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  1. TBH no one play with the same keybind, the only rule about keybind is : They have to be easy for you. Put important / most used skill on the close one and the rest a bit around. For exemple I've unbind the "Weapon-swap" keybind who was ² and put it in the holoforge instead since engi can't swap weapon in combat. I also don't need keybind for auto-atk since I play in action-mod. Here is a screen of my setting, try many and find your own :) My Keybind EDIT : (I've an Azerty Keyboard, I note it cuz I realize most people here play in Qwerty ^^)
  2. Hello. I see you play a warrior and from what I read you'r still learning/discovering. I've a friend who also have join as warrior and had some trouble soloing some HoT/PoF content. After tested it myself I've recommended this build to him, and do the same for you : https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Warrior_-_LI_Defense_Core Extremely easy, tank and efficient AND you'll do way enough dmg to not get a boring long fight each time. Also get ton of breakbar when needed, lot of sustained heal, ton of might, and close to 50% crit with 100% defensive gear (and easy to get from shop or
  3. TBH I feel like many skill, kit, tool need an update. All feel pretty weak and outdated to me. They're not unplayable, but pretty meh tbh.
  4. Yup was thinking about something like this (1 to 5).
  5. Oh I never say I want something or it will good or not, it's just a supposition based on the trait the class get ^^
  6. Since he can go with all type of build (support/condi/power) I wouldn't be surprised if we get stat like Celestial on the rune.
  7. Hello ! I'm a bit new so wasn't sur to post or not, but I get some question : - How do you manage to keep you Mech alive when he stand in High dmg/OS boss mech ? - How do you thing regarding the previous question, it will do in solo/meta open world (that what I like the most) I'm curious, I've tested it a bit, react to some post here with my limited knowledge and so far I can't see him compet against scrapper and Holo (while Holo being pretty fun and efficient to me with beautiful skill animation). I really like the new class thematic but struggle to see how to make it work
  8. Hello :) Unlike you, I'm new, not any ascended, playing engineer in holo spec with full berzerker gear and I didn't get any trouble at any point of any story and currently aiming for S5. Here is how I think about build when I'm alone : - DPS is NOT the priority. - Staying alive IS the priority - Add mobility (25% speed or the most swiftness uptime you can) to help kiting aoe/risky boss move - Add sustain if you class have some (for me it's holo heal passive + heal-bag on crit, I'm sur gardien got some heal here and there too) - Add break stun => And don't waste it ! - Ad
  9. Cut dialogue sound and put a video/music in background ?
  10. Tbh many thing on engi need a rework/update. I like the class but I avoid many skill because how bad or boring they are. Will also never use pistol. Rifle is good for CC and little burst at least.
  11. Did something similar. As it was my 1st char I used the 80 token and get free Celestial gear from it, and later changing for Berzerker with karma. The build I was using was purely focusing on exploring/convenience. Stability, might, fury, good crit, high mobility (didn't have mount) and, so far it was fun and I even soloed many HP in HoT with it. Standard : http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PeQAQlFwqYdsQmKW+SaLbA-zRIYRUwXGVUApnAqNA-e For HoT HP : http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PeQAQlFwqYdMRmKW+OuJNA-zRIYRUwXGVUApnAqNA-e Hope @op will have as much fun as I get with this class :)
  12. For 2h try scrapper (enginer elite), no switch as engi only got 1. For ranged I would said Deadeyes (thief) with dual pistol is amazing and won't need to swap except if you encounter mob that reflect projectile.
  13. Joko and Zaithan would like a word with you @OP : mob density is fine to me. Some location in PoF can feel overwhelming sometime, I can agree, but you can easily avoid them or clean them. If you want boring open world try ESO, beautiful but boring, plane and empty.
  14. And how much when the pet die in aoe ? That the real question. Golem will never be accurate enough for this class because the pet have lot of power build in and the second it get OS in a random mechanic you lose a ton of dps.
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