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  1. This is the build from my Renegade who was failing in the personal story chapter: [&DQkDLg86PwLcEQAAKxIAANQRAAAGEgAAyhEAAAAQAAArEtQRBhIAAAAAAAA=] Main gear is orange (exotic?) self-crafted as are main and o/h and secondary weapons. Jewelry is a little weak (accessories) with only one ascended piece. I am hoping that this game isn't like the old raiding days of WoW -- where you lived on Elitist Jerks trying to eek out +1 or +2 dps in order for the group to survive. I've moved past all that and prefer a play style that's more enjoyable to me. For example, in ESO, my mage toon is a lighten
  2. Sorry for the seemingly lack of response - I've had ISP issues for the past two weeks, which also contributed to game play. I finally got those issues resolved and am back to a decent, for my location, internet connection. Thank you to all who made serious replies. I am new to GW2 and, perhaps, my expectations are more along the lines of ESO - which was what I was playing before this. I am more comfortable in GW2 leveling. For the xpacs, I've been following build advice found in metabattle. I've tried endgame with a rogue, necro, revenant and am getting ready to try engineer. Of course, it
  3. I simply can't get my head wrapped around how impossibly difficult aspects of this game are and why they're written this way in the first place. Not every player is an op grinder with max gear ... that being said, I expect to die, a lot playing the Fires/Thorns xpacs b/c, as I was told, they're not meant to be solo content. I've got level-400 self-crafted gear but even that seems to be insufficient. The game, apparently, penalizes, harshly, for being a solo player. (Yah, yah, sure, GUILD Wars... I get it...) Ok. Fine. Expectations set. But, when I'm doing a personal story in PoF, I don't
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