given back tickets, not that I need them. I had 14 full sets of wvw ascended accessories prior to the legendaries being added.
  5. The only problem with this that if your personal cap on tickets is inability to play enough hours to finish all of the rewards, you won't get many more by changing it either. In order to change it, every tier would have an equal number of tickets available. In order to do that, every tier would probably look like diamond currently looks, which at 10 pips takes about 3 hours to complete. Meaning, even more people wouldn't get the extra pip every week from finishing wood because it would take more time to complete it than they play wvw.
  6. The only issue here is that Anet does NOT want people defending. They nerf or remove anything that puts a dent in boonball blobs. They want 30-70 people taking everything in under 2 minutes with minimal interference to the "fun" the stacked server is having. They do want the occasional outnumbered player melting to the 1 spam of the blob though, so the blob feels accomplished.
  7. Honestly, I think it would be better is they just closed transfers for the 2 weeks leading up to relink and the first 2 weeks after relinks. That would leave 4 weeks for transfers, which is plenty. I doubt they will do that, and players will continue to bandwagon, so in that case they should just raise the prices to transfer. 1 week before and after relinks, make it cost like 20000 gems. The following week on either side make it 10000 gems. Then, they could just make the 4 weeks in the middle the current cost.
  8. I love that we zoomed in on the video so no one sees the "X server" recruit titles.
  9. I laughed, but have to admit, I have seen this more than once.
  10. It's still 2022 though. You have the wrong year. Sorry.
  11. It took them 3 years to nerf holosmith to bring it in line...so, don't hold your breath. And there are still plenty of things overperforming ridiculously.
  12. My understanding of what could and couldn't be hacked was always that location and speed and objects could be "hacked" and nothing else (cause client side). But...I'll have to see if I can find the video, which I previously sent to Anet about 2 years ago. Was fighting a soulbeast and it was very clear in the video. Condition build, sword/warhorn and shortbow vs me in my minstrel scrapper build, saw them as I was running back from spawn. Not a single reset in the fight, in fact never got out of 360 radius the entire fight till the end. After about a minute of them clearly using shortb
  13. This "feaure" has been happening since launch. The same program that people have been using since launch. It's not as random as people think. I record all my fights. If you do that, and rewatch all the footage, you will be amazed at how often players cheat, and not just no ranks. I see more mithril and diamond rank players speed. teleport, no clip hack, etc than any other rank.
  14. The defender should have the advantage, which is fnny because walls favor the attacker. That said, the only place a change needs to be made is Stonemist. They should remove the claim buff from the castle completely, and go one step further, by removing the supply and supply huts as well. It should take the same # of yaks to upgrade, but the superblob camping in SMC trebbing everything, shouldn't get a free 1800 supply.
  15. New patch, still broken. /sigh Anet, fix the wvw oil trait too (that I've been telling you about since PoF launch).
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