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  1. https://buy.guildwars2.com/ is completely broken on Firefox and new players using Firefox are unable to buy the game. This is what it looks like
  2. Friend is having the same issue since yesterday, and many people on Reddit as well.
  3. Fall damage traits aren't needed, but they were an option to reduce risks while doing certain tasks. Why remove the option if it's doing no harm to keep it? Yeah most JPs don't need it, but it acted as a safety net if you fall, so you don't have to make the long run from a WP. This is yet another case of devs being out of touch with the community.
  4. As another said, I am more interested in projectile speed, animation, cooldown etc because this is critical to whether its even usable. A dismount with 30s cd and the behavior of engie pistol 5 for example wouldnt dismount anyone. Not even what I presume would be the archetype for a "netshot" (ballista, engie rifle or harpoon shots) would be anywhere near good enough vs the dodges of the mount. It would have to have like... 3s cd or something so you get tons of tries. Especially if it has a blatantly obvious projectile. Warclaw serves a purpose to avoid matches with some solo gank specs, might
  5. You should make dismount cost 1 supply or something, so it gives people 10-15 charges before they have to capture or visit a camp to recharge.
  6. Sorta of agree, but fired for sticking up no. But should be held accountable and reprimanded yes. Then given a second chance. After this? https://twitter.com/Delafina777/status/1000045432007938048 She said that in response to TotalBiscuit passing away. And about 10 other developers made the same remarks. Yes its wrong to do but developer abuse and harassment is not right in any way shape or form. The fact remains many youtubers incite fans to do that. Or do you find that its acceptable for fans to do that?The bioware dev that made similar remarks also got fired for it. You don't know w
  7. You're right. She should have kept quiet. Instead she created a mess, and people aren't happy. I think it's fair to demand answers. She offended much of the player-base, and unprofessionally slandered a GW2 content creator. She was also extremely sexist, which never goes down well. You are using these words with very specific legal meanings, and I don't think they mean what you think they mean. Has what she said demonstrably ruined, defamed or otherwise materially damaged his brand? Probably not. If anything, this has been excellent exposure! Have you taken a poll of the entire community? I'm
  8. The whole point of these forums is to give Anet feedback, it's up to the community managers to gather this feedback and forward them to the appropriate departments, if we cant even do that here I question what's the point of these forums then.
  9. They hired her. Like it or not she represents them. If they're okay with this. They're condoning the behavior by virtue of association. The other Anet writers did not hire her. The rest of the team is not responsible for what she said, and the rest of the team doesn't deserve to be lumped in with her. Also, this whole exchange just happened today, didn't it? On a major US holiday. I think they just haven't gotten around to dealing with it officially because no one is at work.The way Peter Fries jumped in to back her up tells me enough, if they are doing this is because acting that way is
  10. This will probably get deleted to hide it all under the rug, but those of you who follow Reddit probably already know the way some* ArenaNet writers express themselves about GW2 fans, anyone who criticizes the story writing was branded a "rando asshat" (quote from the writer) and "sexist" for "telling her how to do her job", when all we do is offer feedback in a respectful manner, not force it or push it, this is how little they think about the community. Although it was posted on her personal twitter it wasn't posted in a private account, it was posted in public with an account identified as
  11. I was doing ep 2 with a friend, for those who do it solo the difference is that the second player takes the appearance of a drone and can give swiftness to the instance owner + has a skill to temporarily disable the detection aoe from attack drones. The problem comes if the first player goes through a barrier and it closes before the second player can cross it, the second player gets stuck there, as the drone can't activate portals. I had to sit there for the entire instance until my friend cleared everything to advance us to the next instance, and I ended up missing all the dialogue. Either
  12. I forgot to ask: How long are the adoption licenses going to remain in the store? If you don't plan to change them, at least keep them long enough so people can slowly work towards them.
  13. The 2 solutions are terrible, 2000 gems for a single skin is extremely overpriced, a 2000 bundle where you have to buy several skins you don't want in order to get the 1-2 you want is almost as bad as your current adoption licenses. Gliders are 400-500 gems, why can't individual skins be priced that way too?
  14. The only thing I've been doing in the game since finishing PoF story is making money waiting for mount skins. Spooky mounts were added, but although the price tag of 400 per skin was okay for me, I only wanted 2 skins, not all 5, so I refrained from buying them disappointed that they decided to go with a bundle instead of individual skins. So I went back to waiting, just to get the news that individual mount skins are now 2000 gems, with an option for RNG skin for the old price tag of 400 gems. I haven't logged into the game since yesterday, I probably won't play until they remove the RNG fro
  15. I'm not sure why so many people are recommending a break, OP isn't burned out, OP's issue is the content difficulty is higher than his skill level, that's not gonna change with a break. If you enjoy elementalist and don't want to start with a new class I suggest switching out of weaver, back to tempest, and play a bit more defensively. Tempest also has problems with making you go to close range for overloads but for the most part you can stay ranged if your weapon is ranged, whereas with a sword you'll always stay melee and won't be able to react quickly without being used to all the new skil
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