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  1. Most fun bring me raids as its only time wher you interact as guild or geting know ppl better on discord If not discord then i prefer 5ppl cm drms and fractals From strikes i mostly like forged steel/cold wars
  2. Cuz aoe stun break is more impactfull in pvp/wvw, and you run 2 supports ther in one pt, racher then one like in pve About Blast gyro 20s cd with 6s might is litle longer as 25/8 = 3.12 20/6 = 3.3 So overall its like 1%-2% buff to might/quickness and your cc will be 1/5 sooner, not much a deal more of qof as rest gyros have 20s and your shield blast 4 20s too so you no need wait 5s, in process your prot uptime up 2% too
  3. Like title says cd from 25s to 20s Might will be also lowered from 8s to 6s to match that one in pvp/wvw Spaming it more often will fix ev errors at positioning or short splits It will also buff quickness uptime by 2% in pve And it will be easier to match it to traited cd on shield 4 (20s) for blast
  4. Only main hend Off hend pistol will be good combo with it, if it will be condi spec Class icon sugest also you will mount up golem or summon big robo arms
  5. Get 25g then buy full berserk exotic gear in ah, it schold make thinks easier, also take solider weapons, so you have extra life and dmg reduction inaf to survive much longer as new player Dont go hot pof eod wichou forming a small team to explore togheter around untin you fill inaf geared/comfortable with class to walk alone You can get gold in map before hot doing riba farm, then selling mats, inaf if you follow 50ppl for 2h And dont forget to eat damm food!
  6. Condi support with +stats to team and healing option Sigils or shouts or somethink new
  7. Oh true i forgot about that combo Pulsing so many boons at once also wuld make pain for boonremove skills for couter in pvp/wvw , gona edite evry gyro to apply boon once insted of pulsing thx ^^
  8. @wasss.1208 Sorry i missclicked "+" for bulwark gyro in pvp/wvw it wuld pulse 1s insted of 2s per pulse (thats aoe 5s of prot evry 30s) (Bulwark gyro got 30s cd in pvp (in wvw 20s)) Also Medic Gyro got 30s cd in pvp/wvw insted (yep f1 spam x3 prot), but your geting hurt with survability for that option Also you sacrifacing 15%dps / tank trait in order to do it so it's kinda resonable, and you no longer have concetration stats in pvp so i think it's kinda resonable trade of i run QH Scrapper(with +100condi dmg boon), alac mirage(might+fury+aegis)
  9. So many problems culd be avoid if only pll wuld search for class/boss guides and got exotic gear 😕
  10. Yep, by support i was mean quick scrapper heal ( or quick dps) Boon part was buffed in previos patches by adding aoe quickness Thats why i propose to trait that role even more (boons) That way you will have whole line dedicated to support(like) Gyroscoping acelerators -> Modificated protocols -> Kinetic acelerators superspeed, boons, and last is aoe quickness (strongest boon) Mostly scrapper lack aoe fury as taking turrets is problematic as we need take minimum 2 gyros for quickness and last utylity slot is elixir gun Ppl bypass fury by taking ru
  11. 1-3 weeks are resonable in my opinion, if it was shorter it wuld be less rewarding, dont forget many players likes to be masohistic as its what brings them fun (salut to jp players)
  12. Hello, i wonder is evry confusion emote taste same, if you not mind, can you borrow me your confusion emote? I will simply just lick it up like kakyoin a cherry, then back it to you Thx
  13. I wuld like to drive big meha-golem shoting with bbg (big boy gun) on 3 fisting ppl with 1 flamethrower burst on 2 also aoe rockeds on 5 and maybe dash on 4 Also sigils wuld be nice idea and sharing stats from them on use Full ofensive dps, and 300+ vitality if you mount up meha golem Also your right arm on meha golem wuld change despend what type of kites you using
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