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  1. I wuld like swap places of skill 2 with 3 That way 2 -> heal/coni cleanse 3-> might/barier 4->prot/aegis in short 2 boon skills will be close togheter Thank you
  2. for another team aegis for a kiting role
  3. i think it's reasonable alternative to block/reflect from shield, shortbow will be more offensive pick that will provid might+fury that way scrapper healer will have way to apply fury boon to a team witchout big sacrifices like taking relic/utylity slot (rifle turret) thank you in advice
  4. Aegis is usualy covered by alac dps support, the only place it is truly required is cm demios Scrapper insted have aoe -35% dmg for duration of 4s, if scrapper culd have a bit better way to apply fury you culd also take Relic of Lyth making scrapper a team sponge. But in same time i not think that it's rly nessesary, as hqs i'm confident with spamable strong short/medium range heals that can stupidly overheal mechanics like Samarog slaming person to a ground for over 16s xd i tooked magi cuz full harier overcaped concentration, magi gives you more healing and hp, it also have some precision if you want to take sigil of water it compensate a bit for not taking relic of monk/karakosa
  5. Hi, i just wanted to share my build for hqs, im using it raids/cm raids as heal/tank and fractals/cm fractals as healer i heard alot people have problem to find updated build so i share it here http://gw2skills.net/editor/?Pe1Ak6VlNwcYesGWKeyTftUA-DSZYQBxPGNga4GKjqTg0rCfvNEkAcD8WafzCqA-e solo perm 25might, fury, quicknes for whole group witchout help of alac gear have adional +216 taughnes, and 20k hp (23k with bot) alowing you to be lower then hk, or highter if you take food with taughnes if you want to be tank gear have base 1533 healing power ( +212 more) 97% concetration witchout food (100% with) this build allowing you to be hightly mobile, you can "pre-cast" 25might and quickness witchout need to stop your character you have alot cc ( mace 3, shiel 4, shield 5, blast gyro) alowing you to upkeep perm fury in combat you have aoe stunbreak, and (x3 stab) skill, flexable to take more stab with mass monument if nessesary gl and hf carrying your team
  6. yep in gw2 lvling is just tutorial to lern your class, you can do story/low lv maps as 80lv as it scales you down with stats
  7. I also prefer evade over whole duration, i don't want lose agro as bruiser (that get barrier from dmg it do)
  8. i think insted of having barrier and healing skill, thay schold make one type but stronger, and maybe pulsing
  9. also i recomend you to check mechanist, you controling one ai pet, that you can modificate to mele/range/boons, and your geting pasive healing from signet, you can joink hammer from scrapper to mechanist right now, and be better ranger you got also shift signet, that you can teleport to any place, and your mech pet copy boons from you to himself also mechanist is much easier to play as casual as pet doing half job for you
  10. at last make it duration to 4,5s so you have time to swap your location, can be 3ppl target even, atm this skill is too punishing even if you play solo
  11. Yes bulwarg gyro will give you barrier (temporary hp), and if you use hammer 3 in it, you will daze mobs around (thay will can't hit you) it's lighting field + Leap or blast finisher that do that effect Also if you use medic gyro, if you leap while it (using hammer 3 or skill that have blast finisher in it) you will be healed for adional ammount Blast gyro gives you might and on end it stun all enemys around Shreder Gyro is aoe dmg The only think that you need keep in mind that your gyros (robots) will by flyting on you (not as npc) but visualy as skill, it's unice for scrapper that your fields moving with you racher then be stationary, so you can perform combos while moving You will get also more tanky once you unlock Impact Savant (it's almost last trait) that will convert your dmg into barrier, so the more power dmg you do, the more tanky you are
  12. lack of horror you say? Imagine coming with army that you raised for so long, ready to conquer whole tyria, only to spot commander menacingly aproching your direction
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