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  1. This post isn't soully based on Rytlock being the most popular character in the game. This post is based on my my frustration of the double standers I see when people hate on Eir and Caithe, but then excuse or don't acknowledge that Rytlock has done similar things. Writing off everything I've pointed out here, all because you think he's not the most popular character is a weak argument.
  2. Rytlock is arguably Guild Wars 2’s most popular character. He’s in all their merchandising, advertisements and so on. He’s a fan favorite among the community and has recently become a focus point in the story. With that said, I want to point our attention to two other members of Destiny’s Edge, Eir and Caithe. Eir and Caithe are two characters I see hated on the most. Eir for abandoning Braham and never going to visit him. Instead staying in Holebreak and fighting dragon spawn. Caithe for killing Wynne instead of Faolain which could have stopped the Nightmare Cour
  3. So in cannon Sylvari's blood is sap right? So technically you could totally make syrup out of it. Would different Sylvari have different tastes? I know this all sounds very Inquest but I've been thinking about this for weeks now and I wanna know if other people have ever thought of this. Bonus question: If in-game you were able to make/buy Sylvari Syrup™ what stat bonuses do you think it would give and would you eat it?
  4. The game shows that I've hit the piñatas in the "Paper Dragon" achievement but I'm not getting any candy.
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