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  1. Same here...for weapons that's I've noticed so far. Was working yesterday just fine. Glad it's not just me being a noob.
  2. Hubby put a ticket in over a week ago and has been trying to recover his account. Today...FINALLY...a GM was helping him. They were responding pretty promptly, helping tackle each wall they came to then NOTHING. They just stopped, right in the middle of helping him. Like, "OK, done for the day, time to clock out." We were so excited to finally be getting help and him being able to play again. It's like he finally got his ice cream and it fell of the cone. Anyway, he still has the issue and nothing is resolved. I just don't get it why they would just stop helping like that. So as of right now
  3. Support could handle the tickets a lot more quickly if they would just call the client or a have a hotline for the easy fixes.
  4. My husband has also been waiting for support for account help. It's been 8 days now, no resolution. Had him jump through a bunch of hoops and then nothing. It's very frustrating.
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