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  1. Funny thing is my last PC was an AMD 6-core from 8 years ago. And i'm getting basically the same performance.This is really it?
  2. 30 FPS would be pretty ok for me.Problem is, when i run into zerg fights on wvw it drops to 15 ~ 20 FPS :(That's pretty much the same performance i was getting on my 8 year old PC, with almost the same settings (only difference was lowest on character model/ display).
  3. They are on the link i've provided.Don't know how to post images here :(https://imgbbb.com/image/SpBmO
  4. Hello bois, Finally i've bought a new PC, but performance on GW2 is making cry, lol. CPU Type - AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight-Core ProcessorGraphics Chipset - Radeon RX 580 SeriesCore Clock - 1366 MHzSystem Memory - 16 GBStorage - 246GB SSD But i'm barely getting 30FPS on really low settings. Only app i'm running simultaneously is Discord.What can i do to improve this?
  5. I believe the Hydra staff is currently in the Black Lion Chest if you care to go the route. :) Bro, thanks a lot for that notification, even tho i already got the staff i would HATE to miss the opportunity :D
  6. I was waiting for it to be fixed this week, but looks like it wasn't.Please ANET, it's making things even more difficult for us, low end pc users :(
  7. I was waiting for the Hydra Staff to get back on the BLC, saved 25 keys for today.Got the staff on the 20th key, and for the lulz i used the last 5. Got the backpack + glider on the last key.TBH, what really bothered me was the waiting for A CHANCE to get the staff on the BLC.
  8. I will use Viper's stats for now and if i like Scourge playstile i'll swap that gear for Grieving.I rarely use defensive stats on offensive builds for WvW, i just position and pray for my FBs :D What about the traitlines?
  9. I know, i know, it's not meta.But what IF you had a necro on full Viper's set and would like to know how it feels?
  10. What keeps me playing is the unpredictability on pvp
  11. bro, llamas were my favourite mount back in Ultima Online heuheuheuBRING IT ON!
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