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  1. Can that trait be buffed from 100 condi dmg to 150 condi dmg to match sygnets of fb? https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Pinpoint_Distribution Heal Scrap wuld have perm 150 condi dmg, and FB 216 condi dmg for 10s evry 16s
  2. @Zhaid Zhem.6508 you can do perm quickness on 80% witchout alac (tested it for over 3min) you can't replace bulwark cuz stab (maybe elixir b but it's have much shorted stab duration) you can't rpelace blast cuz x2 quickness proc, also aoe stunbreak, and you need some might juz in cause you maybe can replace elixir gun, but it brings too much value Thats what i'm thinking off Your healing is big as it's scale on how many boons ppl have real lose is 3s cd and 2s duration on Super elixir 5s cd on Elixir Shell but 1s duration
  3. Hello, now we need only 60% boon dura for perm quickness ( i chosed 80% for 4,5s) What you think about idea to drop alchemy for Firearms in order to provide pinpoint distribution http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PezAo6JlNwcYesGWKWOP5tSA-zRZYQhALYMaA1Qf5XGVXApnAqNLtvZB-e - you lose hgh and 20% heal modificator + druid/tempest do your might anyway (you solo do 18-20might insted of 25) + 100 condi dmg for team Whats is your opinion?
  4. like i told in up, it's no longer a problem You can totaly go for raids/drms/fractals/strikes as hqcrap atm with 2,5s quickness buff (i not had problem even with 2s quickness) My opinion is from eu servers, no one was agressive to me when i picked Heal Quick Scrapper even if team was looking on hfb Remeber only that if you join raids/strikes go ask did ppl are ok to replace hfb, don't be mean to force role and all ppl will be fine to you
  5. @Imba.9451 @Obtena.7952 You both right at same time What Imba says, if team wuld chose hfb/hqcrap thay prob wuld prefer hfb But Also Obtena have some right, it's not that much problem atm before to play heal scrap you must do pre-made squad by yourself Now it's no longer problem you can say your hqcrap and team will not mind to replace hfb for you My opinion is based on https://killproof.me/proof/GRNv/tokens And by logs (when quickness was 2s) it's not look that bad https://dps.repor
  6. Like i said you need around 25% boon dura if your taking 4 gyro thats runes of pack+10% boon sigil 3s*7=21s (4 gyro, 2 f skills)(med gyro proc 2 times) and with alac your gyros got 16s cd you got only 1 skill with 24s, rest are less then 20s (with alac) @Kuma.1503 you prob culd swap 1 gyro for granade kit 2,5s of quickness is prty good both in dps, and heal versions as dps -> 31% heal -> 60-80% despend did you want solo 25might or got druid/tempest help if thay buff quick to 3s, power
  7. compare to before wher you needed 100% boon dura for 4s Now you need only 2,5s*60% boon dura = 4s 2,5s*80% boon dura = 4,5s So now you can take more magi gear for more survabiliy and healing if your more pro at piano play Don't forget that in party/raid seting you got acces to alac uping quickness to 2,5s alowing you to take Firearms insted of alchemy to grab Pinpoint Distribution as you no need be that much depeneded for 240 concetration from it anymore Might will give druid, and you will do 18-20 might witchout hgh
  8. thay culd give it targetable +25% dmg for 3s or smh
  9. In eod prob you gona have condi elit spec as thay gived quickness to scrapper
  10. Once thay add https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Shocking_Speed insted of Expert Examinator "Using Leap or Blast finisher in fire/lighting field applies 2s Qucikness around you" You will have small interaction with hammer 3 as it's x2 leap @The V.8759
  11. Hello, so before i was using that build: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PejAIJlRwcYQsGWJO8LvteA-zRRYBRBXJcQanRYSlAVFq8AEwG41QhZAA-e it did 13k solo dps while perm 25might,quickness,fury I thinked a bit, and made that now: http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?PejAIJlRwcYQsGWJO8LvteA-zRRYBRBXJcQanRYSgAVAq8AEwG41QhZAA-e with 20% boon dura you got 2,5s of quickness dmg will be around 11k (as you lost 200 power stats while on Quickness) so 7skills*2,5s of quickness= 17.5s and 6s from sigil so 17.5+6=23.5s of quickness that schold be 90%
  12. you can take jugaranaut trait and play with flamethrower as well upkeeping 15-20might it's bit popular choise in wvw/pvp pvp: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PegAQJlNwcYdML2JW+SatPA-z5gfG5LBKYBokB wvw: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PejAQJlNwcYdML2JW+SatPA-zVQYRUQu5LhiKoMCrACMBUbacwMA-w (it's roaming build not for zerg) http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PejAQJlNwcYdML2JW+SatPA-z1YYhoAEhLYHkfZEWBEYCo204gZAA-w (it's more tanky version similar to what you play in pvp) that was my rank (soloq) on that builds before changes :
  13. Power builds need 5 stats, power,ferocity,precision,vitality,toughness you can kick off vitality,toughness, but then you also got low hp, and die fast but hit for 11k It's like you wuld go Condi FB with full viper, and balthaza runes Thers one more think Guardian/Dh got only 12k hp as his low hp, big armor class So he schold be big contered by condi Also you play condi engineer, who is medium good Will see maybe we will get condi elite spec in eod
  14. From all propositions i made, i think best soultion wuld be give : https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Shocking_Speed on place of https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Expert_Examination And rework it on " Using a leap or blast finisher in any field applies 2s Quickness around you" That way Power Scrapper will also give some quickness with hammer 3 And hammer wuld be consider As Quickness Weapon (as hammer 3 do x2 leaps) Same as Blast gyro wuld give +1 stack as it blast itself About healer Blast gyro, shield 4, Aacid
  15. what you mean, it's good trait atm, it's gives you stab= 5% dmg Also now you got 250 power insted of 200 If your need more Quickness you can always take https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Superior_Sigil_of_Celerity or runes of chronomancer or even new tairt that gives Quickness insted of Applied Force
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